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king of cochin

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Before the forum reorganization of last week each thread used to have an option in the Lower Left Corner by which we could download the entire thread into HTML/Doc or Printable format.

Has that option been removed? If not may I be advised on how to access it?

I like to keep offline folders of certain of my Role Play threads and maintenance of such databases is now rendered impossible by this seeming problem.

Please help me with this query.
Thank you.

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[quote name='Sakura' date='09 June 2010 - 10:11 AM' timestamp='1276092687' post='2330101']
Try pressing ctrl-u, when the html comes up, and then saving that. (There was a thread download option? I'd never seen it.)

There used to be, I used it for one of my larger threads a while back. It was a useful option when we had it.

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