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Loging in from Phone bug

Holy Ruler

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Hello admin. First, thanks for your hard work and everything. That said, I used to have an intermittent problem with loging into CN standard from my phone in that it required me to input a security code and even if the code is correct, it keeps rejecting it. As I said, it was intermittent. Now, I can't log in from my phone. Instead of displaying an error message like b4, it brings in a new security code. Again and again, until it brings me a forgot pw screen. Fixing this is highly appreciated as I use my phone for CN 90% of the time. Thanks b4hand.

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Thanks for replying, admin. I am using a Nokia 3110c, I have been using it for a year now but the problems started I think about 2 months ago on and off. Its just in a week I cant log in at all from the phone. And I havent upgraded any phone software. Should I?

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If you don't have it, download Opera Mini, my old Nokia had problems accessing the site from it's normal browser, I phoned my network provider and that's what they told me to do, I did it and it worked fine.

Opera Mini is a free web browser, it's easy to use and should hopefully solve your problem.


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