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A Word for Freedom

Bull Run

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Absent from the world stage for several days, the silhouette of a figure approaching the microphone slowly came to light. His hair escaped the sides of his beret, wildly. Murmers of the crowd revealed a great deal of excitement and its large size during the internationally televised event. The lit cigar in the speakers hand quickly diffused all speculation, and calmly he began to speak.


[i]For those of you who know not who I am: I represent the revolutionaries of world who fight & die for true freedom, upheld justice & total oportunity. Who out of love..[/i] A woman screamed [i]"Que viva Che!"[/i] and quickly the crowd erupted in cheer. As it died down he continued, [i]Who out of love have learned to fight; who under tyranny's boots, take their stand. Thousands, like those in the Caribbean and Central America, who have been enlightened with the love of the revolutionary have laid seige to oppression, dismantling the imperialist establishment revealing furtile grounds for freedom, equality, and self-determination. For this we wage war for all time, against those who seek to plant the iron flag of special interest over all free people of the world. We call upon all people of riteous will & loving intent, who know well the struggles we faced in the dark moments of our history, the likes of which our bretheren in Cuba face, to stand and let yourselves be shown as heroes of the revolution; light in the shadow of a looming world menace that is imperialism. The strong arm of the people united will liberate humanity!![/i]

Another roaring cheer, always each time more powerful than the first. Baseball caps, fists, and several sombreros shot into the air. Isolated segments of the crowd danced. Cuban flags where dominant amongst the scenery.

[i]It is by this love that I have decided for all my life, to offer myself to the cause of dispelling the greatest manifestation of hell on Earth from our continent! Oppression is a hell we all know my friends; the demonic presence that draws the life from our veins, and our Earth & stirs the fire in our spirit. The dirt engulfed in our fist that we are responsible for to liberate will see that day when every community of the world awakens to the victorious entrance of YOUR revolutionary, who under their mud & blood mask reveal themselves to be none other than YOU. That is the heaven I believe in, we are the victorious warriors we have awaited.[/i]

The crowd exploded in chant [i]"Cuba libre..Cuba libre..Cuba libre!!"[/i], another burst of energy came when a man climbed on stage and screamed [i]"Liberacion mundial!"[/i] before being escorted back into the crowd by several veteran guerrilla soldiers who now lined the stage.


[i]"Now, allow me to give a word for freedom. To all those who appose the valiant march of the oppressed, as well as to all who count themselves amongst those who offer their hand for freedom stand now and reveal yourselves. The greatest punishment we can give to the imperialist is to strip him of his stolen lands, strip him of his monopoly over all people for it is for expansion that he lives, and on the backs of his oppressed that he maintains. He wishes us not to speak, not to unite, not to stand; and so I bid you all to scream, lock arms, and march!! Beyond the shores of the Caribbean REVOLUCION! Within the jungles of Mexico REVOLUCION, in every town, state, and region of the world where freedom is held captive to capital gain, military occupation, imperialist domination REVOLUCION!!"[/i]

The reaction by those in attendance would be documented as simply impossible to be explained in words. Many would explain an overwhelming aura of love, and radiating energy that would bring a dying man to jump from his bed and go to war. Men, women and children quickly took the stage after the guerrilla soldiers carrying the flags of latino american country. Commandante Che remained on stage, receiving a rain of kisses and constantly under the embrace of several people at once. He could do little more than smile warmly and shake hands while his guerrillas faced similar predicaments.

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In Himynamistan, futbol matches were paused to present Che's speech in its entirety. The crowds of sports fans cheered his message as one, some even breaking into the fight song for the La Habana club.

Later that evening, the Congress met in special session to pass a bill deploring Louisiana's imperialism and insults to the indigenous peoples of [i]America Latina[/i]. Ambassador Sepulveda's pro-"Cuba Libre" sound bites became buzzwords all around Himynamistan in the following days.

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Radios and small black and white televisions were all tuned into the Comandante's speech in the barracks and villages of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. As events worsen in their native Chiapas, the glory of the words of Che on the distant island of Hispaniola inspired the comrades in the EZLN even as their own leader lay wounded.
Commanding officer of the EZLN, Comandante Ramona, issued a statement condemning the Louisianan occupation of Cuba and called for its liberation and for right to self-govern.

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A reporter from the Palma times asked Christopher Moshum, Executive of Foreign Affairs what he thought of this populist movement moving through Latin America. Christopher stated [i]"It is alarming to see such an openly hostile regime destabilizing the peaceful regions of America. I'm not entirely sold on these claims of freedom, it seems more or less like a clever ploy to gain power in the region. As any regime that truly wished to promote freedom and equality would not resort to such strong-armed rhetoric and undertones. Lucky for us, this rhetoric only holds sway in Latin America far away from our concerns."[/i]

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