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"Good evening, I'm Keith Olbermann. Our fifth story in the "Countdown":

That President Caudill is the worst president in the USA's existence -- indeed, the worst president EVER to head a government of any kind of the whole human history -- is beyond dispute. But even Mr. Caudill's harshest critics had, until this week, credited him with a MODICUM of human decency -- a decency utterly BELIED by the tape you are presently to see, a tape at which, at a White House press conference, Mr. Caudill abruptly launches into a stream of ugly racist invective that would embarrass even David Duke! We turn now to Michael Hilyard, board member of the New Jersey branch of the NAACP. As always Michael, great thanks for your time."

"Happy to be here, Keith."

"Michael, given the vile nature of his racist tirade, should not Mr. Caudill immediately resign?"

"Well, Keith, I haven't really seen the tape. Is it... [i]that[/i] bad?"

"It is, without question, one of the most REPELLANT displays of bigotry I have EVER witnessed!"

(Cut to Caudill delivering a speech on tape)


"...and to conduct a full-scale investigation... to hunt down... and to find those folks... who committed this act."

(Cut back to Michael)

"I'm sorry. Is that -- is that the whole tape? Because, I'll be honest, I'm not really seeing the racism there."

(Keith puffs his cheeks.) "To find those folks."


"Well, he [i]obviously[/i] meant African-Americans."

"Really? Well... it didn't hit me [i]that[/i] way."

"We will find the folks."

"Yeah. Also, in that clip, he's talking about a Middle Eastern terrorist group, whose members are entirely Middle Eastern and not Black."

"So we have a president who is not only a racist, but also an imbecile."

"That -- that's not what I meant!"

"Michael Hilyard of the NAACP. It's always so great, thanks for your time. We'll be back after a few short commercials!"

"No, no, no! That's not what I meant!"

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[quote name='KingChris' date='07 June 2010 - 04:56 PM' timestamp='1275954968' post='2328321']
"Michael, given the vile nature of his racist tirade, should not [b][color="#ff0000"]Mr. Bush[/color][/b] immediately resign?"
OOC/IC: Who? :P

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"Welcome back to WBC, you're watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann. But first, I wanted to get some viewers to comment on my marvelous television program. We turn to one of my most avid watchers, Joe Lieberman, no relation to anyone in politics. Joe, what do you think of this magnificent talk show?"

"Well, honestly, this place is ok, but compared to the World Freedom Network, I can truly say that this channel as a whole is pathetic."

"Hmm...dramatic? Well of course anyone could say that. We here at the World Broadcasting Corps only bring you the best, and nothing less. Even if the truth is shocking, we believe that the public has a right to know. So dramatic? I think we can agree on that."

"No, no, Keith, not dramatic, pathetic. For example, take a look at the female news correspondents of the WFN:


compared to the WBC's female counterparts:


You see Keith, it doesn't matter what you talk about, it's all about glamour, of which none of your ladies have."

"Ah, that may be so; however, as always, my handsome grin never fails to brighten this station."

"Well Keith, as stunning as your show may be, WFN has more subscribers than WBC. In fact, I sometimes go and watch, but only for the humor, of course."

"What? You pass over my program for theirs? Well then good sir, @#$% you to &#%@!!! We'll be right back."

"Wait, Keith, no! Don't cut me off---"

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