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Cayman Archaeology

Sargun II

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[b]OOC: The Cayman Islands were never RP'd fully as an entity by anyone, so this is the RP I am making up to compensate. After, nations may request to send a [b]single team of no more than three people[/b] to come to the Cayman Islands. The purpose behind this is to have an RP where a bunch of non-government representing people working together to find a single goal can just sit back and talk about the world. Note that this RP officially takes place and ends in three days, so I will be RPing things like construction on the Caymans concurrently.[/b]

President Felipe Calderon was speaking at a podium full of news agencies from around the world. "Ladies and gentlemen of Planet Earth, my name is Felipe Calderon. I'll skip the usual and get straight to the point: soldiers on Grand Cayman have uncovered something very strange, and that would be an abandoned city. George Town, along with the rest of the towns on the Cayman Islands, were abandoned several years ago. Not a single human was found on the islands, and all the makings of a bustling nation are still there - sans people. Soldiers being who they are managed to destroy a very important building in the process of moving in, the town hall of the city and thus capital of the islands. Knowing this and the possibility of learning more about human life on this Earth, I am inviting nations to send teams of archaeologists to the Cayman Islands. These teams, unaffiliated with government entities, will work to salvage as much as they can from the islands pertaining to life as we knew it before three days are up and the island will be razed to make room for more structurally sound houses and buildings that conform to modern codes.

"Note that real archaeology will not be done, as this is more akin to pseudo-archaeology than anything, but I feel that only teams of people who are at least used to handling things of historical importance should come. Thank you."

He left the podium and authorized the sending of three of his own good friends to the island.

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The Australian team would be a fairly accurate representation of the most dominant cultures of the Queendom. A man from the Western Duchies, another from Tasmania, and the third a woman from Brisbane.

OOC: Will post more later, when I can think of good names for them.

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INAH from Himynamistan will send an observation panel and a competition team that will compete as individuals, not as representatives of INAH. This sort of thing is fascinating. One does not normally associate the idea of racing with archaeology.

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