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FCC Turns Four and other news.

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This is an Official Announcement of the FCC

"A toast, A TOAST... QUIET! Shut UP! I'm a, I got words, I'm saying, This is an Auspicious day. We all know what day it is. A Glorious day for all the proud members of the FCC, Ratification Day! The dawn of a new galaxy! Four years ago today we ratified a new kind of charter for a new kind of Alliance."
~ The Train Job, Firefly(Paraphrased ofc)
Note: Apologies to Joss Whedon

That's right folks. While there was something of a prototype before this date four years ago... This is the day that we Ratified our first charter and technically and officially came into existence. We're always been different and somewhat strange, But we've enjoyed our freedom, democracy, and most of the time peace in the four years we've been around.

Happy Birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy Birthday dear FCC... Happy birthday to us.

In other news, the Citadel Trading Company is no longer under our protection as of this date.


Cake, pie and booze will be served at the reception. The Cake is a lie, but Pi is always true.

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