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Amazon Nation - Sajasabie Protectorate

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Hello my dears! I must say, it's a small Bob, after all. Let's just say that ties from another...place...help to form ties here, and allow me to announce this newly forged agreement.

We have offered protection and guidance a few times before, but this particular agreement marks the official beginning of Amazon Territory, the collective agreement under which the Amazon Nation guides and cares for Her protectorates.

Welcome, Sajasabie, to Amazon Territory!


[IMG]http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w331/AmazonNationAlliance/Flags/AzNsmall.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w331/AmazonNationAlliance/Flags/SajasabieSmall.jpg[/IMG][/center]

With the desire to keep safe and instill the values of honor, honesty, and friendship within those who genuinely seek such guidance, the Amazon Nation pledges the following protection and support to the undersigned:

Article I: Sovereignty

The government of the undersigned Amazonian Protectorate may freely request diplomatic assistance and guidance in any matter. However, in the spirit of mutual respect and friendship, it is also understood and agreed that the sovereignty of each signatory shall be respected at all times, and shall not be infringed upon, including but not limited to the establishment of political ties and treaties, and in preferential trade status.

Article II: Friendship and Non Aggression

Neither signatory shall initiate acts of aggression or espionage in any form against the other. Members of each signatory shall address each other with dignity and respect at all times, in all forums and media, both public and private. While differences of opinions may arise and be expressed respectfully, blatant disrespect in any form shall not be tolerated by either signatory against the other.

Article III: Defense and Support

In the event of any unprovoked aggressive action against members of the undersigned Protectorate, the Amazon Nation shall freely offer aid and assistance first and foremost through diplomatic channels. Should all attempts at diplomacy fail, the Amazon Nation shall defend Her Protectorate to the utmost of Her abilities. However, to most effectively allow any Protectorate of the Amazon Nation continue to prosper and grow under the spirit of this Agreement, said Protectorate shall not be held in obligation to aid the Amazon Nation in the event of any aggressive action against Her.

Article IV: Cancellation

Should either signatory decide to draw an end to this Agreement for any reason, each shall be required to notify the other through private diplomatic channels. The Agreement remains binding and in full effect for 24 hours from the time notification of intent to cancel is received and acknowledged.

Signed for Amazon Nation:

Randalla, Queen
Amarynth, Queen's Consort, Council
Larethiel, Council
Kerdor, Master of War
Elbryan, Master of Finance

Signed for Sajasabie:

~King Ernie. CoL SJB. COMO.
~Nai the King - Co-Fascist Leader of Sajasabie


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