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The Hudson Bay Maritime Institute

Zoot Zoot

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Over a year ago, an institute was formed, on the basis of preserving and maintaining the security of the Hudson Bay for all the Nations whom have direct access to its waters. This institute was destroyed following the nuclear attacks on New London, and as such, has fallen into decline since.

The Imperium of Canada, wishes to bring back this institute, for the bay is many nations lifeblood for international trade et cetera.

Here is the Manifesto of the HBMI.
[quote]The Hudson Bay Protection Act

Intent. The Hudson Bay Protection Act seeks to create and maintain the Hudson Bay Maritime Institute (HBMI) and the Hudson Joint Military Naval Operations Initiative (HJMNOI). The HBMI inspects all ships the ply their trade in the Hudson Bay to insure they are in compliance with the standards set forth in this Act to insure said ships are not excessively leaking contaminants into the Bay itself. This Act requires each nation to enact legislation to preserve the fish Population and establishes penalties for nations/organizations who wish to dump refuse into the Bay.

The HJMNOI is a Joint Military Organization established and maintained by the Hudson Bay Community Nations to provide a safe and secure environment for the HBMI personnel to peform their mission. Initial Command Authority for the HJMNOI rests with the Canadian Imperium at a Location to be determined by that nation's representatives.

The Hudson Bay Maritime Institute (HBMI)

1. All ships traversing the bay must adhere to HBMI standards or their entrance to the bay will be denied. Conversely, ships will not be permitted to depart port until they are in compliance.
A. Enforcement. A Joint HBMI Task Force composed of civilian scientists and learned individuals will be hired and trained to inspect ships at sea and at port. Each nation can provide inspectors and regulators within their respective nations.
B. The HBMI inspectors may in some situations be required to travel aboard HJMNOI vessels during patrol activities.
C. The HBMI has the authority to board ships in the Hudson straits between Disparu and Cyneriice Nothan. The HBMI inspectors will be escorted by HJMNOI Marines/Naval Infantry personnel to insure a safe and secure environment for these Governmental Civilians.
D. The Shipping lanes in the Hudson Channel need are identified by markers/buoys in order to control the flow. They will be maintained within CAN/Canadian Imperium and Disparu territorial waters. The northern/inbound track will be in Canadian territorial waters and the southern/outbound track will be in Disparu territorial waters. Each marker will be fitted with a GPS/radio transmitter that is detectable on ship radar. This will enable ships to navigate the straits with ease.

2. All Hudson Bay nations enact fishing laws to reduce overfishing, giving the maritime environment time to recover.
Legislation. Each nation submits legislation to their respective legislature to be considered in compliance. Some sensitivity will be lent to Commercial Fishermen who make a living through selling fish at market. Nations may outlaw recreational fishing on the bay or subsidize commercial Fishermen with the intent of limiting the amount of fish they return to port with.

3. Penalties on Nations/Organizations who use the Bay as a dumping ground.
Penalties. The act of dumping refuse in the bay is considered an heinous act and each nation will submit legislation making this so. At the minimum the offending individual/Corporation will have their ship seized and a fine of up to $100,000 imposed for each violation. Seized Ships will be held for 45 days. At the completion of this time period, owners may submit a written request to the HBMI detailing what they have done to correct their errors and stating that they agree with the no-dumping requirement. Courts have the latitude to impose lesser punishments depending on the severity of the offense.

The Hudson Joint Military Naval Operations Initiative (HJMNOI)

1. Implement Bay defenses to detect and interdict hostile naval threats.
A. Imperium of Canada and Disperu have complete oversight on the maintenance of shore batteries focused on shipping traffic in the Bay and connecting waterways.
B. The HJMNO has oversight on patrol ships and aircraft in the region with the purpose of detecting threats before they reach the main body of the Bay.
C. HJMNO maintains a 6-month rotational command and control headquarters facility in each nation. This facility is located at or near a primary naval base in order to ease communication flow to maritime patrol forces. This means that nation A has command authority for implementing the HJMNO standards for 6 months and then passes it to Nation B and so on.
D. A Schedule for the passage of Command Authority is listed in Annex A.
E. The primary staff officers of HJMNO will be a composite group of senior officers from the respective nation's military organizations. Overall command should rest with a 2-star admiral (O8) and a 1-Star Admiral as his Executive Officer. The current nation with command authority should appoint one of their own to the commander role. The next nation in the rotation should fill the Executive officer position. One nation will provide one Navy Captain to perform the duties of Chief of Staff. Each Nation will provide one Navy Commander (O5) to fill the various Staff officer roles to cover Administration (S1), Intelligence (S2), Operations (S3), Supply and Logistices (S4), Civil-Military Cooperation (S5) and Communications (S6). Annex B contains the national responsibility for providing principal staff officers. Once the initial deployment is complete, the contributing nations have one month to appoint the second deployment staff.

3. Active anti piracy, Terrorist, Drug interdiction and smuggling operations.
A. The HJMNO patrol will consist of 2-4 wartime vessels at a minimum.
B. At least one Special Operations Team plus a platoon sized contingent of Naval Infantry or Marines will be present aboard the HJMNO squadron.
C. Upon detection of Pirates, Terrorists or smugglers, the HJMNO squadron will be alerted to deal with the situation with extreme prejudice. There should be no opportunity for any of us to negotiate with pirates, Terrorists or smugglers. Pirates/Smugglers should be considered equal to Terrorists.
D. Any terrorists taken into custody, will be detained by the host nation and held for trial in a host nation court. Detainees will be afforded the same protections and respect offered to a citizen of the host nation when convicted/charged with a crime.

4. Provide a search and rescue service.
S&R Units designated. Each nation in the HJMNO designates Search and Rescue (S&R) units within their respective bases to be on call for HJMNO support.

5. Provide shipping rotas so the bay is not over clogged on the exits and entrances.
A. Outbound traffic uses a southern track through the Hudson straits to the Atlantic. Therefore, Disparu monitors the flow of traffic exiting the straits.
B. Commercial Shipping companies are required to contact Disparu to request exit permission out of the harbor. Permission is requested prior to leaving the dock. Permission is in a form of a scheduled time for when the ship in question should pass the initial exit markers.
C. The HJMNO enforces this requirement allowing no more than a half hour before and a half hour after the scheduled passage time. This allows ships a one hour window to pass the initial exit marker in the Channel.
D. All nations conducting trade in the Hudson Bay region are required to contact the Canadian Imperium by radio requesting permission to pass the initial entrance markers. They must identify their ship, their nation of origin, their "flagging" nation (if it is different), the cargo they are carrying and their destination.

6. Establish a maritime reserve.
A. The HJMNO designates a Naval Reactionary Force (NRF) of at least 2-4 ships to react to a hostile threat detected by the Patrolling HJMNO squadron. These vessles are considered to be on alert status and not permitted to allow personnel to go ashore.
B. A full company of Naval Infantry or Marines is designated as part of this NRF at a nearby/accessible Naval Air Station for the purpose of Air insertion via Helicopter into a threat area. This Company, may be the parent unit for the platoon stationed aboard HJMNO patrol ships.
C. A full Battalion or Regiment is designated as a 24 hour stand-by call-up reserve to reinforce the NRF Infantry Company. The stand-by Battalion/Regiment can be the parent organization for the designated NRF Company.

7. Wartime. In the event a signatory or group of signatories is at war with each other or a third party, this treaty becomes null and void. Treaty resurrection can occur with the consent of all signatories upon cessation of hostilities.

8. New Signatories. Nations either not present at the treaty signing or nations that will come into exstence in the future can become signatories of this treaty with the unanimous consent of the current signatories. Requesting Nations must submit a request to the MBMI. Current signatories have one week to respond with a yea or nay vote to admit requesting nation to the Hudson Bay Protection Act.


Any nation with a strip of coast in the bay may apply for this institute, it costs nothing, and it will benefit all nations in the bay.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
Imperium of Canada

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[quote name='Zoot Zoot' date='06 June 2010 - 05:16 PM' timestamp='1275858961' post='2326737']
The treaty has been ratified of all out of date terms.
"If that is the case, then we shall sign it."

[quote][b]Signed for the Federation of Disparu,[/b]

Lance Pikachurin
[i]King of Disparu
Master of Château Jubilife[/i]

Cynthia Celeste
[i]Chancellor of Disparu
Leader of the Empire Party[/i]

Lilian Meridian
[i]Minister of Foreign Affairs of Disparu
Member of the Empire Party[/i][/quote]

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