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New alliance recruiting

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We the nations of Death Squad strive for pain, destruction, poverty and hunger towards are enimies

Article One: Admission and Membership

Admission to Death Squad shall be a very inselective group for we strive to control all strength ranges!

I. Death Squad shall be a Red alliance and all nations joining Death Squad shall be given 3 days to move to the Red Team.

II. Application Process

A. Any nation may request admission to Death Squad by making an application containing:
1.Your nation link sent to me terdy102345

Article Two: Government

Death Squad shall be ruled by a government consisting of a Senate and a Republic.

I. Triumvirate

A. Structure: The senate shall be composed of 10% of Death Squad,s members. The senators shall be divided up as such:

1. Council of:Laws and rules

2. Council of:Treaties and foreighn affairs

3. Council of:War and aid

B. Powers: The republic shall decide the actions of the alliance by a majority vote including:

1. Foreign Treaties

2. Declarations of War

3. Laws and Policies

II. Elections

A. Interval: Elections shall be held every month for the Senators

B. Duration: The election process shall have the following duration:

1. Three day nomination period.

2. Three day campaign/debate period.

3. Three day voting period.

C. Process: Any member of Death Squad who has won 10+ wars shall be eligible to run for any office in Death Squad. A person may run for more than one Council position and should the member win an election for more than one office, they shall have the choice of which office they would like to serve in and the runner up for the second office shall hold that position. If this leaves a Council position vacant, the Republic shall appoint someone to serve the term.

Article Three: War and Peace

Death Squad shall be a aggressive war alliance and shall defend any alliances who we have made pacts with(treaties)

I. War in General: Every member of Death Squad shall engage in specific aggressive attacks and spy missions that are explicitly authorized by the President (me) with the advice of the Senate and Republic.Situations in which aggressive military action may be authorized include but are not limited to alliance wide wars, defense against rogue attacks, and regulated tournaments conducted with the supervision of the President. If a member of Death Squad is attacked, that member has the right request aid but if you have not followed rules we have the right to refuse and then send other nations after you.

II. Alliance Wide Wars: The President shall have the sole power to declare war on another alliance. The decision to declare war must be made by a unanimous vote of the President and Senate or Republic, with the advice of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Once the President has chosen to declare war, the declaration must be posted on the Cybernations Forums to take effect. After the President has authorized the war, the Council of:War and Aid shall be responsible for conducting it. Decisions about peace and surrender terms shall be made by the President and or Senate, with the advice of the Republic..

III. Individual Nation Wars: In the event that a member of Death Squad comes under attack by a single nation not acting as a part of an alliance wide war, the nation attacked shall have the right to defend itself. If the nation attacking is unaligned, that nation can be dealt with to the full extent of the military. If the nation attacking is aligned, diplomatic means shall be used to resolve the dispute first and if diplomatic means are exhausted, military means may be used.

IV. Nuclear Weapons: Death Squad shall not carry out nukes but will have some in case a nation becomes troublesome

Article Five: Medals

I. To get a medal you must at least win 50,100.200,400,800,1600 etc. wars each marker adds 10,000 dollars in rewards but remember a war must be approved by the President (me)

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