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Pacification of Hawaii


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Communications systems on the island had been severely damaged during the war rendering transmission to the outside by conventional means impossible. A jamming blanket had been thrown over the islands in order to fully cut off any remaining resistance from the other remnants of Tahoe as well as to veil Pacifician operations and policies within the island.


[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00001[/b]

Former citizens of Tahoe are by this directive designated subjects of the Crown of Greater Pacifica. Citizenship designation may be issued at the pleasure of the Military Governor tasked to the island and bearing His Majesty's authority. Subject herein defined as those submitted to the rule of the Crown but not overseen, represented, or governed by parliament.[/quote]

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00002[/b]

Journalists not specifically approved by the peacekeeping authority are hereby barred from operating on the Islands. Any unauthorized journalist discovered shall be subject to detainment and immediate investigation.

Approved journalists are required to submit all material regarding the islands to Military Authorities for approval. Authorities on the ground hereby posses arbitrary authority to judge and make decisions regarding the security of information.[/quote]

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00003[/b]

Any subjects of the Crown present on the islands are hereby barred from exiting the territorial zone of Oahu without specific approval from the Military Governor. Any unauthorized subject outside of the permissible zone is to be detained immediately and their purpose is to be investigated. Specific allowances shall be made (former citizens of ishtopia) in the form of exit visas issued to be given at the Governor's pleasure. Any Tahoan military personnel located outside of this zone are to be given transport back to Oahu so that they may come into compliance with directive HP-00005.

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00004[/b]

The mission of the 7th Infantry Corp of the Royal Pacifican Army shall be to maintain, under the direction of officers on the ground, order and enable the execution of Pacifican peacekeeping policies. This mission is paramount to any other and all measures deemed necessary are hereby authorized. Soldiers and officers, may not be held liable to any authority other than the military to which their allegiance lies. Pacifician Citizens are only accountable to the Parliament and the Crown of the Realm.[/quote]

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00005[/b]

The former Military forces of Tahoe garrisoned at Hawaii are to stand down from their military posts. Soldiers shall be randomly shuffled among the various divisions in order to estrange and break any personal loyalties or commitments which exist within the military structure. All junior officers shall report for an interview and psychological screening during which the determination shall be made as to whether they are fit for duty and are capable of serving the Pacifican occupational force. Those deemed fit shall be asked to take the oath of allegiance to His Majesty, those deemed unfit shall be evacuated to detainment facilities on the Pacifican eastern frontier. Remaining junior officers will be mixed among a pool and tasked to posts at the platoon and company level. In addition to former tahoan junior officers new officers will be trained from the ethnic and cultural minorities, specifically the former Pacific Islanders. These will be mixed among the pool. Senior officers will be filled out by experienced Pacifican officers.

Every platoon will moreover have a Pacifican political liaison tasked to oversee the operations of the platoon, and weed out as well as report sedition, disloyalty, insubordination, and incompetence.

All former senior officers of the Tahoan garrison are to be immediately evacuated to detainment facilities. Any soldiers and junior officers who do not report following the issuance of this directive are to be designated deserters and insurgents and will be subject to detainment, and interrogation on the grounds of treason against the Crown.

Ex-Tahoan Peace keepers will be tasked as a military police force responsible for maintaining order throughout the duration of the occupational regime.[/quote]

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00006[/b]

All Pacifican Subjects of the Crown living in Hawaii (The Civilian population of the islands) are to disarm and submit their weapons to collection by Pacifican Peacekeepers.

Peacekeepers are to begin block by block sweeps of the population centers searching for illegal weaponry for seizure. Ex-Tahoan Peacekeepers are not to be used as manpower in this operation.[/quote]

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Tahoe had kept meticulous records of the island's Garrison,and while more than 40,000 were now dead, it was believed that more than 60,000 continued to move around on the island. In the first week that HP-00005 went into effect more than 60% of regular soldiers and 40% of junior officers reported to the Pacifican Military installations. Roughly 50% of the senior officers were uncovered by Pacifican investigators and deported to detainment facilities on the Pacifican Eastern frontier.

Of those who did not know of the directive, or did not comply with it, more than 60% of regular soldiers not in compliance were uncovered and brought to Pacifican military installations as well as 30% of non-complying Junior officers.

Troops were issued housing, new lightly armored uniforms, shuffled and issued to new companies and readied for deployment across Ouha while the new officer pool was developed. Of the Junior officer pool brought in by the directive approximately 30% were deemed unfit for service and were evacuated to the eastern frontier. The new pool comprised of 5000 Ethnic Irish Officers, 1000 Ethnic Pacific Islanders, and 6000 Ethnic Germans living in the islands. After having taken the oath of allegiance, the new pool was assigned, and the new Hawaiian office of military accountability under the direction of the Ministry of War dispatched trained Pacifician Officers as political liaisons charged with seeing to morale, rooting out disloyalty, and punishing incompetence and insubordination. These agents were attached to each of the Tahoan platoons to work, live, and operate with them.

Directive HP-00006 was also carried out with relatively high success. Nearly 80,000 small arms were collected voluntarily from the population ranging from pistols to hunting rifles, to full tactical assault weapons. Block to block sweeps of 10% of Honolulu turned up caches netting nearly 10,000 weapons. Outside of the cities large caches were uncovered by the 7th corp, uncovering more than 10000 small arms and associated ammunition. Operations and sweeps would continue for the weeks that followed.

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00007[/b]

Communications systems, and civilian infrastructure is to be reconstructed by the military authorities on the ground. All systems on the island are to be centralized and under the full control of the military authority.

Purpose: To occupy and employ the civilian population, and to increase Pacifican command efficiency over the islands.[/quote]

[quote][b]HP-00007 Corollary[/b]

Areas of interest:

*All forms of Public works

Local labor is to be utilized, through Pacifician Contractors and construction companies.

*Public Announcement in Hawaii*

All members of the Tahoan Civil Service, including Policy level bureaucrats are to remain on duty and work within the transitional peace keeper regime.

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[quote][b]Settlement Project:[/b]

The Ministry of the Interior is to coordinate with the Ministry of War in a project of voluntary re-settlement of at least 400,000 Citizens of Greater Pacifica to the Islands of Hawaii. With the rebuilding of Honolulu administrators, managers, and numerous other social scientists will be needed to fills the white collar offices that will soon be vacated.

All those who relocate will be compensated and offered state assistance in establishing themselves within their new homeland. Assistance is to be determined by the Ministry of the Interior.[/quote]

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Portions of the Idle population had been organized into work gangs, and had already partially re-established partial internal communications to the islands. Road work was being done across the territories as well. The bombing campaigns had left many of the roads, runways, and all manner of concrete slab pitted and cratered. Teams were now working to dig up and fill in sections of the damaged roads and runways, rendering them again usable. Though there were complaints among the population about the nature of the labor impressment, as compensation was higher than average most dissent was quelled before it began.

More deserting officers and soldiers were located and screenings have continued.

Continued block by block sweeps of Honolulu have reached approximately 40% of the city, so far nearly 35,000 unsurrendered firearms have been seized.

Finally the settlement plans are commencing. They began with the issuance of Military directive HP-0114, which assigned more than 40,000 Pacifican citizens and professionals to vacant homes left behind by the deceased or otherwise dead Tahoan citizens. Moving assistance, and jobs were also found of them, and a timetable for total movement of six months was put into motion.

Directive HP-0115 ordered the building of over a hundred high rise living spaces around Honolulu, and the assignment of more than 200,000 Pacificans to the theoretical living quarters they provide. A time table of 2 years from construction and movement was also set forward. In addition 160,000 smaller settlements were scheduled for set up across Hawaii.

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[quote][b]Military Internal Memo Concerning Directive HP-00572[/b]

In accordance with the re-settlement program nearly 40,000 highly educated and experienced citizens of Pacifica have been relocated to various all-Pacifican settlements, termed Pacifican Civil Zones, across Oahu, and Honolulu Popper. These areas are governed by Pacifican Civil law as set forth by Parliamentary law and are exclusive to those who hold Pacifican Citizenship. Pacifican Subjects living in the areas have been relocated to vacated areas of the larger Military Administrative Zone.

The Civil Zones were the first areas to be rebuilt and had sizable funding pored into the construction in order to create an atmosphere which would be considered acceptable to the settlement residents. They are principally walled communities sponsoring individual residences ranging from large manors to smaller personal homes. These have been individually sold to Pacifican settlers at near cost. The standard language of use within the settlements is the national Pacifican tongue Züritüütsch as established by Royal Order of the Magistrate Thomas Devereaux nearly half a century ago. These areas feature Pacifican Educational Institutions which cater to the residents of each Settlement. For wealthier residents a private day school was set up for primary schooling in Honolulu, which feeds to a boarding school operating out of Fiji.

Now that relocation of this first wave is complete, with nearly 360,000 more Pacificans expected to be moved within a year and a half, HP-000572 has been implemented. The Directive reads below.

[quote][b]Military Internal Directive HP-00572[/b]

First: policy level Bureaucrats who are non-citizens of Greater Pacifica are to be systematically purged from the bureaucracy over a period of three months. Their Jobs are to be filled by pre-selected Pacifican Citizens who are now living in the Settlements. Mid level bureaucrats are to be screened for disloyalty. Those who fail are to be purged and replaced by Citizens. All Bureaucrats who manage teams of other bureaucrats are to be replaced as well.

Bureacrats who are purged are to be evacuated to detention facilities on the Eastern Frontier of Pacifica.

Second: All official governmental business, all media, and all business in the private sector, is to be conducted in Züritüütsch, for the meantime Irish will be permitted and translations will be provided, but the process of immersing and assimilating the native population into Pacifican culture and language is to begin.

Third: Primary Public Education Facilities are to teach and instruct in Züritüütsch to the younger grades. In the older grades Züritüütsch secondary language classes will begin and will continue through secondary schooling. Ultimately all schooling will be conducted in Züritüütsch once the current wave is processed through and the youth is fully fluent. Educational Institutions will also instruct in Pacifican Culture, as well as political principles and concepts. Finally free educational classes will be held at community centers to instruct the older ages and groups in Züritüütsch as well.

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A series of minor protests were staged at various settlement projects throughout Oahu. Several workers deserting their posts held homemade picket signs and marched outside of the project perimeter as native labor continued within to build the various buildings that would house over 360,000 Pacificans who would be relocating to take part in the industrial and financial ventures expected to develop with the help of State Investment. Protests initially were tolerated but when other workers began to desert their posts security forces peacefully dispersed the activists apprehending the leaders and more vocal members for questioning and possible evacuation to the eastern frontier. Regulated Media Organizations within the region were directed not to report on the gatherings, and security forces continued to silently and systematically shut down unauthorized reporting.

In the months following the issuance of Directive HP-00572, the transition had been conducted smoothly and without issue. The many Offices within the Hawaiian bureaucracy were systematically purged of Non-Citizen Policy Level Bureaucrats, and from there selectively purged of disloyal mid-level bureaucrats. Over night security teams would arrive and detain individuals selected for purge and replacements would arrive the following morning. Replacements were of the highest caliber of Pacifican Citizen, each was highly educated and fluent in both the official language of Pacifica, Züritüütsch, as well as the native Irish tongue. In addition to their own experience, those assigned as directors of various teams and offices were each given six weeks of 'social engineering' training, a brief and general primer of general psychology, sociology, and various other social sciences deemed relevant to the management of a foreign and possibly hostile team. In addition each was fully briefed on every member of their team having been supplied with thorough background checks of each staffer. Those replacing mid level bureaucrats were trained as intelligence gathering operatives who would covertly act as the eyes of the Security forces, reporting on their fellow co-workers, in addition to doing their job. So far the compartmentalized environment had prevented any one non-citizen, or non-citizen association from gaining a full picture of the situation, each only believing that the loss of their superiors and various co-workers was specific to their office.

Given the level of order and the speed at which the project was moving, Marc Stephens the Military Governor, was considering within the time frame of a few years elevating the Military Administrative Zone to a full province of the Realm granting citizenship to all of its inhabitants... However, that entirely depended on whether the present course continued.

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As the rest of the world fought wars, and Pacifica balanced on the edge of war and peace itself, the resettlement program at Hawaii had been proceeding ahead of schedule. Across the islands civil zones had been established, various Pacifican communities had sprung up and various native Pacifican businesses had moved in to establish offices and resource development projects. While many had assumed it would take a two years to move the 400,000 Pacifican professionals it ultimately had only taken a year and a half.

The regional bureaucracy had been thoroughly cleansed and the upper level positions in all the corporate institutions had been staffed by the settlement dwellers. Work in rebuilding the infrastructure of the island had progressed greatly as well. The communications system had been fully restored though they now reflected a centralized and controllable model serving to enable the military governorship. The public roads had also been restored and new public transportation systems had been installed to allow easy travel within the various cities as well as between the various islands themselves. A hexlev connection had further been slated for construction to link the Hawaiian chain to the national system centralized out of Wellington.

Stephens had filed for approval to upgrade the islands and to grant full Citizenship to the people of the islands, all that remained was the approval of the King.

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Years had passed since the establishment of the military governorship at Hawaii, and since that time the prosperity of its resident population had slowly increased. The re-settlement program had estranged many ex-Tahoans from the levers of power and wealth, but it had also accelerated the process of reconstruction, and assimilation.

On Oahu all physical reconstruction had been completed for some time, dispute this, the political and economic order had remained intact. The among the general population the mood was tense, and agitation was easy. The inequality of the administration from the exclusion laws limiting legal and economic access to those classified as 'citizens', to the segregation of the settlement system , to the language and culture difference between tahoans and pacificans bit at some nerve among the masses, and it was becoming more readily clear that emancipation and the inclusion of Hawaii as a province was becoming increasingly necessary.

Regardless, the King had made no such ruling as of yet, and in fact had been altogether silent on the state of his nation in general. Marc Stephens made note of the issue, as he sealed the large envelope containing his report. Timely action was necessary.

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