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SMUG Announcement


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It's become clear to the current leadership of the [s]Roman Empire[/s] SMUG that there are some misconceptions floating around about the current situation. First, we would like to make it clear that we are in no way part of a coalition with [s]Confusion[/s] you or [s]Mostly Harmful[/s] your punk friends. [s]Roman[/s] SMUG leadership was [s]planning a war[/s] bored when we were approached by Marcus and asked to participate in a more widespread effort. Wanting a world-wide war, we agreed to be involved. However, it has become clear to us that
Marcus is [s]using the current conflict to create the appearance that his power is greater then it truly is[/s]...good looking. We at [s]the Roman Empire[/s] SMUG would like to recognize that our actions have helped him in this, and we regret that (lol). This announcement is to make it clear that we will not take kindly to any attempts by certain groups to diminish our sovereignty by implying that we are part of a coalition and that they can control our actions (that's what she said (lol)). We have always been an independent, proud alliance, and we intend to stay that way. That is all.


People who got hit at update last night: It's TE. We were bored. War happens. Stop being so butthurt about it. Yeah, Marcus enjoys getting people together to start wars in TE. WHAT A BIG JERK, I KNOW.
Also, I was too lazy to write my own announcement, (see a theme here?) and this was not a slight at RE, who we :wub:.

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