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Foundation of The Northern Cross

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Once upon a time, there was a Moose and a Bob. And some other people, but no one cares about them. Anyway, these two wanted to start an alliance, and now they have. This is the result. End story.

If you wish to speak to us stop by our irc channel: #TNC


[SIZE=7][color=blue][b]Covenant of the Northern Cross[/SIZE][/color][/b][/center]

I. Preamble

Having exhausted all due diligence in the pursuits of others' leadership, we the nations of Northern Cross have unified under the common values of honour and loyalty. With pure intention and sound resolve, we forge this document as a structural representation of a promise to our ideals. This covenant, treaties of the Northern Cross and the documents to which the Covenant refers shall be the supreme law of the land.

II. Admission & Membership

A. Pre-admission:
1. Applicants must change their Alliance Affiliation to Northern Cross Applicant and shall be afforded basic rights and protections should such privileges be found necessary before admittance.
2. All applicants will be subject to a two week associate membership and shall be subject to any decisions by the review board.
3. New members must join the blue team upon admission unless color exception status is granted by vote of the council.
4. All applicants must swear to uphold the spirit and letter of the covenant.
B. Admission
1. Members of Northern Cross may not be a member of any other alliance.
2. Northern Cross reserves the right to deny any nation admission for any reason.
3. Upon completing all requirements of the Chief of Internal Affairs, applicants shall be admitted as members at the discretion of the Chair, Council or Chief of Internal Affairs.
4. Once admitted a member shall set and keep their Alliance Affiliation to "Northern Cross" unless instructed by council to do otherwise.
C. Resignation: any member in good standing shall be allowed to (1) resign from the Northern Cross by way of notifying the council, (2) required to pay back any and all debts incurred from membership and (3) to document their resignation with a public notice via the forums.

III. Structure

Northern Cross recognizes the Council as the governing authority of the alliance.

1) Composition:
A. Consist of seven (7) members.

B. Shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Chief Banker, Chief Marshal, Chief of Recruitment, Chief of Internal Affairs and Chief Diplomat.
2) Powers of the council:
A. Council shall be chaired by the Chair.
B. Has decision making authority over all alliance matters.
C. Has disciplinary authority over members that violate the covenant.
D. May approve or deny any alliance action with a simple-majority vote.
E. All members shall have a vote except the chair; Ties shall be broken by the Chair.
F. May declare war or amend the covenant with a super-majority (2/3) vote.

G. The Chairman shall have the authority to veto any council action, but shall be overturned by a unanimous vote.

H. Receives all authority not explicitly given by the covenant.

I. Each shall have the power, excluding the chair, to appoint an assistant that may act as a proxy in the absence of a councilor.

3) Chair
A. Shall have the authority to make decisions when a council vote is impossible or has taken longer than forty-eight (48) hours to conclude.

B. Shall act as the figure head, and sole public representative, for the Northern Cross.

4) Vice-Chair
A. Shall supervise all councilors in their role as department heads.
B. Shall assist the Chair in all matters and will be responsible for the administrative tasks of running the council.
C. Shall act as parliamentarian in council discussion.
D. Shall maintain a set of by-laws governing conduct within council that shall provide for any procedure including but not limited to discussion limits, voting procedure, methods for voting.

5) Other Council Members
A. Shall be entitled to a single vote.
B. Shall administrate and staff the area of the alliance for which their title implies.
C. Shall be subject to review if found to be inactive or non-participatory.
D. Shall have the authority to start any motion for council consideration pending a second from another council member.
E. Shall approve new by-laws with the consent of three councilors.

6) Appointment and Removal shall be the responsibility of the review board.

IV. Review & Appointment
A. The Chair, Vice-chair and Chief Banker shall make up the review board.
B. The review board shall, by means of a unanimous decision, appoint or remove members of council as necessary.
C. Review shall be the result of the Chair's recommendation or by simple-majority of the council.
D. Appointments to the council shall be made by unanimous consent and shall be subject to a simple-majority confirmation by the council.
V. Code of Conduct

It is expected that members shall be respectable and honorable in their dealings. Open debate is encourage so long as it is constructive and without harmful intent. This applies whether interactions occur between members or when interacting with members and diplomats of other alliances.

Additionally, it is expected that members will follow all forum guidelines and of those forums visited outside of the Northern Cross. Those who cannot comply may be subject to disciplinary action.
Northern Cross requires that members be willing to defend fellow members and our allies. If ordered to enter into combat, it is necessary that members follow their orders and report their efforts in a timely manner to the appropriate department.
If any member of Northern Cross violates the code of conduct or the Covenant they shall be subject to disciplinary remediation by the council or its representatives.
VI. Concerning War, Defense, and Aggression

A. All war authorizations must come from the Council unless otherwise dictated by the Covenant.
B. Members found to be conducting war without authorization shall be subject to expulsion or disciplinary action.
C. Nuclear authorization shall be dictated by the Council, Chair or the Chief Marshal.
D. The Northern Cross finds tech raiding and other forms of aggression to be poor form and therefore unacceptable for members of the Northern Cross.
E. An attack on a Member (or an ally, by way of treaty) shall be considered an attack on the entire alliance.
F. Responses to aggression shall be conducted in-kind and shall be reported to the appropriate department. Escalations of warfare shall be authorized by the Council, Chair or Chief Marshal. Aggression by a member of another alliance shall require diplomatic means be fully exhausted before the individual war is escalated.

VII. Trades and Aid
A. Members may trade with anyone they choose, but internal trading shall be encouraged.
B. Members are asked to give no less than 24 hours notice when canceling a trade.
C. Members are encouraged to give aid to each other.
D. Members may give aid to those outside of the Northern Cross supposing that it does not conflict with any treaty requirements.
E. Members may not give aid to those at war with Northern Cross or her treaty partners.

VIII. Ratification and Amendment

A. This document shall be considered ratified when (1) ten (10) nations have changed their Alliance Affiliation to Northern Cross, (2) a suitable protectorate has been found by the Cohorts of the Covenant and (3) a Declaration of Existence has been posted on the Open World Forums.
B. Amendments shall occur by vote of the council as subject to their powers and majorities.[/QUOTE]

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[quote]UINE-TNC Protectorate

Article 1) UINE has TNC's back

Article 2) TNC agrees not to pull any !@#$

Article 3) We might upgrade

Article 4) there is no Article 4

Signed for The Northern Cross:

Chair - Lord Bob
Vice-Chair - Buuyo
Chief Banker - MrSpackle

Signed for Union of Integrated National Entities:

Emperor - Keve69
Trium - HRH King Raymond II
Trium - MajorLube
Trium - Hitsugaya[/quote]

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[quote name='SnowWolf' date='05 June 2010 - 05:01 PM' timestamp='1275782483' post='2325320']

But what about the forums?

They exist, but I'm keeping them semi-secret for now. If anyone really wants to visit our forums you can seek me out on IRC and I might provide the address.

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[quote name='Valerius' date='05 June 2010 - 07:53 PM' timestamp='1275792779' post='2325647']
An ugly adaption of the Eureka flag, but nonetheless good luck.

What in the burning hells is Eureka?

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[quote name='Valerius' date='06 June 2010 - 03:53 AM' timestamp='1275792779' post='2325647']
An ugly adaption of the Eureka flag

Actually Lord Bob's flag is way better than that flag.

Then again, your vision is blurred with hate against them.

Are you referring to this nation's flag?


Because it has NO similarity. What. So. Ever.

Edited by SpectreTehDestroyer
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