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Old Guard Announcement

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Through out our existence on Planet Bob not much has changed within the halls of Old Guard. Members have come go and some to come again. We've laughed, loved and cried with allies past and present. The Old Guard Directive has had very very few changes to it. We changed color teams once. All in all Old Guard enjoys its time hanging out with friends, being generally quiet in public all the while moving slower than the speed of snails on most things.

Today Old Guard comes before you to say we've been inspired to redecorate our home. A very smart person came along and said 'I'm got bored so I decided to redecorate” Old Guard with it's typical thoroughness and speed debated the merits of a new flag and decided it was a good idea. We then opened up the pool to different ideas and considered each and every offering and finally agreed on a new flag to decorate our halls. Our flag has hung proudly in our home for over 3 years. It's served proudly and honorably. However the time has come for it to retire. It's our honor to share with Planet Bob the new flag of Old Guard


As stated above, we have a long and honored history with our allies of all stripes, past and present. While it saddened us to learn of the decision of one of our closest friends and allies to close their doors and migrate to a new home. We did not wear mourning black for long but immediately embarked upon a journey to meet and make new friends. Today we stand by our new friends and hope that this is the beginning of a long and enduring friendship.

[center][IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y172/tatiana1kryanna/Cyber%20Nations/TFDflag.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y172/tatiana1kryanna/Cyber%20Nations/newflag-1.jpg[/IMG]

[size=5][b]The Old Foreign Treaty[/b][/size]

[b]Article I: Preamble[/b]

The Foreign Division (TFD) and Old Guard (OG) have had a distant relationship for some time. Through the upsetting occurrence of the Zenith disbandment, TFD and OG have been given the opportunity to get to know each other better. This Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact is signed in the spirit of the bridge Zenith was between OG and TFD.

[b]Article II: Peace & Respect[/b]

The first and last thing to be safeguarded by both alliances and their members is the Respect for opinions, thoughts and ideas - both in public and in private. The second is Peace. Neither alliance will initiate hostile or potentially aggressive actions against each other. In the event minor issues arise, because both Alliances are examples of respectful people, they will be solved rationally and with the purpose of preserving the best relationship possible.

[b]Article III: Intelligence[/b]

Should either signatory come across vital information regarding the other alliance's security, said signatory is required to share it with diligence.

[b]Article IV: Aid, Defense, & Aggression[/b]

Should one alliance be in dire need of monetary support and the other alliance capable of providing such assistance, both in money and aid slots, it shall happen. This clause is not valid during conflicts when either alliance is participating and the other isn't.

In the event either alliance comes under attack by a third party, the other alliance is greatly encouraged to come to its defense. This same attitude shall also be adopted in the case of either signatory requesting assistance in an offensive action; however, the signatory being asked for assistance offensively must be given at least 48 hours notice.

[b]Article V: Review & Cancellation[/b]

This treaty shall be reviewed by both signatories 30 days after the time of initial signing.

Should either signatory desire to cancel this treaty, the said signatory is required to present a notification of at least 48 hours, after which the treaty will be considered null and void.

[b]Signed by The Foreign Division[/b]
Speaker - LetsHunt
Senator - Illius Vander
Senator - The Iggy
Senator - Barkeaters
Senator - Phil
Minister of Foreign Affairs - GearHead
Deputies of Foreign Affaris - Duncan King and JTrapp8473

[b]Signed by Old Guard[/b]
Empress Theodora Triumvir of Security
Pasquali Triumvir of External Affairs
Arminius Triumvir of Internal Affairs

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[s]/me hails some more while she's here.[/s] (ooc? Have I been absent too long, or is the me function not working? :()

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