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First Cascadian Parliamentary Elections



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The time has come for the first Parliamentary Elections in Cascadia. Here is an explanation of the parties:

[color="#008000"][b][size="3"]Distopyan Party (CDLP)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: Vince Sixx[/b]
Main Platform: Promote Responsibility and Progress by a liability and freedom standpoint
In the Youth House: Create Rigorous Laws to keep the Internet fair and free, Legislate to make Marijuana accepted in the workplace
In the Worker House: Create government jobs for those living on welfare to lessen the state's burden, cut taxes
In the Corporate House: Localize Businesses and create firm anti-trust laws to prevent big corporations from forming
[color="#696969"][b][size="3"]Technocratic Party (CDPT)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: William Hockensmith[/b]
Main Platform: Create advisory positions for trusted authorities in subjects important to the government
In the Youth House: More government funding to education, less to military
[color="#ff0000"][b][size="3"]Socialist Party (CUSP)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: Wade Gibbs[/b]
Main Platform: Make the government more responsible for its people by providing free healthcare, welfare, and other programs
In the Youth House: Make Higher Education Free
In the Workers House: Expand Welfare to those with jobs, but very little income

[color="#8b0000"][b][size="3"]Pirate Party (CAPP)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: Gregory Denton[/b]
Main Platform: Reform the court systems to make charges, fines, bails, and jail time more sensible to the crime
In the Youth House: End prosecution for piracy for youths under the age of 21.
In the Corporate House: Force Corporations to make lawsuits for piracy more sensible

[color="#ff8c00"][b][size="3"]Labor Party (CWLP)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: Jeffrey Edelstein[/b]
Main Platform: Increase Worker's Rights
In the Workers House: Increase Penalties for unsafe conditions in the workplace

[color="#9acd32"][b][size="3"]Unionist Party (UCUP)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: Edward Philson[/b]
Main Platform: Make Unions mandatory for all workers
In the Corporate House: Force corporations to bend to the will of the unions

[color="#0000ff"][b][size="3"]Capital Conservative Party (CCPC)[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Party Leader: George Bundy[/b]
Main Platform: Release restrictions on corporations to let the free market decide the fate of the economy.

[color="#2e8b57"][b][size="3"]Make Cascadia Local Party (MCLP)[/size][/b][/color][b]
Party Leader: Stephen Logsdon[/b]
Main Platform: Make incentives for locally owned small businesses, and penalties for large corporations that compete with them.

Edited by Vince Sixx
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[size="4"]Results from the Elections:[/size]
[b]Youth House[/b]
Pirate Party: 57 seats
Distopyan Party: 24 seats
Socialist Party: 14 seats
Technocrat Party: 16 seats
[b]Workers House
[/b]Distopyan Party: 83 seats
Socialist Party: 23 seats
Labor Party: 15 seats
[b]Corporate House
[/b]Capital Conservative Party: 15 seats
Make Cascadia Local Party: 13 seats
Pirate Party: 11 seats
Distopyan Party: 4 seats

In other political news, the MCLP (Local Cascadia) and the CAPP (Pirate) have formed a coalition in the Corporate house to gain a complete advantage over the CCPC, and they have elected Gregory Denton the speaker of their house, and as he is the speaker of the youth house, Gregory Denton is now the Prime Minister of Cascadia.

DNBC Statement: "Although we are dissapointed that the Distopyan candidate never had a chance, we are glad that Cascadia has a solidly elected PM without much fight."
Fox Statement: "COMMUNISTS!"
CNBC: "This coalition government steps on democracy!"

OOC: Other news channels can have their say on this.

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