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A New Frontier?


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To: Jean d'Aosta, Steward of the Sicilian League
From: Christopher Moshum, Foreign Affairs Executive


Hello Sir,

Recently the population of the New Palma Republic has began to exceed it's carrying capacity on our homelands. President Moshum has realized this fact of life, that our growing numbers will continue to skyrocket and soon we will be over-crowded. This will lead to increased squalor, crime, and other issues that will ultimately harm the NPR. Hence, we would like to inquire if you'd be willing to sign over some land to the NPR in your Italian protectorate. We feel we would do the lands gained a great deal of good by developing them further, whilst also allowing our own population some breathing room to expand and support itself. Were open to any lands you'd be willing to sign away. Lastly, we'd love to establish an embassy here in the NPR for you to contact us on future events. Pending your request, I can organize a reception here in the NPR for you or a subordinate, or I will fly to your capital in Syracuse. Whichever is more convenient or wanted to you sir. That said, I'm greatly looking forward to meeting you in person.

Signed, Christopher Moshum Foreign Affairs Executive of the NPR

The message was sent to the Sicilian League with haste, along with a few bottles of the nations finest liquor 'Monay' as a sign of good-faith.

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[quote]To: Christopher Moshum, Foreign Affairs Executive of the New Palma Republic
From: The Office of Jean d'Aosta, Steward of Sicily

Dear Sir,

I fully understand your plight, it seems just yesterday that Sicily found itsself in a similar situation. Today, however, I find that I rule a nation with too much land and too few people. I feel that the NPR would likely be able to do more with land on the Peninsula than we are at this point, seeing as Sicily is only just beginning to recover from the devastation from our most recent conflict with the Fascists. Likewise, Syracuse is not in a state to be hosting foreign dignitaries such as yourself. While I would be more than happy to host you at my vineyard estate, I am preparing to leave on a fresh round of diplomatic visits and your concerns sound too pressing to wait. Hossein Al-Hussein, my Foreign Affairs Director will be leaving for the NPR shortly to conclude an acceptable agreement; he brings with him three bottles of "Cap d'Vin," grown and bottled at my own estate. I hope you accept and enjoy as a token of my esteem and friendship.

-Jean d'Aosta[/quote]

Shortly after receiving the letter, Director Al-Hussein was aboard a small private jet bound for the New Palma Republic.

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Director Al-Hussein's jet was escorted to a private runway outside the presidential estates. Once landed, Al-Hussein was quickly met by President Moshum who recently flew back to Palma after negotiating a treaty with the French Empire.

Shaking Husseins hand and smiling President Moshum said[i]. [/i][i]"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hussein; If I may call you that. I am pleased to see our initial request was met with open arms, I also thank you for the Capd"vin, it'll be added to my personal collection" [/i]Edward then lead Al-Hussein to the Presidential Complex to begin negotiations. [i]"After you Sir". He remarked as he opened the door illustrating Palma's beautiful architectural designs.[/i]

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Hossein basked in the warm Mediterranean sun as he stepped off the plane, he did so enjoy the warm climate that Sicily and the Balearics shared. Hossein accepted President Moshum's hand in friendship, "the pleasure is mine, Mr. President. Thank you for having me, I know the Steward has been hoping to meet with you for some time now, so a chance to actually start relations was not something he was going to pass up, especially if it helps us develop the Peninsula." He smiled at President Moshum as he opened the door for him.

"Thank you, this is a lovely building Mr. President, not too different from the Steward's old residence outside of Messina, shame what happened to it. Fortunately for both of us his vineyards on Corsica are producing as fine wine as ever."

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"Indeed, it is a shame but at least he is still alive and his wine flows once more." Edward smirked in optimism to the days future. "Now I am a businessman so let us get to business my friend. What land would Sicily be willing to partition to our country? Keep in mind we have 12 million people crammed onto island only 2k square miles in total area...Hence, we feel it imperative to alleviate our population from our growing issues with size. Simply put, we will not be able to continue on this pace without expansion. I however do not wish to initiate a war with anyone for growth, while it's within capability as I said before I'm a businessman and war will impair our profit. So, with that in mind what would you propose? I would like the Southern portions of Italy but I'm willing to part if you have something more lucrative in mind." Edward ended his spiel and looked Hossein with a friendly but firm demeanor.

(OOC - Just basically recalling our IRC convo in RP form, if you want we could add some stuff for flair.)

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Hossein was slightly disheartened to hear President Moshum begin making requests of Southern Italy. "I am sorry Mr. President, but I am afraid that Southern Italy is out of the question. While I would like to be able to accommodate your growing population I cannot do it at the expense of my people living in Southern Italy. Up until our war with the fascists, the region you are speaking of was inhabited by my people and controlled by the Steward's government. The Italian Federation took advantage of our plight and scooped up what we still consider our sovereign territories."

Hossein paused for a moment as he motioned to an aide. Seconds later the aide spread out a large map of the Peninsula on a nearby table. "While we are not prepared to give you our Southern Italian possessions we are more than prepared to negotiate turning over a portion of the Northern Peninsula to you. I understand you are a business man, and I think you may find the North-Eastern portion of the Peninsula a lucrative find..."

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Edward looked at the map with interest, analyzing every detail with his keen business acumen. "Yes, the northern peninsula would be quite lucrative as well. And an equally enticing land for the NPR to claim. It's got enough land for us to prosper and function with; not to mention holding Venice is an equally attractive tourist center once properly improved with Palma's resources. Although, I am saddened not to attain the southern regions; I can understand your attachment to it and will gladly accept the North-Eastern portions. If this is acceptable, shall we formalize a treaty recognizing the partitioning of these lands to the NPR?" Edward paused to allow Hossein ample time to analyze the offer.

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Hossein stood next to President Moshum for a moment as he thought about the President's statement. "It seems we have a basic agreement then sir. I had my staff draw up a preliminary agreement, allow me to take a moment to make the necessary changes specifying." Hossein signaled to an aid who brought over a small tablet PC, he typed away for a minute or two before handing the tablet PC to President Moshum. The text of a draft treaty, complete with the Steward's signature, was displayed on the screen.

"The Steward has empowered me to approve this agreement in his absence, feel free to suggest any changes."

[quote]Venice Regional Ownership and Occupational Missive

Article I. Territorial Transfer

The portion of the Peninsular Mandate containing Venice, Parma, Trieste, Trento and Verona will be transferred from the Sicilian League to the New Palma Republic. This land is transferred to the NPR without restriction, excepting the following:

a) The land in question shall not be transferred to another party
b) Any residents of said territory who wish to emigrate following the adoption and publication of this agreement shall be allowed to do so, without restriction, for 6 months following the date of adoption of this agreement.
c) In the event of a protracted period of anarchy in the New Palma Republic, the ceded territories shall become a protectorate of the Sicilian League or its designated successor.

Article II. General Agreements

Clause 1. Diplomatic Relations

The Sicilian League and the New Palma Republic agree to refrain from engaging in hostile acts directed towards the other party. This includes actions with the intent to undermine the sovereignty of the other party, or cause harm to its citizens, infrastructure, or economy. Both parties further agree to maintain diplomatic contact with one another through the exchange of ambassadors. Ambassadors will be afforded full diplomatic courtesy and immunity from prosecution.

Clause 2. Economic Relations

The Sicilian League and the New Palma Republic agree to refrain from placing any economic restrictions (such as tariffs, quota's or other such policies) that would hinder the free flow of goods between the two parties. Both parties further agree to open their respective national waters to the other party's shipping, merchant marine, and civilian vessels (this does not include fishing vessels)

Clause 3. Cultural Relations

The Sicilian League and the New Palma Republic agree to refrain from placing any undue restrictions on civilian travel between the two countries. Both parties further agree to joint collaboration on mutually beneficial cultural exchange and awareness efforts.

Clause 4. Cancellation

Article II of this Missive may be canceled by either party with 72 hours notice (OOC: RL time) to the other party in private. Article I may not be canceled unless the territory is returned or either party ceases to exist.

Signed for the Sicilian League:

Jean d'Aosta
Steward of the Sicilian League

Signed for the New Palma Republic:

President Edward Nicholas Moshum
President of the New Palma Republic[/quote]

Edited by The Flying Scotsman
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Edward looked at the document briefly, pulled out a pen and wrote. "[i]Signed, President Edward Nicholas Moshum[/i]" He then asked Hussein if he'd like a bottle of 'Monay' liquor as a personal gift for his conduct in negotiations.

(OOC - You wouldn't happen to have that map would you that showed the divide?)

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"The Steward has been meeting with a number of regional leaders about the prospect of creating an economic bloc encompassing the Mediterranean region. It would focus solely on establishing free trade and travel and promoting non-aggression and diplomatic interaction between Mediterranean nations. He wanted me to bring up the subject with you and get your thoughts on the subject of such a Pan-Med Agreement."

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"I am happy to hear that, and I am sure the Steward will be glad to know that there is another rational economic thinker in the region. It has been a pleasure working with you Mr. President." Hossein said with a smile, extending a hand towards the President as his aides began to pack up their things. "Until next time."

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