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Tiministanians find their new home.

King Timmy

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After many months of being wanderers, nomads, vagabonds, call us what you will, the people of Tiministan have now been able to settle down into a new homeland after being generously allowed to take control of part of the Holy American Empire's Antarctic protectorate territory.

The military has been quick to learn their new surroundings, and how to use it to their advantage. They have been placed mainly on our borders to protect the interests of our nation at this time, and to stop any would be emigrants. Having been mainly trained in guerrilla warfare in their previous homeland, they intend to use the same tactics should anyone try to impose a threat on our borders. They have already learned how to hide extremely well. For example, there is an entire platoon hiding in this photograph taking at one of our early warning stations:


Due to the fact our navy now consists of just one small boat:


We have had to learn to improvise to strengthen our naval strength. We have taught penguins that boats bring food by feeding them fish from them. They now swim to any boat they see as soon as they come into sight. Our upgrades have made them a strong fighting force as you can see here in a picture of one of our PENGUIN BOMBER! squads, the mainstay of our naval forces:


Due to the adverse conditions in this polar region, we will have to modify our entire Air Force to suit it better. Needless to say they did have fun landing on their belly's due to the fact we have not developed any air strips yet:


Needless to say we have settled in very well, and intend to increase or defenses strongly as time passes on.

4th of June will now be remembered as a national holiday called Home Finding Day, every year.

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