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4th of June Movement

Bull Run

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[left][i]The bestiality of imperialism, in this era will be relegated from this continent and its people. The Latin American people will not be the step mat for the imperialist lust for our land, our resources. Our revolution will span the continent, MUST span the continent if our Freedom, Liberty, & the latin race can survive. The day ends with victory in the hands of the people, bullets in the chests of the beasts with whom we struggled for a portion of bread & drink of clean water. This is the begining of the end of the old, spark of the new blown into existance in a violent ferver of necessity for great change. Born are the days when the last shall be first, and the first shall be last. This is our messege to the imperialist beasts in this world under whos boots we once toiled, we now set fire & trust never again the imperialists. Never![/i][/left]

[right]-Commandante Che Guevara[/right]

[left]The cry for independance within the Domincan Republic had roared to assertion for self-determination from the HAE. Life had improved immensely under the Empire's rule, but local governments had fallen into the pockets of the small aristocracy. After a popular petition for soveiegnity had been sent for appeal the tention within the small nation began to boil. It soon became clear that the aristocracy would remain the dominant power in Dominican politics and this reality was directly challanged by a growing Revolutionary faction, known soley as the 4th of June Movement; the day of accepted self-determination petition by the HAE and the night of the nationwide front. Sparked by an energetic and determined revolutionary, simple known as "Che".[/left]

[u]The Dominican Republic[/u][/center]

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"[i]Estoy de acuerdo compañero, como afiladas garras del imperialismo ha perforado en toda América Latina tenemos que resistir y perseverar hasta la liberación. Yo aplaudo a usted ya sus esfuerzos por asegurar los derechos y libertades de los que lucha y el trabajo con honor en la República Dominicana

Que su revolución eco en toda América.[/i]"

("I concur comrade, as imperialism's sharp claws has pierced into all of Latin America we must resist and persevere to liberation. I applaud you and your efforts to secure the rights and liberties for those who struggle and labor honorably in the Dominican Republic

May your revolution echo throughout the Americas.")

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We of Himynamistan salute our brothers in the Dominican Republic and pledge our support and assistance to the establishment and prosperity of your nation. You shall be like family to us, like your cousin nations recently born.

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[i]Seguiremos adelante Camarada. Sin miedo, continuamos a mover montañas. Derrocando el imperio de racismo, superioridad falso de la monopolista Yankee. Seguiremos en el sueño por una nueva era, en donde nuestras gritos a traves del mundo se escuchan claro, nuestra voluntar contra injusticia triunfo, y nuestras sufrimientos se desvanecen con la aquisicion de la victoria.[/i]

("We will continue on, Comrade. Without fear, we continue to move mountains. Overthrowing the empires of racism, false superiority of 'Yankee' monopolists. We pursue the dream for a new era, where our cries across the world are heard clearly, our will against injustice triumphs, and our sufferings dissapear with the acquirement of victory.")

We are warmed to be amongst a united community. To the Zapatistas & Himynamistan we pledge our honest and full friendship and support in the endevour for continent wide liberation.

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Dominican military aquired vague but convincing intel pertaining to the militarization of Himynamistan. Anxious to strengthen the Republic's own military might, revolutionary commanders agreed on requesting joint military oprations with Himynamistan as well as the purchase of more modernized armament. The overall aura of the new republic was relative paranoia of invasion from one of the larger neighboring "Imperialist States". The United States of America was selected as a prime threat, though uncertainty remained. The only certainty was the success of the revolution, now all energy was placed in perserving it and inciting similar 'victories of the people' throughout the Americas.

A coded messege to Himynamistan:

[code]Esteemed Comrades, We request the purchase of more modern military armament if Himynamistan is offering any for sale. Also, we request participation in joint military ventures in preperation for what expected & imminent continent wide insurections and revolutionary conflict in which we will partake in the aid of total American revolution.[/code]

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