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The invasion


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About three decades after GLP's first war ( http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86854 ), time has changed quite rapidly...

A multi-trillion invaders from the outer space came by to say hi with some serious violence and curbstomping using the "Quantity is Quality" or as the GLP soldiers sourly put it, "Spam and hurl everything you got until your enemy is no longer twitching." tactic.
GLP, at one of their heavily fortified defenses:

President HI whipped out his binoculars and scanned the black, red, and white covered area. All of the colors were from the corpses of the yesterday's assault consisting of burnt/mowed down/blown up infantry and wreaked mechs and vehicles.

They haven't came yet today, seems like they are still eating breakfast and getting ready for the next 400th suicidal frontal assault. He then looked around. The defenses were similar to GLS's defenses decades ago, but they proved to be highly effective against the invaders though with slight modification. The most noticeable one was that soldiers were no longer exposed and all of them were inside heavily reinforced bunkers build on top of a giant concrete wall. A 40 degree angled wall that had a height (not slant length) of nearly 30 meters. The wall used to be covered with ultra slippery Mobility Denial liquid but it proved to be useless against hordes that would often simply walk ON THEIR FACE-PLANTED BUDDIES. Plus, a few weeks ago, the piles of bodies and wreckage reached nearly 20 meters in height which caused some concern. As a result, the liquid were replaced with a delayed slow burn liquid that were highly efficient at removing the corpses.

Over the years, countries have fallen one by one. A few remained, but many of the fallen ones were covered with sea of black and eventually giant industry like buildings with millions of war machines and soldiers pouring from them. Many of the satellites were destroyed when they were pushed out of the way by the invaders' multi-million deployment ships. Most of the fallen countries that were nuclear armed used their nukes and other WMDs, slaughtering BILLIONS of the invaders but they just keep on coming and coming. GLP had lost all of their radio contact with other countries ever since their last communication satellite became unresponsive randomly and effectively, a zombie satellite as the researchers like to call it. However, their last observance satellite was still functional and analysts suspect that the invaders were mass cloning and producing their military, though it couldn't be confirmed. The navy was gone. The air force was taking serious heavy casualties trying to stop the invaders' ambitious deployment ships from landing inside GLP even with the assistance of the large amount of anti-aircraft defenses. President HI had decided to visit the entire country's border defenses to give his soldiers a morale boost, showing them that their president was willing to die along with them. He had already been wounded 9 times and nearly killed four times.

President HI was glad GLP wasn't crammed into a few mile land with tiny amount of resources, rather, GLP was lucky, finished their heavy border defenses, and fully mobilized their military for an another war with an enemy country just as the invaders landed. In the Canadian region, much of the food, metal, lumber, fuel, and other resources were being produced. In the Great Lakes region, it had a giant industrial base since the invasion. Without either region, GLP would have ran short of supplies and been overran.

He then noticed slight movements in the no-man land in front of the defenses and whipped out his binocular again.

[i]Suicide bombers, great...[/i]

The suicide bombers were stick figures that can top 40 mph and they only thing they wore was a giant barrel filled with explosives. Shooting them would result in massive explosions, and many experienced soldiers (including all automated weapons) used that to their advantage by shooting the suicide bombers when they are running through a group of their slower buddies. However, if not suppressed, they would blow apart the defenses quickly with their sheer numbers.

A small but precise gun fire erupted from soldiers who had sniper scopes on their Automatic Thunderpounders and highly trained snipers, soon followed by series of massive explosions and dust clouds. A faint roaring of engines were soon heard.

Bomb trucks, giant UNARMORED semi-trucks loaded with 20 tons of explosives and had a massive word painted on both sides, "BOMB". Same tactic were used against the trucks as same as the suicide bombers, but if one of the bomb trucks get too close and ignite, the result would be very ugly. President HI didn't understand why the invaders would use such ineffective friendly-fire prone tactics. "I guess they figured for each one million they lose they can replace it with two million..." he mumbled to himself as he saw body pieces fly from the explosions using his binocular.

After an hour of massive explosions, faint footsteps and howls were heard from the no-mans land. The regular invaders' soldiers. Stick figured things with black swords. Bringing swords to a long distance gunfight was never a good idea, but for some reason the invaders kept on using the highly costly ineffective tactics. The stickmen were ignored by GLP's soldiers knowing that as soon as they try to scale the wall they would get toasted. Shortly afterward, stickmen armed with pistols and protected only with motorcycle helmets. The pistol armed enemies for some reason only fire their weapon when their target is 30 meters away. Screaming is heard as the dumb invaders attempt to run through the slippery burning liquid and end up dying a very painful death, only to be trampled by their burning still alive buddies that have serious awareness failure.

After a hour of mass burning, finally the enemy starts throwing in armor. Lightly armored jeeps equipped with a single 9mm machine gun and if anyone gets in their way, THEY RUN OVER THEIR OWN INFANTRY. Now GLP soldiers start firing, well, a few of them. The enemy's jeeps stood no chance against .50 caliber and 14.5x114mm bullets and they exploded. Enemy rocket launcher and ultra heavily armored troops armed with laser cannons were next to come, except they were awfully slow and easy targets. However, a few rocket and laser beams were fired, hitting and injuring a few of the GLP soldiers except for ones that were directly hit with the rockets, those were blown into pieces.

A swarm of jetpack stickmen that were also equipped with rocket launchers, slow helicopters that looked very similar to the AH-64 Apache helicopters, flying saucers with anti-gravity devices and almost no armoring, and flying suicide bombers with jet packs. Oh, there were also occasional giant flying saucers loaded with about 100 tons of explosives. The estimated amount of explosives was calculated after the military analysts calculated the amount of power an explosion had when it occurred in one of their doomed neighbors. GLP soldiers like the giant saucers because they were such an effective slate wiper, basically knocking anything that is flying out of the sky and pin down infantry on the ground from the shock.

"GODDAMN FIRE YOUR WEAPON! IF YOU WANT TO RUN, GO RUN AND DIE A PAINFUL DEATH WITHOUT HELPING ANYONE! YOU WILL BE A COWARD UNTIL YOU GET CAUGHT THOSE MONSTERS AND TURNED INTO FOOD!" President HI screamed at one of the soldiers who was attempting to run away. The deserter decided to return to his post and start firing. President HI sighed and he pulled the trigger on his his mounted Automatic Thunderpounder. A side screen with a data displaying an estimated amount of enemies he had killed or injured had reach the seven digits ever since he started his tour campaign. A massive eruption of gun/explosive fire from mounted Automatic Thunderpounder heavy machine guns/battle rifles, AK-47RP medium machine guns, CRLMG light machine guns, .50 caliber Shredder heavy machine guns, 20mm HMGs, .50 caliber Triple barreled HMGs, HATNTs, stationary 80mm cannons, 120mm cannons, 200mm cannons, stationary missile launchers, automatic mortars, artillery, railguns, and other weapons. Some were operated by GLP soldiers, many were automated with a simple code that stated "Kill anything that twitches or seems to be standing in front of your camera".

After two hours of brutal massacre, it was close to noon, and now the hard part comes. Slow poorly armored tanks, giant mechs, and even larger mechs. The invaders' tanks were vastly inferior compared to even WWII Tiger II tanks except for the cannon sizes though they had one large advantage, !@#$load of meatshields (infantry, jeeps, and aircraft) and numeral advantage. The giant black mechs had a massive 700mm cannon attached to their left arm, a six-barreled rapid firing 100mm cannon attached to their right arm, and dozens of missile launchers mounted on their back. It was a good thing they only fired is when they get close enough and stop and had pathetic armoring. A single RPG-7 could punch a hole in their armoring or kill the operator who is sitting on top of the mech enclosed with a large glass dome that are prone to shattering in sharp pieces. However, President HI had saw a few of them fire in the past and they left a nasty mark in the defenses. He gambled that by the time the first line of defenses fall, the second one that is still under construction will be completed. If not, then GLP will fall just like any other unlucky Planet Bob's countries.

The even larger mechs were the only ones that didn't have mainly black color, they were bright white and were 200 meters tall. The only weapon they had was a giant laser cannon mounted in their over-sized head. They can only fire while standing still, have similar armoring to the giant black mech, and will often violently explode if shot in the head enough, resulting in a giant dead body with millions of shrapnel raining on the smaller invaders. Their cannons also required about 30 seconds to charge up and fire. However, their laser cannon was extremely dangerous if it gets a chance to fire. It can heat multiple bunkers over 1,000 Fahrenheit quickly, instantly cooking anything organic inside.

"Dear god, how long will this war continue?..." President HI asked himself when his side-screen kill counter displayed a BSOD due to data overload.
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[quote name='Shadowsage' date='04 June 2010 - 01:01 AM' timestamp='1275631259' post='2323199']
OOC: *Eyetwitch*
Did I do something like this before?
OOC: There will be no cryogenic chambers, it will result in a special person's death. There will be an unexpected fight between a rag-tag human group and of course, trillions of stickmen and their almighty mind controlling "god" on the invaders' home world, Stickman World.

EDIT: Why the heck did I just give away a chunk of my plot? Darn you, you should have mentioned it privately! :(

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In GLP, the next day:

The entire battlefield was covered with wreckage and charred/shot/gibbed bodies as always. It also had a strong rotten and burnt stench but the soldiers had gotten use to it. President HI was peering through his binocular when he noticed something very unusual...

[i]A goddamn army of Marios and Luigis...[/i]

"Hey HQ, you should order everyone to open fire, I get this bad feeling about what is going to happen." President HI ordered the military HQ using his radio. "Sure thing, I hate Mario and Luigi anyways." was the reply.

A massive gun/explosive fire erupted and to everyone's dismay:

[i]None of the Mario or Luigi seemed to be harmed and they continue to walk steadily toward the border defenses...[/i]

"First, they send us an endless army of cannon fodder, now they are sending their endless army of elites?!" one of the soldiers shouted. "RAIL GUNS DON'T DO !@#$ AGAINST THOSE !@#$%^&*!" another soldier shouted when a 30mm tungsten carbine AP shell fired from a rail gun at mach 8 was DEFLECTED off one of the Mario clones (though the clone was knocked onto the ground but got back up). 200mm tungsten carbine AP shells were fired from the cannons resulted in deflection. The artillery crew decided to try and use thermite shells, but all they did was make the Mario and Luigi clones look even more scarier.

"Don't waste time talking! Give em' hell!" an sergeant shouted.

The GLP soldiers and the automated weapons fired repeatedly, but not a single one of the Marios or Luigis were even nicked by the time they had climbed up the wall. The fact that they were burning and still not dead didn't help the GLP soldiers' morale. Many panicked and fled, including sergeants and officers. President HI and a few other men were stubborn and kept on firing.

"Give me a Fuel to Air missile, now!" President HI ordered while speaking to his radio. "One is already inbound!" was the reply.

A missile streaked through the sky, exploded into a massive cloud of explosive droplets, and the cloud burst into a massive explosion of flames. When the smoke and dust cleared, the Mario and Luigi clones appeared to be unharmed, only covered with some burnt dust.

President HI, in his Juggernaut power-suit, attempted to punch one of the Luigi clones that had climbed into the bunker he was in. The punch would have threw a 500 pound body out the bunker by about 50 meters with serious internal damages and bone fractures. However, that wasn't the case. He found himself in a surprise when the Luigi clone knocked away his punch and jabbed a hand into President HI's throat while shouting, "Yippee!", sliced through the thick tungsten carbine/steel-nickle/bullet resistant gel armoring, through the president's throat, through the rear section of the armoring, and the hand was sticking out from the neck. The Luigi clone then shoved its hand upward and lopped President HI's head off. The remaining soldiers were either brutalized or also fled after watching their president getting killed within three seconds and their comrades also getting beheaded within seconds. One soldier was even thrown 500 meters out one of the bunkers into the incoming mobs of Mario and Luigi clones, screaming.

Soon afterward, the main Stickman empire army arrived to celebrate on the abandoned GLP's border defenses by demolishing it. Three days later after completely leveling the border defenses, they begin their short march to the second uncompleted border defenses occupied by demoralized soldiers with the indestructible Mario and Luigi clones in front of the cannon fodders.

Same thing occurred to all of the other border defenses. It was a perfected deadly coordination that completely caught GLP and previous surviving heavily defended countries off guard. If they broke through the secondary defenses, Stickman Empire's army could advance into GLP with little resistance. GLP residents' average lifespan would be shorten to weeks, maybe even days...

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"OPEN FIRE! HERE THEY COME! DON'T JUST STAND THERE AND WATCH!" an field officer screamed as he begin to fire at the incoming mob of enemies. "But sir, about the Marios and Luigis?..." one soldier asked. "The mines will take care of them!" another soldier shouted back.

Gunfire erupted again and millions of enemies crumpled, but the Marios and Luigis kept on walking calmly. As soon as they hit the no-mans land, GLP soldiers can see millions of thermite and delayed ultra heat absorber (brings the temperature of 121 Fahrenheit down to 32 Fahrenheit) landmines. Something was going on with the massive army of indestructible clones, their armoring were cracking and falling apart. Apparently they could handle extreme heat but not extreme temperature changes. "Do we have any bullets that can absorb heat?!" a soldier shouted. "Yeah, refrigerated liquid nitrogen bullets but those are shot in supply and are hard to store in room temperature." a sergeant replied.

The damaged clones went down just like their cannon fodder buddies behind them. By the time all of the landmines were triggered, none of the Mario and Luigi clones were seen in sight. Most of the GLP soldiers' morale increased when they realized they have a chance of holding back the tide of monsters...

Until they saw a massive army of the giant black mechs and even larger white mechs. Originally they came occasionally, but this time, they were tightly packed together.

GLP soldiers armed with AP weapons and the automated weapons fired at the mechs, but there were too many of them. As soon as dozens of mechs got close enough and stopped, almost all of the GLP soldiers along with the sergeants and officers fled, knowing they will be turned into hamburger meat if they stayed.

[i]BOOM! THUD! BOOM!...[/i]

"Oh now we are $%&@ed..." one of the GLP soldiers mumbled as the black mechs' fired their 700mm cannons, 100mm galtting cannons, and launched hundreds of missiles at the defenses. A single black mech can fire up to 300 missiles before their supply runs empty, but when you have hundreds of them firing along with the larger white laser shooting mech...


The secondary defenses' automated anti-bomb/rocket/missile/shell 40mm turrets struggled to halt the incoming tide of explosions but they couldn't shoot the massive powerful lasers beams and were overwhelmed by the enemy's volley of fire. After three hours of fierce fighting, all over GLP, there were dozens of massive gaps in their defenses and even more parts of it were blown or fried to hell with only a tiny amount of automated weapons and soldiers still firing. Billions of stickmen cannon fodder units begin to pour through the defenses and into GLP. Meanwhile, in the air, the GLPAF was finally decimated after losing dozens of thousand of aircraft each day despite rampant production of aircraft and anti-aircraft defenses. Hundred of thousands of giant deployment ships landed all over GLP and started unloading a combined total of about one billion infantry and light vehicles. They then begin hundreds of marches to all of GLP's towns and cities, fully intent on driving the Bobians (OOC: Humans, for those who don't understand that CNRP is RPed on Planet Bob :OOC) into extinction.

It was over for GLP...

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Two weeks later, around Toronto, the capital city of GLP:

General James scanned the horizon using his binocular as he stood on top of his command bunker. None of the invaders have arrived today, yet. Around him was a crude trench work manned by only a few thousand exhausted GLP soldiers and some automated weapons. They had managed to survive over a week of brutal frontal assaults.

In the no-mans land, there were thousands of landmines and barbed wires. In the front, the fortified trenches and craters (created by the enemy's attacks) consisted of flamethrowers and machine gunners using shotgun shells in their MGs instead of the standard bullets. Behind them were the regular machine gunners, soldiers armed with Automatic Thunderpounders or other light MGs, mortars, and the anti-armor sitting in their trenches or explosion-created craters. In the very rear, thousands of 20mm anti-shell/bomb/missile/rocket turrets, AA defense missile launchers, and artillery guns.

Everything was running short, food, ammunition, medical, men, weapons, you name it. Much of GLP had already been overran. The rest of the army was entrenched inside the Rocky Mountains.

A loud rumble was heard and some of the soldiers looked up to see a dozen giant saucer shaped space ships. The AA defense missile launchers went insane and fired thousands of missiles at the floating enemy ships. All of the floating enemy ships opened up their bottom side, revealing multiple massive 3000mm cannons.

All of the GLP soldiers' thoughts: "Oh shi-"

The enemy ships' cannons roared as they fired, blasting mile wide gaps in the trench network. The bombardment continued for an hour until the entire trench network was reduced into gigantic craters. Then a massive ship, larger than the assault ones, proceeded to land on top of the financial sector, and flatten all of the large skyscrapers, including the famous CN Tower. The ship's large doors opened up, spilling out thousands of the giant black mechs. The mechs spread out and begin open firing on the screaming, panicking residents. Meanwhile, an army of the nearly indestructible Mario and Luigi clones were closing in with no resistance.

The only remains of the defenders were the surviving 30 Spec-Ops that were wearing SPS (Stealth Power-Suits), they weren't in the crush or bombardment zone during that time. They were all inside the makeshift HQ with General James.
"So you are telling us that we have to board their massive ship?!" one Spec-Op asked. "Yes. One of our hacking reports revealed that the giant ship that just landed on our !@#$@#$ city was incoming and was to return back to their homeland." General James replied. "How did you know? They speak a different language than we do."

"They don't have a verbal language, they use computer language that consist of numbers, and all of them are under control of a single person. Our code crackers managed to decode their entire language before they were, well, flatten. Plus, we have a few Spec-Ops here that know the Stickman Empire's language." General James replied.

General James then turned on his projector and stated, "You job is to sneak into their ship, ride in it, go to their home world, and kill the !@#$@#$ puppet master. We have no other choices unless if you wish to take on a multi-trillion army. Now, any of those who wish to volunteer for the possibly suicide mission, stand up"

[i]All of the Spec-Ops stood up[/i]

"Good, now go and serve your country! I will be fine here." General James ordered.

All of the Spec-Ops proceeded to leave the bunker and walk through the sewer after turning on their transparency function on.

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In the Rocky Mountains:

The border defenses weren't as extensive in the mountainous region and the breach wasn't as catastrophic compared to the other border defenses that were on mostly flat land. GLP military forces had plenty of mountain ranges to fall back behind.

General Thomas noticed that some of the mountains were heavily damaged, others reduced into large piles of gravel from the constant bombardment from the Stickman Empire. "I don't think Tahoe's underground bunkers saved them this time..." he thought. Tahoe put up a fierce resistance as always since they dislike people who step on their lawn but GLP wasn't sure if Tahoe was completely overran or still twitching.

The mobs of the cannon fodders kept on coming but they were forced into various choke-points due to the natural geography of the Rocky Mountains, making them easy targets for GLP's military that focused much of their firepower on a small area. Their ground vehicles and mechs discovered it was hard trying to cross the mountains to attack GLP's heavily entrenched and fortified positions even though they kept on trying (and failing). In fact, the invaders' casualties were so high that they created new small mountain ranges consisting of dead bodies and wreckage which made it even harder for them to reach GLP's positions. It was a good thing for GLP that they still had some ammunition industries in their holding otherwise they would have already depleted their ammunition supply after 24 hours of shooting. General Thomas was well aware of the Stickman Empire's massive spaceships thanks to photos from the observance satellite. One deployment ship attempted to land and drop off their infantry, that ended in a failure when the ship came tumbling down the mountains after trying to land on a rocky 45 degree surface and was completely wreaked from the crash. Survivors were shot. Survivors that survived the attack were shot again.

They tried it again with a gigantic ship that covered 4 square miles and was filled with thousands of the black mechs. Again, it ended in a failure when the jagged mountain peaks impaled the ship and ever since then, it was stuck (though it did damage the mountains). It attempted to drop all of the black mechs which soon turned into a live amusement show for the surviving GLP soldiers and residents as thousands of giant mechs plunged 200 meters to their death and shatter into pieces. At the end, there were giant piles of wreckage and an empty deployment ship above it. A few mechs survived the fall but they were shot and destroyed.

For ships that actually posed a harm to GLP, they were shot down by railguns and 300mm artillery guns that can spin in any direction they wish, including missile launchers.
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Years ago, a few weeks before the invasion:
In President HI's office:

"We should be concerned with USA. They want Michigan back from us and they are gearing up for a war. They already signed 20 MDP or ODP treaties with other countries and still counting. I am hoping that CAN and their allies doesn't ditch us." President HI said and took a sip of his milk.

"But what if they do?..." the vice president asked.

"Then we are screwed." the president replied.

[i]Cellphone rings...[/i]

"Excuse me." President said before getting up and walking away to answer his call.

"President, this is urgent. Turn on your TV and see what is going on. You won't like it." the secretary of state told the president

"Odd..." President HI mumbled to himself as he turned on his widescreen TV.
GLS National News:

Recently GDR reported that they have lost all contact with their colonies on Mars. Various telescope satellites and observatories have reported a massive group of unidentified objects that seem to be heading straight for Planet Bob at an extremely fast speed after razing Mars. GDR's Mars colonies did send one distress signal containing a grainy video.

[i]A massive mob of black stick like figures backed up by giant mechs are charging straight toward one of the Mars colonies what seems to be in the middle of the night. The camera is pointed upward and there were so many landing and assault ships that they completely blocked out the sunlight. The cameraman is heard screaming as a 700mm shell smashes below the building, causing the camera and the cameraman to tumble down into the collapsing floor[/i]

-Video Ends-

Several of the unknown massive ships have been seen landing on Mars and dropping off giant buildings. It is not known what is going on Mars but the aliens may be attempting to colonize the planet Mars and Bob while kicking us out.

"President HI, now do you see why I was pressing for massive military mobilizations that is far more excessive than is needed?" the Secretary of State said.

"Yes. Tell our factories to produce as much as they can. Upgrade the border defenses. Anything. In fact, inform CAN about this. I will try and get USA to listen to logic and not attack us. We are talking about a long nasty war with unknown aliens and given the number of them that landed on Mars, it will be total brutality." the president replied.

"So, we have new plans now?..." the vice president asked.

"Indeed. It's time to expand the drafting age. Forget about USA, I think they also have stained their pants brown. Also, set the entire country from DEFCON 2 to 1." President HI ordered.

"Excuse me, but I need to change my pants..." the vice president said as he walked awkwardly out of the president's office.
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Flashback, a few days before the invasion:
In the Security Council:

"As you can see, the unknown alien force is now nearing moon, where another chunk of GDR's and a few other highly technologically advanced countries' colonies are located. We had reports that they wised up and beefed up their defense systems greatly." The Department of Homeland Security director said as he pointed at the moving giant long mass of black and white being displayed in a live filming using a ruler.

"GDR had fired their prototype anti-matter missile and Nordland will be firing their 100 megaton hydrogen nuclear missile. Both WMDs will engage the invaders far away from our fragile satellites and you can see the two missiles about to collide with the invaders." The director of GLPMD (Great Lakes States Military Department) added in.

[i]The nuclear missile exploded first, blasting a chunk of ships into pieces and damaged others. The anti-matter missile soon also slammed into the intact portion of the invaders' fleet and resulted in a similar explosion[/i]

"Um, sir, if you could zoom in and look closer..." one of the security advisers asked.

"Sure." The NSA (National Space Agency) director replied and tapped in commands in her laptop to zoom in.

"Oh my !@#$@#$ god..." she mumbled.

It turned out that the entire area between the moon and Mars weren't just greatly dimmed stars, they were all space ships that were blocking out the stars' light. No wonder why the public reported that a large portion of the sky didn't have any stars. Astronomers reported that they can't see the planets, asteroids, stars, and galaxies in a large portion of the outer space.

"A blitz consisting of billions of ships. We should alert all of the nuclear armed countries as soon as possible." the director of Homeland Security advised.

"I think we can get a closer look from our other observance satellite that was orbiting around Mars." the NSA director said as he opened up a live video feeding from the satellite.

The video was stunning. Massive odd shaped spaceships were passing by. On planet Mars, it was already COMPLETELY covered with a gray texture within a week, indicating that the invaders had launched a planet-wide development. In fact, there were possibly thousands of ships landing on the planet and millions of ships taking off from the planet. Thermal, artificial light, electromagnetic reading indicated that there were massive organic and electronic activities ongoing. In some areas, the satellite couldn't properly display the reading due to overloading amount of thermal, artificial light, and electromagnetic reading.

"So, what should we do?" The director of GLPMD asked.

"Send it to all of the countries but tell them to avoid scaring the public." President HI ordered.

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4 hours before the invasion:

The entire plant's stockpile of nuclear missiles and other stuff that make big bangs were depleted, completely. However, the invaders still kept on going.

Now the moon was under assault. The defense systems had blown thousands of large landing ships into pieces. However, the defenders weren't going to last very long.
Last video feed from one of the moon colonies:

[i]"Everyone put on your space suits, they are breaching the airlocks!"

The airlock door was repeatedly being dented and and a mob of the elite soldiers smashed through with the airlock doors floating away. The vacuum ended up sucking everything inside the base out, flushing the invading mindless minions away.

Eventually the entire atmosphere was vacuumed, including some of the colony's residents. Many of the residents didn't have the time to put on their space suit so they suffocated to death. The invaders' elite soldiers then proceeded to flood through the busted airlocks.


The invaders' elite soldiers were the only ones to have helmets that aren't pathetically weak compared to the slower pistol armed motorcycle helmet arming sodliers, assault rifles, supply packs, pistols, and body armors that can actually stop some bullets. They also open fired at the defenders but were blasted away by a 200mm artillery gun sitting in front of the airlock.[/i]

Suddenly, the video feed ended as the entire colony disappeared into a flash of shrapnel, flames, and roasted bodies. The invaders' black and white mechs blew the colony apart using missiles, giant cannons, and high powered lasers.
During the invasion:

The moon was captured and now the invaders turned their attention to Planet Bob. The first targets were the two space elevators. Their cables were snapped by the careless enemy deployment ships and the two space elevators were destabilized and soon tipped over, blasting anything under its impact zone away (or crushing it).

The minority of the deployment ships that weren't shot out of the sky landed everywhere. On the mountains, forests, urban area, ice, everywhere except for the water. In the northern arctic area that was covered with only ice, deployment ships crashed through and into the freezing water but they kept on coming until almost all of the ice platforms were destroyed and underneath the fractured ice pieces were the sinking deployment ships. A giant deployment ship containing thousands of the mechs attempted to land right on top of Mt. Everest's tip, which failed and ended up tumbling down the mountain side until it was smashed. Another landed in the middle of an active volcano on one of the Hawaiian islands and everything inside it was melted or turned into smoke.
In the Security Council:

"Their invasion is underway..." The president said.

"Cheer up, at least they are idiots. They lost or damaged hundreds of thousands of their ships when they tried to land on thin ice, steep mountains, and even in the middle of active volcanoes." The NSA director stated.

"They still have billions ships to burn through so geography isn't a problem for them. I don't think they even understand geography." The GLPMD director replied.

"So what should we do?" The director of the Homeland Security asked.

"We destroy any ships that try to land inside our borders. Are our border defenses and anti-aircraft defenses located throughout our country on full operation?" President HI asked.

"Yes." The GLPMD director replied.

"Good. We might stand a chance. Time will tell though..."

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Present day, inside the main deployment ship:

The 30 Spec Ops discovered it was easy to sneak in and hide without their transparency engaged, but they turned the function on anyways just in case. Now they were inside the ship and hiding in various locations and the only way to communicate were their radios. They weren't sure how long they had to ride in the enemy's ship but they brought four months worth of liquid food, water, CO2 to O2 converters, and solar panels. Taking off their helmets would be suicidal since the invaders had no air on board.

After a week of long boring wait, they noticed that the ship's engine suddenly became quiet and another set of engines were activated.
A few hours later:

"Alright boys, they had opened their doors are are now picking up more of their buddies. We don't have much time to get off board so everyone hurry up! Don't be careless though!" the officer yelled through his radio as all of the Spec Op soldiers were rushing toward the opened bay doors with the transparency feature engaged. A few minutes later they all got off board, the ship's doors closed when the last of the enemy's reinforcements had filled up the ship and took off.

"Holy $%&@..." one of the soldiers mumbled.

The entire sky was a dark brown haze and filled with black towers that were spewing out massive plumes of black, green, and brown smoke. However, one of the towers was gold plated and not spewing out anything, which seemed suspicious. All of the Spec Ops' air filtration systems were reporting that they would only operational for a few hours before they were completely clogged with the pollutants and had to be replaced, which wasn't an option.

"Everyone, move into the gold tower. I think the puppet master is in there." the officer ordered as he begin to sprint toward the tower's opened giant entrance.

However, as soon as he entered the tower, the alarms went off and the doors begin to close. "OH CRAP, EVERYONE GET IN NOW!!" the officer ordered. All of the Spec Ops managed to enter the building without having the door slam in front of them, or pancake them. A mob of the enemy's elite soldiers were already pouring into the room.

"Get on the walls!" the officer barked.

The Spec Op soldiers pressed themselves against the wall and activated their wall climbing system, that consisted of dozens of air tubes that acted like sticky plungers. As soon as the entire room was filled up, all of the Spec Op soldiers had already being climbing on the wall, spreading out to explore the tower.
In the master's room:

"Looks like I have about 30 uninvited guests but they won't survive just like the other six inferior species..."

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On Planet Bob, in the Rocky Mountains during Christmas:

The invaders' casualties were so high that on average, the mountain range of dead harden bodies and wreckage was over 2,000 ft tall and was at least half of a mile wide even though the newly created mountain range was set on fire to conserve ammunition.
"Sir, we no longer have the high ground advantage, the enemy does. Should we try and occupy the newly created mountain range?"

"We only have about 22 hours to pull it off. Prove it to me that our army can fortify an area that large in a short amount of time."

"We take over the mountain range part by part..."

"That would expose our recently moved units to being flanked."

"We can further funnel them into even smaller gaps though. The smaller the chokepoints, the better it would be for us."

"Good point."
22nd Engineering corp:

"You are !@#$@#$ serious, fortifying an one mile long area?!"

"Well, its now or never. The sunlight is mostly blocked out the next day and there will be a blizzard on their side which would hamper their movements."

"Its still suicidal!"

"I am your officer and I outrank you! If you want to argue, go to the general and see what he does to you!"

All over the artificial mountain range, parts of it was being swarmed with GLP soldiers that were rushing to build bunkers using pre-made material, setting up automated turrets, MG nests, mortar guns, anti-missile/bomb/rocket/shell turrets, AA missile launchers, cannons, and etc. They were racing against time, praying that the enemies don't show up before they were fully prepared. They also laid large amount of sticky landmines everywhere in front and on the sides of the newly built fortifications.
The next day:

Soldier 1: "Heh, they will be in a...


Soldier 2: "Um, they look like cartoonish bears..."

Soldier 3: "Oh !@#$, Pedobear clones."

Soldier 1: "What's a Pedobear?"

Soldier 3: "An imaginary bear that rapes children. Not sure about adults and teenagers though."

Soldier 1 and 2: "..."

Soldier 4: "I think the Stickman Empire is building units that replicate internet popular stuff just to torture us."


Many GLP soldiers were surprised when they massive mobs of Pedobear clones running awkwardly toward their fortifications. They open fired, but quickly realized the Pedobear clones had similar armoring compared to the Mario and Luigi clones, aka, nearly indestructible. All of the commanders, sergeants, and officers ordered liquid nitrogen and thermite missiles, rockets, and shells to be fired knowing that the Pedobear clones' armoring can not tolerate sudden temperature changes. However, it quickly appeared to be that there were too many of the Pedobear clones to kill. They soon reached the bottom part of the mountain and started their long climb up the icy mountain side, constantly bumping into land mines. Some were unharmed, others had their armoring blown away from thermite landmines with the help of the snowy below freezing weather. However, they continued to climb up the mountain side in masses.

If the Pedobear clones manage to climb into GLP's newly built fortifications, then many soldiers' lifespans would be shorten to a few long agonizing hours.
On Stickman Empire's home world, in the HQ building:

The Spec Ops continued to search through the buildings while their two hackers attempt to locate where the puppet master is. However, a few were caught and were crushed and shot to death by the massive mobs of Stickman Empire's elite soldiers.

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Personal story of a soldier

Daniel Will, 2025, March 10th, on the GLP-Republic of York border, shortly before it was overrun:
"Open fire, jeep blitz!" an officer yelled through the radio as everyone begin to fire at the incoming masses of approaching jeeps. [i]When will this end? I want to see my family, my friends, and my girlfriend. I haven't seen them for nearly five years now and I am 19 years old.[/i] Daniel thought to himself as he reloaded his Automatic Thunderpounder.

A hail of 9mm bullets hit him in the head, causing him to stumble backward but he got back up and open fired again. As the jeeps were torn up and blown apart by the hail of gunfire, additional enemy infantry arrived. A rocket skimmed Daniel and exploded behind him, causing him to fall out of his bunker and onto the roof of a lower one. "Dude, are you alright?" one of his buddies, John Gae who was also in the same bunker asked. "Yeah." Daniel replied as he climbed into the bunker just as another rocket fell short and slammed behind Daniel, throwing him back into the bunker. "You're lucky. If you were just a second slower, you would have been dead." John remarked. "I don't consider myself lucky. If I was, I won't be here." Daniel replied as he resumed firing.

"I see something green and red..." Daniel said. "Goddamn, I said no radio chatter on the command line!" the officer yelled. "Sir, use your binoculars and see it for yourself." Daniel replied.

The officer quickly noticed Mario and Luigi clones as soon the all of the other enemies dwindled down. "Hey officer Cur, why aren't they [b]!@#$@#$ DYING[/b]?!" somebody yelled over the radio. "Keep on firing you idiots!" the officer yelled back.

[i]Oh great, they are invincible...[/i] Daniel mumbled to himself as the Mario and Luigi clones climbed up the slope, completely lit on fire from slippery burning liquid. As soon as one of them climbed into his bunker, he ran for it just like his other 8 other friends except for John who was shooting the flaming Mario with a CRLMG at point blank into the eye. The Mario clone grabbed the CRLMG out of John's hands, snapped it in half, and proceeded to do a tornado twist move which sucked John into it, throwing him headfirst 3 meters of high strength concrete ceiling that was reinforced with nickel-steel mesh and a single layer of tungsten carbine plates at 100 mph.

[i]NO![/i] Daniel screamed as he fired and emptied a full clip of ammunition as a futile attempt in killing the burning Mario while being dragged away by some of his fleeing friends.

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