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Elections in Western Switzerland



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[b]Dominik Grunewald & Aurelia Baresi[/b]
[i]People's Labor Party[/i]

Dominik Grunewald, and VP Aurelia Baresi are firm believers in the 'Ferrism' doctrine of Communism, although the PLP is much less hardline than the doctrine calls for. The PLP believes that it should spend more time on developing internally, and support other benevolent Communist movements throughout the world. The prime difference between their beliefs, and original Ferrism, is that the GDR's version of Communism, while it is different, works quite well, and should be studied and perhaps broadened. Their main goals, and that of the PLP, are to extend relations to the neighbors of Western Switzerland, and continue internal development of the nation.

[b]Espedito Onio & Stephanie Lehmann[/b]
[i]National Democratic Front[/i]

Espedito Onio and Stephanie Lehmann (VP), follow closer to the lines of The PLP, in that they want to expand the relations of Switzerland with that of its neighbors. They believe that the re-acquisition of former Swiss territory from the French and GDR should be a key goal, to completely reunite Switzerland. The minor goals they include are to begin internal development, along the lines of ensuring that Swiss people (once proven of Swiss descent) are allowed full benefits and are pardoned from major taxes, while second-class citizens, while still being equal, are going to have to be reinstated citizenship after a review and test. The NDF, if voted into power, would move straight away into aggressive negotiations with GDR and France, and begin to bulk up the military and economy.

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[b][I]POLLS CLOSED! 60% PLP, 40% NDF![/b][/i]

The PLP has won the national election, with their candidates, Dominik Grunewald and Aurelia Baresi, winning. The new President and Vice President have declined to comment on the victory, aside from the fact that they are going to begin working on development as soon as possible.

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