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The Ninjas: A Glimpse Of The Unknown

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[b]*A voice emerges from the far distance*[/b]

"VE and The Ninjas have upgraded their protectorate to a treaty. The contents are between Viridian Ninjas only. And them teenage mutant guys."[/center]



[i]Impero[/i], Lord of the Entente
[i]Solaris[/i], Duke of the Entente
[i]Goldielax25[/i], Secretary of Defense
[i]TypoNinja[/i], Secretary of State
[i]Kayvaan Shrike[/i], Secretary of the Interior
[i]Bob Janova[/i], Secretary of Economics



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Was wondering when this would happen, given that you don't exactly look to need protection from much of anyone. Congrats to the (other) Ninjas, and to VE...you guys are on a bit of a roll.

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