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Shanghai World Expo 2010


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[size="7"]上海世界展覽會 2010[/size][/center]

The United States of China is proud to announce the beginning of Shanghai World Expo 2010. In the spirit of international prosperity and cooperation, the city of Shanghai will be inviting every country to construct a Pavilion for the Exhibition.

The theme of the Expo shall be green economic development, discovery, and global prosperity. The Shanghai World Expo is a peaceful event, we respectfully request no country construct a pavilion that is against the spirit of peace.

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Vietnam has announced that it will attend and will construct the pavilion depicted above. The façade of the 1,000-square-meter pavilion is like a river, and the bamboo surrounding it reduces the heat inside from the sun. The design of it highlights Vietnamese culture, and visitors will learn about Vietnam's proud history and culture, a culture which prizes bamboo and nature and uses it to every advantage. Visitors will also learn about Vietnam's wisdom in eco-protection and urban development.

Hanoi, or by its ancient name, Thang Long, is celebrating its 1,000th anniversary in 2010. For this occasion, Vietnamese bands and performances will be hosted inside the pavilion throughout the expo.

The pavilion is also the epitome of green economic development. The bamboo out of which it is constructed will be recycled after the Expo to be used for social welfare facilities and to build schools.

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