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Tiministan Election Results

King Timmy

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The mighty nation of Tiministan has now counted up all votes from the recent national election.

In a landslide victory King Timmy was voted Supremer Leader of Most Things.

With a staggering 99.99% of the votes going toward the Supreme Leader, He is now beginning his 22nd term in office, a truely unprecedented amount.

The only vote King Timmy did not receive was in one constituency where a man voted instead for a shell he found on the beach. In a completely unrelated incedent, the very same man was found dead in his appartment. The postmortem found that the mans lungs were filled with shells, which was ironically what he voted for in the election. The coroner ruled the death was suicide, due to the note they found in his pocket which stated he had forced shells down his throat due to the fact his candidate had not won the ellection.

Tiministan is not a one party as some people think. Other parties are encouraged to put candidates forward to run for the position of Supreme Leader. However many are cautious to do so, possibly due to the strangely high death rate amongst the candidates.

Even during the course of this years ellection, several freak accidents occured to opposition candidates. One example is Mr Johnathon Wadsworth II Esquire, of the Posh Ponse Party. In a strange turn of events an articulated lorry landed on him, falling from a crane above him. Mr Wadsworth had foolishly handcuffed himself to a lamp post below where the crane was opperating as a publcity stunt. He then started throwing rocks at the crane in question. His time on Bob was then cut short when he managed to hit the release lever on the crane, and the truck it was transporting fell towards the ground, crushing the unfortunate candidate.

We thank you all for your attention at this time of great rejoice in Tiministan.

Stuff be with you all,
King Timmy

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Well it's a funny story actually. I figured being king was really enough. So I decided to dissolve the parliament and create some new laws, that would make a parliament irrelevent.

After this a constitutional reform declaring me as the first Supreme Leader of Most Things was passed by me.

After this and to keep it all fair I decided to open the position of Supreme Leader up to an election once a year.

However, surprisingly no-one as of yet has managed to get more than one vote against me.

An astonishing feat showing just how much my subjects adore me.

Stuff be with you,
King Timmy

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I should refer you to the Anti-Pun act of 2010 which bans puns in all Tiministan threads and is punishable by death by catterpillar. However as you are a first time offender I will let you off.

Thank you for your congratulations though, and Stuff be with you.

King Timmy

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