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Midnight Order/ Equal Rights Alliance Treaty Announcement

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Article 1: Sovereignty

Both Alliances respect each others government and rule over their own respective alliance

Article 2: Non-Aggression

Under no circumstance may any nation of either alliance engage in warfare with the other, nor may either alliance declare war on the other as long as this treaty is active. Reparations and Peace are required by the aggressor nation.

Article 3: Mutual Defence

Should either alliance be declared on by an outside alliance the other is obliged to defend the other and declare war in defense of the other signatory.

Article 4: Optional Aggression

Should either alliance declare war on another alliance, the other has the option to assist or not to assist.

Article 5: Trade and Intelligence

Both alliances are welcome and encouraged to tech trade. Spying against the other signatory or their nations is not allowed. Should either Alliance recieve information of a credible threat to the other the information must be disclosed.

Article 6: Termination

There is a 72 hour termination period from the time one alliance announces the termination to the other on the OWF. During this time the treaty is still valid.

Signed for Equal Rights Alliance,

Andover, President

Signed for Midnight Order,

LeaderofAmerica, Triumvir
Mreds, Triumvir
Kctyflick - Triumvir

[quote=Eye of the Storm]
2- This Protectorate Treaty shall serve only to provide respite to the adrift crew, allowing them the opportunity to repair their vessel sufficiently to keep themselves a float, or transfer aboard another more sturdy craft. As such ERA is permitted to seek out other Treaties and conduct their own diplomatic affairs. However this stated agreement between FoS and ERA ends upon the formal signing and implementation of such a treaty by ERA.

Due to the signing of this treaty, the protectorate from Freedom of the Seas is ended.

Thanks very much to Avalon and FOS for their temporary protection during this period of time!

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