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Declaration of Independence


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[b]June 1st; Happy Valley-Goose Bay[/b]

The new Provisional Government, given political creedence by the former governing body of Labrador, Disparu, hereby declare independence as a sovereign republic.

[center][b][size="6"]Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Labrador [Preamble][/size][/b][/center]
[center]In an effort to establish a sovereign nation for the culturally distinct region of Labrador, we, the signatories of this document, hereby declare the independence and formation of the Republic of Labrador as a free and sovereign state.[/center]

The Republic of Labrador is a small nation and seeks to gain political recognition from the international community.



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"We recognize and welcome this new nation, assuming Disparu recognizes this as a legitimate government. We wish our new neighbors the best, and are always available for talks on economic or military treaties and to strengthen ties."

-Atlantis Department of Foreign Affairs

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For some reason, laughter abounded in the Executive Council's debate chamber when news about Labrador's secession from the Federation reached Jubilife, the capital city. At a glance, one would think that the Executive Council was laughing at the concept of Labrador even [i]thinking[/i] about leaving Disparu, but upon further inspection, one would understand that the Council was laughing about something else.

"So, does this mean that English won't be one of our official languages anymore?" mused, in French, a grinning Roch Labrecque, the Minister of Culture. "After all, one of the main reasons why we had it as an official language was because of Labrador and their English-speaking minority. The rest of Disparu speaks French, after all."

"Ahem. Let's not forget about the Inuktitut-speaking people of Nunavik, councillors. Oh, and the clusters of Anglophones who live throughout the rest of Disparu." said Bertha Stone, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, looking disapprovingly at Labrecque.

"No, just no. Just because Labrador left us doesn't mean we should ditch English." said Lance, rising from his chair. "It's against the principles of our nation! When the Committee made this nation, we aspired for a nation where Anglophones, Francophones, and other speakers could live together in harmony. English will continue to remain as a natural language since, as Stone has mentioned, it is still spoken by a lot of people in Disparu. And it happens to be the [i]lingua franca[/i] of the world."

"Good point." replied Chancellor Cynthia Celeste, smiling, glad that Lance was able to counter Labrecque's argument. "Now Lance, don't you have a press conference about Labrador?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that..." said Lance as he began to leave the chamber.


Just outside Jubilife's New Parliament Building, a press conference had been set up so that the Government could express its views regarding Labrador. Dozens of reporters sat in front of a podium, waiting for a Government representative to arrive. Behind the podium stood two flags - the one on the speaker's right stood the flag of Disparu, and on the left stood the flag of the (former) province of Labrador. A projector and screen had also been set up for the conference.


Several minutes later, a man wearing a blue suit, black pants and shoes, a white tie, and his signature spiky fedora hat came up to the podium. The man's arrival was a surprise to the reporters assembled. Usually, it was the Chancellor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs or a member of the Royal Triumvirate who gave announcements to the world. The man in front of them, while important, usually stayed in his official residence and watched the nation operate from behind the scenes.

The man spoke up. "Heh. It's been quite a while since I did this. Though I know most of you [i]should[/i] know me, I'll reintroduce myself for the benefit of the doubt. I'm Lance Pikachurin, the King of Disparu and Master of Château Jubilife. Anyways, I'll get on with why I'm here." The King motioned to the person controlling the projector. A map of Labrador and the rest of Disparu would appear on the screen.


"As you all know, the Province of Labrador has recently seceded from the Federation to become a sovereign, independent nation. While the Government of Disparu is quite saddened that our former brethren have decided to leave the Federation, we still recognize the fact that there are times when the people of a certain area decide that they no longer wish to be puppets of a puppeteer hundreds of miles away from them. There are times when the people no longer want someone else above them, someone who had the ability to impose laws indifferent to them. Sometimes, the people want to be independent and free, free from the chains of federal control. Such is the case in the former province of Labrador. The people of Labrador have said their wish to become a free, sovereign nation, and the Government of Disparu has no choice but to recognize their wishes. Therefore, by the power vested in me by the Constitution, I hereby declare that the Province of Labrador has been dissolved, and recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Labrador. Due to the province's dissolution, I also declare that the Provincial Government of Labrador, as well as other public institutions established by the Government of Disparu, are hereby dissolved. The newly-formed Republic may choose to continue these institutions as their own. Also, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Disparuean Forces, I am ordering all Disparuean troops to withdraw from Labrador and return to the nearest Disparuean base.

If, for any reason, Labrador descends into anarchy and chaos, the Government of Disparu has the right to reoccupy Labrador and reintigrate it back to Disparu.

As usual, we wish you luck, peace and prosperity in your future endeavours. Even though you have decided to secede from Disparu, we still hope that we will be able to maintain cordial relations with each other."

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In Labrador a provisional government had been set up to run the nation until the conclusion of the parliament and governor-general elections. The Acting Governor-General, Andrew Hastings, received all the recognitions of sovereignty and well wishes from the other nations. He would send them thank you responses personally before he appeared on the national television before the new Republic.

[b]Labrador National Broadcasting Corporation [LNBC][/b]

There stood a small podium with the coat of arms of Labrador adorning its front, with a thin microphone protruding from the top. Behind this on the wall was draped the flag of Labrador, the fringes of which was decorated with gold frills. Up to the podium stepped Acting Governor-General Hastings.

Hastings was relatively tall and aged, with gray hair and distinct wrinkles. He moved to position behind the podium, straightened his wire frame glasses and his papers, then began.

[i]"Ladies anGentlemen of the Republic of Labrador, I come before you to address the state of this nation. We are doing fairly well for a new state and the most pressing order of business is elections.

There are four major parties contending in the Parliament. As you, the populace, had voted, we will be operating under the westminster system of government and the Prime Minister will be chosen by the majority party and just as well we will have an official opposition. Elections will begin soon between the [color="#FF0000"]National Party[/color], [color="#0000FF"]Progressive Party[/color], [color="#9932CC"]Social-Democrat Party[/color], and the [color="#2E8B57"]Labrador Agricultural Union Party[/color]. The parties will explain to you their platforms and begin the campaigns, culminating in the vote.

Now, as for our economic situation. We have a stable economy, but it lags behind in terms of size. We should be looking to expand and broaden our economic scope, especially with regards to enhanced cooperation with our neighbors.

The last thing I will address here is our foreign policy. As of now, we have yet to establish one. Remember that foreign policy is extremely important when you are making election decisions. He have many close proximity neighbors and should aspire to work with them to improve the region's quality of life as a whole. Thank you."[/i]

OOC: Also, what is CAN?

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[quote name='Subtleknifewielder' date='02 June 2010 - 05:48 PM' timestamp='1275515308' post='2320940']
OOC: Confederation of Arctic Nations. It's an alliance in the RP that has nothing to do with In-game.
OoC: This. The CAN's thread is located here: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=74739

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