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June 2010 Erection Announcement

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[size=10pt][b]Principal Docmeister:[/b] Good Morning, Mustard Man High! This is your Principal, Mr. Docmeister. Before I hand the mic to your Student Council President, I want to remind you all that our Custodian, ENI, works very hard to keep this school and its facilities clean. If you are unable to use the restroom properly, you will have your restroom privileges restricted... It is VERY immature and frankly DISGUSTING to do your business on the floor or any other place besides the toilet. I am appalled that you little-

Anyhow, Here's Randomly Jim.
[i][size=8pt]The yearbook staff wasn't too good at alphabetical order, apparently.[/size][/i][/center]

[size=10pt][b]Randomly Jim:[/b] Gooooood Morning, Mustard Manners! And thank you, Principal Docmeister for that "moving" announcement. As many of you know, we've been asking for volunteers for the annual Cable Day festivities. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and Mothers Against Drunk Typing, we've had to cancel the keg stand competition and the Nuke-Nuke's-Mom contest. The bacon slide and drunk, err, DUNK tank will still be set up in the gym. Anyway, on to the announcements you've all been waiting for:

The Prom Planning Committee has been hard at work counting votes and interviewing students. The theme... for this year's prom... will be... ZombiePocalypse! ZombiePocalypse narrowly beat out "Under the Sea," and the lesbian-eskimo theme, "Klondike." Hope you're ready for a prom so awesome, even death can't stop it!
[i][size=8pt]The Freshman Class will be [s]served as[/s] serving the food and drinks.[/size][/i][/center]

[size=10pt]Because of the uh, "incident" a couple proms ago, we're going to announce the Prom Court today.[/size]

[i][size=8pt]What happened next was enough to make your blood boil.[/size][/i][/center]

[size=10pt]No surprise here! Yours Truly, THE Student Body President, has succeeded once again in proving that looks don't matter. I am honored to be the Mustard Man High Prom King!
By my side as Prom Queen will be the curvy, gorgeous, sultry... RavingMainyYak! Your Student Body Speaker of the Council will be my Queen!
Let's see... yes! The very squirrelly Tumultuous Papaya will be sharing the Royalty Table with us as a beautiful beautiful Princess![/size]

[i][size=8pt]From left to right: Back Row: bmckenna, Kahiel, recockulous, Randomly Jim, Raving MainyYak. Front Row: Fireguy, Tumultuous Papaya.[/size][/i][/center]

[size=10pt]I know none of you are surprised by these results. Prom Royalty has always been a popularity contest, and the three of us are proof of that. In fact, most of you probably knew as early as the beginning of May that we would be the Prom Royalty. What really matters is the people behind the scenes. This year, the Prom Royalty wants to extend gratitude to the Prom Planning Committee for all of the great work they have done in bringing this extravagant dance together. The Planning Committee will be invited, for the first time ever, to sit at the Royalty Table and pretend they are just as popular and amazing as us! So give a round of applause for our Court Jesters:

[b]Raving Mainy_Yak[/b] (Speaker of the Council)
recockulous[/b] and

Thanks for listening and have a great day![/size]

[size="1"]God I hate this school so much. Why do I have to share the table with that bunch of c...
Oh crap, is it still on? Hit the button you dumb f-[/size]

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[quote name='Kevin McDonald' date='01 June 2010 - 07:54 PM' timestamp='1275436477' post='2319794']
Good to see fireguy back in gov, i knew he couldnt stay away that long
[quote name='Uralica' date='01 June 2010 - 08:01 PM' timestamp='1275436893' post='2319801']
:awesome: Fireguy :awesome:

Anyway, congratulations on the successful ele... er... erections :P

O\ Hali?
[quote name='Mathias' date='01 June 2010 - 08:48 PM' timestamp='1275439693' post='2319856']
Fireguy is back. :wub:
I blame P3. I was perfectly content with semi-retirement, but she had to get back into gov't.

:wub: and O\ Hali? my supporters.

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[quote name='fireguy15207' date='02 June 2010 - 03:21 PM' timestamp='1275506467' post='2320722']
I blame P3. I was perfectly content with semi-retirement, but she had to get back into gov't.

:wub: and O\ Hali? my supporters.
Personally i voted against you :P

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[quote name='Jim Bob the Glorious' date='05 June 2010 - 05:17 AM' timestamp='1275711417' post='2324164']
What do you mean Spectre?

What I said was crystal clear.

Read it again.

And for god's sake, get it right.

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[quote name='Persephone3' date='01 June 2010 - 10:10 AM' timestamp='1275401406' post='2319087']As many of you know, we've been asking for volunteers for the annual Cable Day festivities.[/quote]

Am I invited to that?

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