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Little announcement from ARES

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On June 1st, 2008, a group of people from the then recently disbanded Ascended Coalition of Liberty, decided to make their own alliance.

Today, we celebrate 2 years of ARES. A lot has happened througout this time, we have seen our friends leave, new ones come, we have overcome inactivity more than once, we have faced oblivion, and yet here we are.

To all of you who believed in us, thank you
To all of you who support us, thank you
To all of you who have been part of our history, thank you
To all of you who are wondering "who are these guys?" as you read this, thank you

Now onward to year 3


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[u][b]Ascended Republic of Elite States[/b][/u]

The Ascended Coalition of Liberty
Faced with imminent destruction
only nine allied retained their Loyalty
Two Triumvir Cao, and Joe lead the opposition

The Merger into Ragnarok than took place
The death of liberty was now under way
The Founding nine was now in a great Race
To create a alliance that lasts to this day

The Ascended Allince was raised from the dust
A republic they made with just 9 states
With ares they placed their hope and trust
A charter they invested their fates

Now the new outlived the old by double the length
The New is also double the National Strength

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[quote name='Rebel Virginia' date='01 June 2010 - 09:21 PM' timestamp='1275423672' post='2319513']
[color="#0000FF"]ARES is still alive? I figured you would have disbanded by now.[/color]
Because we knew you figured we would have disbanded we have kept alive.

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