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The Dragon Awakens

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[center] [img]http://i48.tinypic.com/21djxw7.jpg[/img][/center]

In the early hours of June 1st 2010, A mighty DRAGON stirs in its cave. Amid the sounds of owls and crickets, the roar of the waking DRAGON echos over the land. Up in the sky, against the light of the full moon, The DRAGON is seen at last.

To honor the re-awakening of this awesome creature, a new alliance is formed. This alliance, this group of nations, is, like the Dragon, down right awesome. To that end, the new alliance shall be known as
Down Right Awesome Group of Nations

Signed into Existence:
Founder and Momma Dragon - Abdur

Minister of Commerce - Thissstupid
Minister of Dragon Control - NORAD
Minister of Enrollment - Fallen
Minister of Fire - Valashi
Minister of Public Relations - UncleEoin
Minister of Roaring - TobiasVonEhrenfeld

Diplomatic Minister - Abe Xedinski
Director of Development - ColorGuardChick4

Members of the Dragon Council:
Ombudsman: Proximus

Please stop by and visit us on IRC at #DRAGON or signup on our Forums.

[quote]Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations Charter
Article 1. Mission Statement

The goal of the Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations (DRAGON) is to create an enjoyable community where every member is seen as an important key to making the DRAGON a comfortable and functional family. No member's opinion will be treated with greater or lesser importance than another's. All members will be allowed to speak their mind, but must do so in a kind and respectful manner that does not hinder or belittle another member's opinion.

Article 2. Rights Statement

Every member of the DRAGON has the following rights:

1. Express their ideas and opinions in a respectful manner with fellow members, provided that the exercise of this right does not encroach with the rights of other members.
2. Implore respect and attention to their idea or opinion, provided they do so in a respectful and polite manner.
3. Participate in elections of the DRAGON government and leaders.
4. Leave the alliance in a respectful manner.

Article 3. The Government

Article 3.1 Founder
The Founder of the alliance will oversee all operations of the government and government officials. He is the military commander and all battle plans will go through him. He may not make any decision that will ultimately create a state of war, nor may he enter the DRAGON into a foreign agreement without the approval of all of the cabinet and Tribunal. The Founder may veto any attempt by the Tribunal to remove a minister. He is the creator of the alliance, and will always be the Founder, unless removed by the government and membership, where two thirds (Approx. 66.6%) of the voting population (government and membership combined) agree to replace the founder and who will replace him. The Founder after the first will be called the Primary founder, then followed by the Secondary founder, then the Tertiary founder, et cetera. Although the name of each founder differs, the power and responsibility does not. There can never be more than one founder in power at one time.

Article 3.2 Tribunal
The Tribunal will consist of four permanent members and one elected member (ombudsman). The Ombudsman will be elected every three (3) months by the DRAGON membership. The Tribunes are all equal in power to each other. The permanent Tribunal members will be elected prior to the Declaration of Existence. They will monitor the decisions of the founder and the ministers. The Tribunal may remove a minister with a majority vote. Any member of the Tribunal may run for another government position, but if that position has been successfully won, then they must give up their Tribunal position. Three fourths (75%) of the remaining Tribunal must agree on who to elect as the next Tribune.

Article 3.3 Cabinet
The cabinet consists of six (6) ministries: Commerce, Dragon Control, Enrollment, Fire, Public Relations, and Roaring. Each position is elected by the DRAGON membership by a majority (>50%). In addition, each term will last three (3) months. Each Minister may appoint a Senior and a Junior Deputy. The Deputies report and take orders from their respective Minister. Every Minister has his/her own responsibilities that are as follows but not limited to:

Article 3.3.1 Minister of Commerce
- Organizes Tech Deals
- Collects and records the financial history of the DRAGON
- Maintains and distributes Aid
- Keeps track of Banks

Article 3.3.2 Minister of Dragon Control
- Regulates Application Requests
- Moderates the Forum
- Guides the membership of the DRAGON

Article 3.3.3 Minister of Enrollment
- Educates the membership of the DRAGON on recruiting
- Recruits and gathers a recruitment team

Article 3.3.4 Minister of Fire
- Organizes and segregates divisions
- Creates and Executes Battle Plans
- Settles Rouge Issues

Article 3.3.5 Minister of Public Relations
- Regulates diplomats
- Maintains diplomatic relations

Article 3.3.6 Minister of Roaring
- Posts on the Open World Forum
- Mass Messages
- Maintains Forums and IRC

Article 3.4 Directors
Sub Ministers are members of the cabinet that do not hold as much power as other ministers, but are designated their own names. This power is equal to a Senior Deputy. The only difference is that every SubMinister has their own responsibilities, but does not have to report to a certain Minister, but rather the cabinet as a whole. These positions are appointed by a consensus made by the cabinet. Every SubMinister has his/her own responsibilities that are as follows:

Article 3.4.1 Director of Hatchlings
- Educates recruits
- Maintains the Nest

Article 3.4.2 Director of Development
- Organizes requests for Trade Circles

Article 3.4.3 Diplomatic Director
- Gathers the reports made by the DRAGON Diplomats
- Creates a master report based on the information retrieved by the DRAGON Diplomats

Article 3.5 Government Resignation
In the unfortunate event where a member of the government must step down, or resign in the middle of their term, they must give a 24 hour notice and a suggestion for they replacement. These suggestions must be given to the Tribunal, who make the ultimate decision of who will replace the resigning government member.

Article 3.6 Forced Resignation
Any member who wishes to force resignation upon a government member must inform the current founder. The Founder must then bring the issue up to entire government, including the one who is being asked to resign. The government will discuss the issue in private, and will maintain the anonymity of the member who wishes for a resignation. To force a resignation, all of the government but one must agree to do so.

Article 3.7 Elections
Elections will be announced on the Forum at least one (1) week [seven (7) days] prior to their opening. During this time, candidates may express their desire to run for office. Voting will begin on the announced day and close no less than forty eight (48) hours and no more than seventy two (72) hours after opening. Voting will be in the form of Forum Poll. If a minister runs unopposed during the elections, they will take office at the same time as the other ministers. In the event of a tie in voting or a dispute in the elections, the Tribunal shall determine the outcome and this decision will be final. The Ministers will be replaced no more than twelve (12) hours after the poll's closing, excusing the case of a tie. The Minister position in question (as well as the other Minister Positions) will be replaced once the Tribunal have finished making their decisions.

Article 4. Membership
Article 4.1 Applicant Requirements
Becoming a member of the DRAGON requires certain standards that one must meet. To join the DRAGON, a new applicant must be the following:
1. A member of CyberNations
2. Unaligned
3. Not banned or under Zero-Infrastructuring(ZI) by any other alliance
4. Not involved in any wars with nations in an alliance of five people or bigger
5. Not receiving war aid
6. Willing to comply with and follow the Charter

Article 4.2.1 The Nest
After all requirements stated in Article 4.1 are met, an applicant may now enter the Nest. The Nest is the training program aimed to educate new members on procedure of how to conduct themselves, and their nations in a manner that will further their interests. The Nest curriculum will be decieded by the Director of Hatchlings, but must be approved by the government as a whole. The new applicant will be tested on their knowledge of the curriculum. The test will be graded by the Director of Hatchlings or his/her associates. After an applicant passes, they is now subjected to simple questioning by the Director of Hatchlings, or someone approved by the Director of Hatchlings to ask questions. Once they have passed the questioning, they will get three (3) million dollars (provided our banks can supply the money) and three (3) to four (4) tech deals (provided our Minister of Finance can find suppliers). The new member may also receive three (3) million dollars for registering and visiting IRC at least once every two (2) days, for a week. In the unfortunate case that an applicant fails their test, will be given twenty-four (24) hours until they can retake the test. If they fail the test more then five (5) times, they must be discussed and dealt with by the Director of Hatchlings in a productive manner that will ultimately be best for the applicant.

Article 4.2.2 Returning Members
If an applicant has already passed the test provided by the Nest, they may skip the test, and join directly into the alliance, provided the curriculum has not changed, and they have met the requirements in Article 4.1.

Article 4.2.3 Skipping the Nest
Any member who wishes to skip the Nest, must have permission to do so by the Director of Hatchlings. The Director of Hatchlings must provide a list of every member who has skipped the nest and the reason they had made said decision to the Minister of Dragon Control.

Article 4.3 Expulsion
If a member does not follow instructions given by the government during a period of war, or fails to follow the DRAGON Charter, they may be expelled. Due to the extremity of the an expulsion, it requires a three fourths (75%) vote of the combined cabinet and Tribunal.

Article 5. War

Article 5.1 Diplomacy
The DRAGON will take every aspect of the situation under consideration and see if there is a peaceful way to solve any situation which may arrive.

Article 5.2 Declaring War
To make an official declaration of war, there must be a majority (>50%) in the cabinet and approval of the Founder. A declaration of war shall be posted as a public announcement on the Open World Forums.

Article 5.3 Defending our Allies
If an ally calls on us to come to their aid in defense through a treaty, we will honor the treaty to the best of our ability and aid in any way possible, whether it be through warfare, aid, or assisting in the workings of diplomacy.

Article 5.4 Nukes
Nuclear first strike can only be authorized by the founder, or a majority (>50%) of the cabinet. If nuclear weapons are used against the DRAGON first, all weapons are free against the party using them.

Article 5.5 Tech Raiding
The DRAGON allows tech raiding with the following provisions:
-No raiding of any nation in an alliance
-No raiding any nations that have anything similar to “Protected by” or “Applicant” stated in the alliance affiliation or nation bio.
-No raiding of any blue team nations.

Article 6. Amending the Charter
Any amendments made to this charter must be agreed upon unanimously by all the government, and have majority (>50%) agreement by the general voting membership. The membership will show their opinion by a vote that will last Seventy-two (72) hours.[/quote]

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The Foreign Division and Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations, also known as TFD and DRAGON, respectively, acknowledging their common roots, enter to the following Protectorate Agreement in the interest of Protection, Prosperity, and Cooperation.

Chapter I - Sovereignty:

The Foreign Division and the Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances.

Chapter II - Mutual Respect:

The signatories shall have the determination and good faith to prevent disputes from arising. In case disputes on matters directly affecting them should arise, especially disputes likely to disturb peace and harmony, they shall refrain from the threat or use of force and shall at all times settle such disputes among themselves through friendly negotiations.

Chapter III - Protection and Defense:

The Foreign Division will consider an attack on Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations as an attack on TFD. TFD will attempt to resolve such an issue on the behalf of DRAGON through diplomatic means before force is ever used. While not required, Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations may come to the defense of The Foreign Division at their choosing if the need for mutual defense is ever requested.

Chapter IV - Aid and Progress:

The Foreign Division will aid the Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations to help them grow as an alliance.
DRAGON will have access to the Technology Market of TFD for the lasting of this treaty. Forum Access Priviledges may be increased at the criteria of each Signatory.

Should both signatories feel there is the need for it; The Foreign Division will nominate one advisor who will work directly with Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations in the process of alliance structuring and offer guidance in Charter building. When these objectives are attained the Advisor will remain as consulter to DRAGON. The Advisor will hold no legal or executive power as defined in Chapter I.

Chapter V - Aggression and Treaty Signing:

DRAGON agrees to alert TFD if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 72 hours of doing so. DRAGON will never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with TFD leadership.

DRAGON will also contact TFD before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them with at least 48 hours of advance from the Signature of said Treaty. Any treaties involving any defense clauses must be explicitly approved by TFD, according to TFD legal process outlined in their Charter.

Chapter VI - Disbandment:

In the sad event that DRAGON decides it can no longer function as an alliance; DRAGON agrees to contact TFD leadership as soon as possible.
If possible disbandment is an option; DRAGON agrees to contact TFD within 24 hours to discuss other options. TFD shall do everything at their reach to help DRAGON to avoid such a fate.

Chapter VII - Cancellation or Upgrade:

Both parties agree to give each other a 96 hour notice before cancelling this treaty.
When DRAGON feel they are capable of holding their security and do not need assistance from TFD, the parties may discuss a possible upgrade of the treaty.

Signed for The Foreign Division,

Speaker Letshunt
Senator Phil
Senator Barkeaters
Senator Illius Vander
Senator Iggy
Minister of Foreign Affairs Gearhead

Signed for Down Right Awesome Group Of Nations,

Founder - Abdur

Members of the Dragon Council:

Ombudsman to the Dragon Council - Proximus
Minister of Commerce - Thisstupid
Minister of Dragon Control - NORAD
Minister of Fire - Valashi
Minister of Public Relations - UncleEoin
Minister of Roaring - TobiasVonEhrenfeld
Minister of Recruitment - Fallen
Diplomatic Director - Abe Xedinski
Director of Development - ColorGuardChick4

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Here here! Good job and good luck! :awesome:

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This looks very interesting, and I know that there'll be no problems on the recruiting end :P

Good luck!

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I expect things from this alliance. Good or Bad, but I expect something.

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That is one sexy alliance and with a lot of people i know.
Good luck guys, i expect perfectness from you guys :)

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I think this is the longest true acronym I've seen in CN :P

(Linguistic geek definition: an acronym is an abbreviaton derived from the first letter of several words, that can be pronounced as a single word. 5 CN Examples: GATO, NATO, TOOL, RIA, DRAGON)

Anyway, good luck with this venture. TFD (not an acronym but an alphabetism/initialism :P) are awesome peeps and should make most excellent protectors.

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Best of luck to [s]UPN[/s] DRAGON.

I'm sure recruitment wont be an issue :D

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I wish you well.

Oh, and it seems you've announced a gov member before he resigned UPN?
Link to Minister of Roaring - TobiasVonEhrenfeld's nation.

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[quote name='Peggy_Sue' date='01 June 2010 - 06:16 PM' timestamp='1275369350' post='2318747']Oh, and it seems you've announced a gov member before he resigned UPN?[/quote]I guess that cat's out of the bag :v:

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[quote name='Banksy' date='01 June 2010 - 07:14 AM' timestamp='1275369268' post='2318743']
Best of luck to [s]UPN[/s] DRAGON.

I'm sure recruitment wont be an issue :D

For UPN it will be nowadays :)

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