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An R&R Announcement

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Last week, like every month, we had our Trium elections. This time around, I am [s]pleased to announce[/s] sorry to say that VG had decided not to run for re-election to focus on a social life (yeah right). Unfortunately, the [s]CMEA[/s] FOK takeover is succeeding, and local dutchie Ego-Freaky took his place, narrowly beating Arrow and myself. And by narrowly I mean by getting twice as many votes as the next highest person. Bribery and blackmail was probably involved. We are now under military rule as the coup is being completed and the resistance movement is struggling against the dutch forces. I tried to warn everybody but nobody would listen :( . Aid is needed ASAP. Preferably not from FOK, or in the form of WickedJ.

This just in! We finally have an American MoD again! Please welcome JJallen as our new MoD! This is a victory for America! JJ will be succeeding Ego and has very small shoes to fill, so we're sure he can do it.

Secondly, since we've got out of war, we've been putting quite a large amount of focus into motivating our Interior department to get to work. In this they have succeeded, and we have surpassed our pre-war levels and are now setting new alliance records! We've re-passed 4 million NS, passed 4.5 mil, and hope to be seeing 5 million in the next month or so. We've re-passed 1k nukes as well, and we're almost at 300 members. Yay for juslen and his Interior nerds!


Next, a cancellation. This is something we did a while ago, however in the midst of the war we forgot to announce it, so apologies about that. R&R has officially left OUT. If we were to stay in we would be holding back the rest of the signatories, and we did not want to be in such a position.

Finally, the important part. And by important I mean the only thing that actually matters and the only thing that you should remember from this announcement, is that I was promoted to MoFA. :smug: After draining us of our booze, Alco eventually sobered up because there was no alcohol left. At this point, he realized that he was MoFA, and like all good men do in after being drunk, they fix the !@#$ they did while they were drunk. So for Alco, that meant stepping down, and we are sad to see the guy do so. But somehow the Trium found the booze I hid under Oreo's lawn and got drunk, and promoted me to MoFA. I have until they sober up or so, giving me about six months or so :awesome:


R&R Government


Ego-Freaky (And I thought it was bad when they made him MoD)

Defense Department

jjallen-Minister of Defense

State Department

Stealthkill-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Interior Department

juslen-Minister of Interior

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[quote name='Stealthkill' date='31 May 2010 - 05:22 PM' timestamp='1275340946' post='2318117']
Last week, like every month, we had our Trium elections. This time around, I am [s]pleased to announce[/s] sorry to say that VG had decided not to run for re-election to focus on a social life (yeah right).

This "social life" thing, is that anything like having a Facebook account? If so, I suggest not going there. :blink:

Congrats to R&R.

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[quote name='queenhailee' date='01 June 2010 - 12:23 AM' timestamp='1275344593' post='2318182']
Congrats to all (and especially ego :wub: )

You fellas were awesome opponents. I think I like you better as friends, though. Just get Simms to stop leaving his orange peels all over the furniture in the Olympus family room, please.


It was awesome warring against you all... let's not do it again :P

Simms orange peels.. yeah they are the reason we send him to you horrible stuff.

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