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Metroid: Resurrection

Sarah Tintagyl

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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5o3V8eC1jU"]Metroid: Resurrection[/url]

[font="Courier New"]Hunter Log #204325
S. Aran

There is a peace to the void of space, I can stare out the windows of my ship and feel at ease even with the past trying to catch up to me with all haste. Out here on the frontier of the Federation, rogue civilizations and planets find their homes, the Chozo, the Luminoth, the Ing, all disastrous and mighty in their own ways in this section of space, this region where law is nothing more than a word tossed around by Federation colonists and agents trying to maintain authority in a place they know nothing about. Here Pirates reign supreme wreaking havoc on any civilization they come in contact with. Immortal species do battle with one another and the divide between myth and science becomes a blur. This is my home. Here, in this void, there is law, I am law...well...I was law.

Only two days ago I sent out my distress signal, one general broadcast across the entire galaxy and whoever could pick it up. I realize that while there maybe those select few that take the message and use it to find and help me, the Federation has also received it and I wouldn't be surprised if their agents are already tailing me. Worse yet, given my coordinates the message has most likely reached the strongholds of Ridley's Space Pirates. The Othoron System is notorious for being a Space Pirate stronghold and I fully expect, given our histories together, Ridley to take this opportunity to be rid of me once and for all. He will be sourly mistaken if he believes that I would even think of going down easily.

The situation for me is desperate, my ship is low on fuel, I have maybe enough food stores to last another seven days, and escaping the blast from the freighter ship caused some damage to my craft and therefore I need to find a place to make repairs as well. Therefore I have sent a course to the nearest planet of the Othoron System, Norion that is still just on the fringe of Federation Territory, my hopes are that with other problems of expansion and Pirate Raids, I won't be extremely high on the Federation Bounty lists and can relax. But like most of my hopes, they never seem to work the way I want them too.[/font]


"I don't know why I even bother with this now. Its not like the Federation is going to come calling for my data logs." Samus ran her hand through her hair, paused for a moment and placed the long blonde strands into a high ponytail and turned of the log recorder on the command console and sat back in her chair as Norion stretched out in front of her. "It feels like eons since I've been this far out in the galaxy, I guess I haven't really been anxious to return either."

For Samus Aran it was a continuous cycle of traveling the galaxy on various bounties and missions that she had been entrusted with by the Galactic Federation, the stronghold of Humanity within the galaxy, now she had been thrown from the only place besides Zebes where she had been given a home. A home with her kind and all because just once, she had developed a heart and a conscious, easily the worse decision of her life, but if that freighter hadn't be destroyed, the destruction that Parasite X may have wreaked on the Federation was unthinkable. "Damned if you do Samus...damned if you don't. Maybe you should have let them rot." She pounded her fist into the control console as the ship rocked back and forth for a moment and she jumped back in shock thinking that maybe she had damaged the ship. But after it had straightened back out, she sighed in relief and leaned back again. "And I thought I had this loner thing down..."


The Bounty Hunter shook her head removing the fog from her mind and listening to the mechanical voice coming from the console. "What is it Adam?"

"The course you set for Norion, are you sure we want to pick such a remote location on the planet, the nearest city, New Alexandra has a functioning spaceport an-"

"If the Federation wasn't looking for me Adam I would have, but unfortunately I can't risk landing in a space port and have no way to escape if things go south."

"But repairs?"

"I can do that myself, New Alexandra is only a few clicks away from our destination, I'll be there and back before you know it."

"Then please if you would, we will be approaching the landing at the Ruins of Yutan, Norion's atmosphere is unusually harsh for human habitation, I would suggest bracing yourself." The computer groaned. "I just hope we cane make it down there in one pie-"

Samus turned the dial for Adam's voice until it clicked at zero and chuckled. "And for artificial intelligence you worry way too much Adam, now, sit back, and enjoy the ride." She sat up running her hands over the controls of the ship and smiled as the nose of the gunship hit into Norion's atmosphere. The ship jolted back as Samus hit her head back against the chair and smiled, she pushed her hands forward hard as the ship began to level out again, the heat from the atmosphere tossing her back and forth, side to side, the burning of the air around her and the rocking of the ship as it threatened to be pulled apart from the inside. "C'mon..." In the distance she could began to make out the clouds that hovered over Norion and below them the open plains that she was aiming to land on. Suddenly the ship began to flash red as a loud alarm began to ring.


"C'mon just a little further...don't fail me now!"


"C'mon...." Samus pushed further up on the console as the entire ship began to shake and a loud ringing filled her ears, whether it was the alarm or her own adrenaline, the ship finally pushed through the atmosphere, smoking as it descended faster and faster towards the stone ruins that lay in the middle of the plain. Reaching up, she wrapped a belt around her waist and chest and closed her eyes as...she...went...black...


"Ugh..." The girl lifted her head off of the console, a few drops of blood running down from her forehead, but she was alive and that was what was important. "Adam?" No answer. "Adam?!" Samus' eyes widened, had the impact been that serious that the console was de-... "Oh." She reached forward and turned back the dial of the volume of the computer. "Silly me."

"Yes. You almost got yourself killed, good job." Adam snarled back at her. "You really think you can repair this? Damage at eighty-eight percent?"

"I was able to repair getting of off Aether, I think I'll be fine." She jumped out of the chair and into the back corridors of the ship, fixing up her head and pulling out a power bar and a soda, before looking out the window and stretching. "I haven't been on Norion in so long, though I've never been on the Yutan Plains, so this should be a trip, New Alexandra is north of here?"

"Yes. But I sug-"

"Well then, I guess I might as well get moving now." Samus began walking towards her suit station and sighed as she approached the window. "Well maybe the landing wasn't as clean as I would have liked. Varia is offline, same with the bomb technology and the beam cannon, just one beam for now. I guess you were right, I was a bit too rough. Though." She chuckled. "There's really no rush to go anywhere, not like I'm employed or anything." She said stepping into the suit station as she closed her eyes as her signature power suit began to attach itself to her body, finally with the helmet in place, the elevator began and took her to the surface of Norion and the vast green plains of Yutan. She looked out into the distance of the rolling hills and forests and flipped of the ship landing on her knees.

"Never gets old." She said as the Bounty Hunter began heading off across the plains to New Alexandra.

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[i]Somewhere in the orbit above 324M7...[/i]

Day 2920

It seems that now, more than ever, my attempts to reconcile my sins are nothing but frugal. My ship has finally reached orbit around 324M7 and I am hoping I can find answers here on this rather primitive planet. Unfortunately, I am stuck in orbit and I do not have enough fuel or propulsion to get myself to the planet. Alas despite my distress beacon being active, there has been no aid rescue, though that is likely due to 324M7 being at the fringe of the Federation system.

The Federation had thought they castrated me after Phaaze, but were they ever so wrong. Yet, they have the upper hand, so there is little I can do until I can solve my own problem. I created something inadvertently and it will shake the very foundations of history, even more so than the Parasite-X. Oh may the Heavens help me in finding my answers. Today I perform experiment 424, though I am cynical in the results. My total phazon supply is running low, as are test samples. If I only had more time to escape...

END LOG[/quote]

Toros cupped his face as he rubbed the grimace from his brow. Looking through the translucent window, he stared at the massive planet. It didn't remotely resemble his home planet Norion, yet he felt at ease, or rather comfortable. Computer machines were running, in awe, magical experiments and tests. It was almost as if Toros were the conductor of a grand mechanical orchestra.

This grand conductor, master of musical masterpieces, rolled over to a computer that housed his homing devices. Sluggishly he booted up the system to see if anyone had answered his rescue beacon, but to no avail. He was still trapped in the frigid space that had been his prison for eight years. His last point of contact was almost a year ago on Norion where he barely eluded capture from Federation police forces. For these eight years he was presumed dead by the very people he pledged his allegiance to. For these eight years, he had grown to condemn the recklessness of human nature.

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"We have arrived at the destination you inputted" spoke the computer jarring Liara from the light sleep she had been in during transit. Bringing her hands up to rub away at her eyes Liara brought up the system's data on her screens and began browsing through it looking for any information she needed. Sighing to herself as words and numbers rolled down the screen she leaned back in her chair and looked outside into the stars shining brightly. The stars had always made her feel warm and happy as a child but the attack by the Space Pirates had quickly changed that opinion.

Her wayward thoughts were quickly interupted by her onboard computer as it pinged her to get her attention. "Possible traces of damaged vessel located above planet Norion. It is not know if this is Samus Aran's vessel at this time" said the computer. "Ability to track exact course of the suspected vessel?" asked Liara as she swung up from her seat and walked to the rear of the ship where her helmet and weapons lay waiting. "Chances of successful tracking....0.0%" replied the computer without any emotion.

"Damn guess we will have to do this the hard way then. Plot a course for what ever city proves most useful" replied Liara as she picked up her helmet and placed it over her head listening to the seals closing before checking them herself. "City located. New Alexandra. Functioning space port. Population..." Liara shouted and quickly cut off the computer that fell silent. Picking up her assault rifle she walked back to her seat and sat down the rifle placed against her side.

Taking the controls Liara piloted her vessel down into the atmosphere of Norion and followed the course her computer set her. She spent the short flight time switching between her computer screens and the windows trying to gain a lay of the land. It wasn't long before the city of New Alexandra came into view and after getting permission Liara landed her ship at the space port.

Getting up from the seat Liara took up her assault rifle and walked to the back of the ship before lowering the ramp. She waited whilst it lowered and then as it clanged heavily against the space port's deck she strode down and took a look around. The port was not as busy as she thought it might be and there didn't seem to by much Federation presence at all. However, from the looks she recieved from those workers who could see her it was obvious these people knew what she represented.

"Lock up the ship. Do not allow anyone to enter unless I say they can enter" ordered Liara. "Understood" replied her computer and instantly the ramp raised itself before locking into position. Hoisting her rifle up to her chest Liara set off for the Space Port's deck exit intending to find whoever was the authority here and explain her presence along with a request for assistance.

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Mari Zu Vulfenstein sighed as she placed her drink back on the table. What was the Federation thinking, placing her on a place like [i]New Alexandra[/i]? She had been ordered to search for Samus Aran, and yet she had then been ordered to go to New Alexandra, the one place Samus Aran would have to be an idiot to decide to go to.
And now she was sitting in a bar, and the rifle that was standing up against her chair sent the clear message that she did not want to be annoyed. Unfortunately, she was about to be.
"Lieutenant Zu Vulfenstein."
The voice of a Federation soldier played into her head through the earpiece she wore jarred her from her unhappy thoughts. She did not respond, but by now the soldiers who had worked with her were used to her personality.
"Reports have come in on a damaged ship landing in the plains. We aren't sure if it's Samus Aran, but they want you to check it out. If it is Aran, she may have left the ship already."
Without a word, she walked outside the bar, where her land vehicle awaited, and entered it, setting off for the plains that had been mentioned in the report.

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A ways beyond the open plains of Yutan stretched vast forests that ran nearly all the way to the atmospheric bubbles that encased the cities on Noroion. While a human could survive for long periods of time in the open atmosphere, the air was so thin on the surface of the planet that after just being out in the open air for a few hours one would succumb to the equivalent of mountain sickness and from there it was a quiet, yet long death as the oxygen was slowly sucked from your lungs without the person really even knowing it was happening. The environment reflected this lack of quality air, the plains were composed of stringy grass, browned for the most part except for a few sparse shadings of green in deeper valleys where the air pressure was a bit higher. The forests that lay beyond the plains matched the formations of the grass, you could see far through the forest bottom, the tree trunks were incredibly thin, but there were tons of them that ran as far as Samus could see. They offered little shade from the bright sun above her, but it was helpful, she would be able to see whatever came near her at least. As it had been so long since she had been on Norion, she couldn't be sure if the beasts on this section of the planet were openly hostile to travelers.

Samus moved across the open plains as fast as she could, her suit, even though its Varia units had been damaged, still functioned properly. Her scanners, beam cannon, and light thrusters still worked so even if the Federation had tracked her to Noroion, or the Space Pirates for that matter, she could still put up a fight. But in the back of her mind, even though she prepared herself for the worst, Samus doubted that they really would have followed her to a planet like Norion, for the Federation it was just far out enough, and for the Pirates just in enough, the perfect medium she hoped.

Entering the forests, Samus slowed her movements, even with the sunlight, she didn't want to be caught off guard. The fallen leaves and branches crunched beneath her heavy feet, as she moved a bit further it was a soft growling that caught her ear. But the way it ran into the helmet made Samus' hair on the back of her neck stand on end, it was a rabid growl, and angry growl. She turned, pointed her arm cannon in the direction she had hurt the growl and not seconds later she heard the roar of the wolf that started moving towards her. "Scanner on!" She screamed and tapped her helmet as the motion scanner came on placing its sights on the wolf.

Log Entry
Creatures: Norion Northern Wolf

The Norion Northern Wolf is a native being towards the areas around the Yutan Plains and the nearby forests.
Normally travel in packs of groups to ten or larger, they stay away from human and other species interaction and are normally shy creatures.
When provoked they are fierce fighters.

"This doesn't make any sense." Samus said as she turned, throwing the rabid wolf off of her arm to the ground. She looked at the scan again, the wolf had white fur, he had the right structure, though his muscularity had been slightly increased, if he was an alpha male that would be expected. But as she turned her head, there wasn't another wolf around in sight, no other sounds of growling. This wolf was alone. In addition to that, his eyes had turned to a pale shade of white, his pupils all but gone. Something was seriously wrong. The wolf jumped again, clawing into Samus' chest, she fell back for a moment and wrapped her hand around the wolf's neck throwing it off before laying a steady line of shot into its stomach, it howled for a moment and then fell to the ground, dead. She shook the fog from her head and looked up at the dead animal, from the burn marks from the beam cannon, the wolf had started to bleed, a black bile from its stomach. The Bounty Hunter walked towards the wolf and ran her hands across the bile. "Scanner, pick up anything on this."

Log Entry
Research: ????

Detection of a mixture of blood from the Norion Northern Wolf and traces of Phazon mutation as well as an unknown variant not logged in Federation Databases.
Analysis of substance needed for further understanding.

Samus' eyes widened in horror at the reading. "It can't be, there shouldn't be any traces of Phazon left in the galaxy, it was destroyed. I destroyed it myself. Goddammit all." She took out a small vial from her suit and dropped the bile into it before closing it back in her suit. "I'll look at you when I make it back to the ship. New Alexandria's only a few hours from here so I have to get my supplies first. Scanner off." Samus looked back down at the wolf and shook her head. "This is bad, Phazon traces, so much for my hopes at peace."

She sighed and turned back towards the paths leading towards New Alexandra.

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"I don't give a damn if the station was destroyed. Did we get the mutagen?"
"Yes, Commander."
"Excellent. Casualties?"
"Unusually high."
"Most excellent."

Ridley, the unkillable Space Pirate, sat on his enlarged talons and stroked the bottom of his elongated neck. After the defeat on Phaase, the planet exploded and ripped itself into another dimension - a parallel one. The parallel Phaase was destroyed too and ripped itself into a third. The two Phaases in the third dimension started to circle each other and slowly started to merge to create a larger, more powerful planet. The sentience knew that both were the same, but both were damaged and Samus was gone. This third dimension, existing of nothing but this new Phaase, was kept alive by the forces emitting from both beings.

Soon, it imploded. Ridley did not know why nor did he care, but the new Phaase and everything in that dimension returned to both parallels and merged them into one, creating a unified timeline. Not that anything had changed except that Phaase was now back - and about to die. The phazon infesting Ridley transformed him much, much more drastically than it had originally. All of his metallic pieces were stripped off and his body healed. Interestingly enough, Ridley no longer needed to breathe - or eat or drink or sleep or do any things necessary for life. He could fly in the vacuum of space through phazon emitted from his body. It was a very queer thing, to have these new powers. It was very queer, to be drunk with the power of impossibilities. The best part of it all? There was a normal Ridley, cured from the phazon after everything infected was healed. And this normal Ridley was off.

But the queerest of all was finding a third, Omega Ridley, this one just as powerful as the first. The two fought, of course, but the first dimension Ridley managed to absorb the phazon from the Omega. The corpse of Omega Ridley floated in space, unravaged. It was then that a brilliant new plan was delivered to Ridley: use his body to fake that he was dead. And so after hearing of his second's defeat by Samus, Ridley ordered his corpse delivered to the Federation scientists. But the most brilliant, brilliant part of the plan was that the Federation interned him in the Biologic Space Laboratories to make sure his corpse would not degrade in normal atmosphere. The mastermind Ridley watched as Ridley-X was transformed and killed by Samus, and the damned warrioress destroy the station. But Ridley was not convinced that the X mutagen would be destroyed by something as simple as an explosion: after all, the Metroid race was needed. So before Samus could destroy the laboratory, Ridley infected a trusted Space Pirate with phazon. The pirate, immune to the X mutagen, retrieved a sample and returned using the immortal powers granted to him by Ridley.

"Commander Ridley. I trust that with these new powers, I will be given a command of my own."
"Hmmph, hmmph." Ridley's half-snort, half-laugh rumbled through the canyon he was in now.
"I do not ask, I demand it!"
"Very well. Do you wish to know what you are given command of?"
"Yes, Commander."
"Nothing!" Ridley lunged forward, his body fluidly morphing to the sides of the canyon, and engulfed the phazon Space Pirate in his mouth. A concentrated flow of the deadly sentience evaporated the body and Ridley felt the familiar essence return to his own. Oh, it was good to be King.

Ridley did what would best be described as a smirk as a tendril of phazon reached out and took the vial of X mutagen. He hesitated for a moment, then crushed the glass with the phazon and bite over it. The X mutagen floated into his body and Ridley waited. Oh, he waited as he felt the indigestion of X and phazon, he waited as he felt the internal struggle going on below. And after waiting for hours, he finally felt something. A tingling. More than a tingling, a roar of power! All across his body, the phazon glowed red and black and pulsated with the fury of a radiant star! Energy flowed through him like lightning striking lightning, and for a brief moment all time stopped. He could feel the power of the universe in his talons... and then it was over. He stood up, taller than he ever did.

The X mutagen merged with the phazon. In the absence of DNA, the parasite copied the phazon. The impossibility of it - or so thought - triggered a reaction in both the phazon and the parasite, two sentient beings fighting for survival. The phazon, smarter of the two, allowed the parasite to absorb it and multiply impossibly fast, and the normal DNA manipulation resulted in a powerful boost in the energy limits of the phazon. Ridley opened his wings, which now had tiny vents that phazon poured out of, and took to the air. His legion of Space Pirates below saluted their commander, now the most powerful being in the universe.


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OOC: Retconned.

[font="Lucida Console"][b]Far outside of the Othoron System.[/b][/font]

[i]The AAC-130 support craft[/i] Heroic [i]and Aries-Class Transport vessel[/i] Incorruptible [i]hovered beside a small cluster of gas and metal plates. Commander Simmers Loch detached his space suit from the Heroic with scanning equipment. This is where what is believed to be Samus's message was broad-casted. Simmers found several chemical gas trails from other ships chasing Samus Aran here as well. After completing multiple tests over the course of several hours, he found the right trail. The commander returned to the Heroic and stopped in the airlock for a moment to contact Joe, his best pilot in the 2[sup]nd[/sup], to get them moving ASAP.[/i]

"Ignite the Afloraltite Joe. We've got her trail." Joe didn't respond. "Joe? Don't tell me you're sleeping again..." Some grunts and then a chuckle come through the mic.
"Mmm? Floral? What are you on man, there's no flowers here sir."
"Laugh later tin man. If we're not moving when I get there..."
"Sorry sir." Joe makes the ship hot again and sends a general broadcast to the Incorruptible. "Get up and at em'. We'll have that poker match tomorrow at our destination in..." Joe loads the data from Simmers' suit, "...New Alexandra, located on the planet of Norion in the Othoron System," Joe plugs in the data. "Well, at least we'll have competition to play wi-" Simmers cuts him off, almost done taking off his suit.
"Cut the chit chat. We don't want to disappear any fed patrols now, do we?" Simmers puts the suit away and exists the airlock, headed for the cramped frontal command bay. His three gunners were sleeping peacefully, but Simmers gave each a slap on the head to wake them up, chuckling at their discontent. But his day is made when Joe yells into the mic.
"Too late! One Anhur-class patrol vessel incoming!"
"Spool up those blasted engines!" Roars the commander, "Gunners! Get to your posts and prepare the howitzers and gattling guns! We've got a bogey thats gotta wish it wasn't here! Incorruptible, provide us some cover but don't take too much damage. That ship will shred you apart!"
"Yes sir!" Answered the Incorruptible.

[i]Today is a good day.[/i] thought Commander Loch. [i]Fed's for lunch, a chase for supper, and tomorrow? A long-awaited meeting.[/i] He has waited for these days for the past few years, and he wasn't going to disappoint anyone watching.

OOC: I'll get to the planet in the next post ;)

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Day 2921

Due to resources being so low, I have had to rely on DNA techniques that are nearly a century old. I was able to extract an abundant amount of DNA from the specimens, though several of the samples were contaminated with Specimen 7482. One additional sample showed early signs of phazon corruption, so it was immediately isolated and destroyed. The final yield for DNA was approximately 97 nanograms per nanoliter; finally luck has brushed against me. I am currently waiting for the DNA to finish cooling before I begin the amplification process, though I am not to confident with the PCR machine I currently have.

The DNA results from Specimen 7482 are, as lucky as I may be, extremely startling and grim. The genome of this specimen is extremely small, limited to only four thousand base pairs yet it's constantly changing! The mutation rate is astounding and as its father, I fear for my own safety with each passing experiment. The eight mice specimens, prior to their death, have finally produced some results this morning just before their death, giving me a succinct timetable for this pathogen's symptomatology.

After approximately fifteen minutes of exposure, the mice began to sweat profusely from their paws where their only sweat glands are. They also began to pant furiously, yet their cell temperature was room temperature. I can only conclude that they were undergoing some sort of sudden hot flash. Upon applying a thermometer, their core temperature was rising at a startling rate of one degree Celsius per five minutes. At this point the the mice went into a sudden rage after around a half hour, furiously attacking the cage and ripping apart their feeding apparatuses. There were signs of foam, but I wasn't able to garner any samples of it due to their increased aggressiveness. Almost immediately after the rage, heartbeat sensors indicated a super-increase in their heart rate and there was a visual increase in general muscle mass, notably around the limb and dorsal regions. To test my initial hypothesis that this increased mass was only water, I placed eight additional genetically aggressive mice into the cage. The results were frightening as the mice injected with Specimen 7482 wrestled down their mouse counterpart and ripped it to shreds, prompting me to conclude that the increased muscle mass was, indeed, a significant growth and not strictly superficial.

Four of the eight mice showed signs of an even greater rage, while the other four immediately dropped dead as their core body temperature liquefied their respective brains and caused their hearts to burst. The four that showed greater signs of intense rage because hurling themselves at the cage in, what seemed to be, a clear sign of trying to escape. They thrashed around their cages, even denting thin steel plates and cracking the acrylic window looking in on the cage. Three of the four mice died from blunt force trauma, crushing their own skulls and other large and sturdy bones. The fourth mice, not necessarily an outlier, was able to puncture a hole through one of the steel plates, prompting it to be isolated and incinerated by my own protocol.

Once I conduct the PCR of the mouse DNA, I will be able to further express the mouse transcriptome in this experiment. I am currently at a loss as to how their genes were able to produce such rapid changes, but hopefully I can answer these questions soon. My next experiment will be conducted on pigs, whose organs and muscles are similar to humans. Hopefully I will be able to see more results during those experiments, though I can only predict that the results will be for the worse of my cynicism.

However, something to note, upon dissecting the mice, there were abundant amounts of phazon throughout their muscles and core of the body. This has confirmed my greatest fear: Specimen 7482 is not only capable of insulating phazon, but it can also lyse and release it into its host's body. This would explain why the near-corrupted mice were undergoing the processes similar to actual phazon corruption. This is perhaps one of my most triumphant, yet saddest, moments as a scientist.

Specimen 7482 wasn't mean to do this... the Leviathan Sickness, as I have named Specimen 7482, is more dangerous than I could have ever imagined now examining it as thoroughly as I have for the last eight years. After the pig tests, I hope to compare the results to the video footage remaining from my former research assistance who were unfortunately exposed to Leviathan Sickness.

I pray that I may have due haste.

END LOG[/quote]

Turning of the log screen, Toros clasped his shaking hand as a sudden fear rattled up his spine. [i]"Heavens, please answer my beacon. The truth must be known... it must be known before the Federation can use the Leviathan Sickness for its disgusting plan. How they could even think to use it for such a reason..."[/i] he sputtered as he glared at the sleeve of his jacket. Once upon a time a patch commemorating his service in the Demolition Troops was planted there, adorned with various medals and awards for his vigilant service.

[i]"Perhaps it is science that has betrayed man..."[/i] he murmured as he leaned back in his chair, sealing his eyes shut as sleep crept into his mind.

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The looks from the native human population had only grown worse as Liara made her way through the city. It was almost as if the people here resented her presence, that fact was quite discomforting considering she had hoped for their assistance in locating Samus but instead it would have to be only herself who could hunt down the rogue hunter. Sighing to herself from inside her armour Liara concentrated on the task of hunting Samus and finding her alone would be most difficult as it was.

The next few minutes were spent in increasing frustration as Liara was forced to walk around the city streets looking for any real sign of Federation presence. By the end of her search she had found nothing more than a torn and old Federation recruitment poster and so settled with heading back to her ship at the space port. It didn't take long before she was inside her ship and looking over the data she had once again.

"Arghh this is all useless. How does the Federation intend for me to capture Samus with such little intel" shouted Liara angrily slamming her fists down on the console before her. "I have a report here stating that a damaged vessel came down some distance from the city's limits. An officer has already been dispatched to investigate" replied her onboard computer almost as if it was mocking her. Cursing aloud Liara leapt up from her seat and quickly left the ship taking a small but fast vehicle she made her way out of the city in the direction that the other Federation officer had taken.

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(ooc: I'm doing this in 1st person. Is this fine, Sarah? :3)

After the transmission from Samus ended, I just sort of..sat. I didn't know what to think. The Federation and our government had all told us that Samus had brought these monsters to our planet, but I had a small feeling that wasn't true. In fact, since Samus seemed to have been fighting this creatures like this all the time, maybe they had just come along and along. But whatever it was, I sure wanted to kill whoever brought them.
Thats why I was in a small spacecraft, by myself and a computer, going out to hunt for Samus Aran and waiting for launch. I had a large pistol in my hand and a small Rifle hanging off my back. I scratched my neck before sitting down and saying through and intercom, "Craft is safe, ready for launch and uninfected. Prepare launching process."
A green light was the response, which meant "All Clear." The boosters activated and a computer stated the countdown. Just as the rocket got around 50 feet in the air, 150 feet till It reached light speed, the ground opened up beneath me. A huge fully grown Alpha Bguran leaped of the hole to have a snack out of launch station. Multiple missiles and smoke beams attacked it, sending it to its maker in a large green SPLAT that sent my ship screwy and caused a very large amount of damage to the boosters.
At about 151 feet the boosters failed to fully ignite and thus entire ship groaned and danced in the air, finally blasting off out of control.
By the time I got out of our atmosphere I finally got the computer to listen and regained control. I then drove out to the next planet on my list to find: Norion.

[code]Summary of day: (1). To: High command. The ship was attacked by a Alpha Bguran, and I lost control until I exited our atmosphere. Going to search Norion next. Hope to find Samus there.[/code]

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Lieutenant Mari Zu Vulfenstein had not been journeying across the plains long before the sight of smoke caught her eye. It was in the distance, but not far off; she reached it in a few minutes, finding the rest of the smoking ship with it.
Her eyes narrowed as she grabbed her rifle and exited the vehicle, prepared for Samus Aran, or for anyone, to exit the ship at any time.
But her suspicions proved to be unneeded. A quick search of this ship yielded no sign of anyone, much less Samus Aran.
Mari walked to the command console, and turned on the log recorder. Immediately, Aran's voice began playing the last thing she had recorded. Apparently, it had not been recorded long before Aran's ship crashed into Norion.
After listening to the recording, Mari had little time to reflect on what she had heard--she was jarred from her thoughts by the sound of a vehicle approaching her location, a fast vehicle. She quickly took up her rifle again and left the ship, to see a small vehicle moving in her direction.
Looking through the scope of her rifle, the driver of the vehicle wore a Federation uniform. Still gripping her rifle, when the vehicle was close enough Lieutenant Zu Vulfenstein signaled for it to stop.

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"What iss thiss?" Or at least those were the words any translator would make of the sibbilant whispers, trills, and rasps of the language. Not that any translator would know to think of them as words, as the translator would not be able to see the speaker, and therefore not realize a language was being used. Regradless, there were several sentient beings in the jungle clearing.

And there was something curious about the clearing itself--an area where the vegetation was flattened to a degree it should not be, indicating the presence of a great weight.

"A transsmission..."

"Imecile! Obviousssly it iss a transsmission!"

"From this Ssamuss Aran other...[i]exsplorerss[/i] have heard the exploitss of..." The word explorers was said in a manner an outsider fluent in the language might find curious. Almost as a badge of honor some wear despite mocking words from their peers.

The statement itself provoked a great deal of chittering, trilling, and other noises, some dirisive, some impressed, some simply skeptical, all clamoring at once.

"Ssamuss Aran..."

One being, reptilian in appearance, had not bothered to conceal himself. He stood at the edge of the clearing, listening but not commenting.

[i]'I will find out who you really are, Ssamuss Aran. Thiss will be my legacy...'[/i]

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The first thing Liara noticed was the damaged vessel which she instantly recognised as belonging to Samus Aran. As she got closer she spotted the figure descending the ship's ramp and guessed that it had to be the other Federation soldier. Seeing as how that person was signalling for her to stop she obeyed bringing her vehicle to a halt and climbing off of it.

Closing the distance between the two of them Liara raised her hands to show that she meant no harm, just because the other person was also a member of the Federation didn't mean they wouldn't shoot her if they were trying to side with Samus.

Activating her suit's comm system Liara addressed the other soldier. "My name is Liara A'Zan. I am a special soldier of the Federation. Please identify yourself". Liara brought herself to a stop a few meters in front of the other Federation soldier though she was in fact looking over Samus' vessel and if anyone could have seen through her suit's helmet they would have seen she was smiling.

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OOC: My previous post has been retconned, just so you all know. I updated my [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=86569&view=findpost&p=2320179"]new post[/url] today. /OOC

[font="Century Gothic"][b]Zeros Heroes spaceships AAC-130 [i]Heroic[/i] and Aries-class Transport Vessel [i]Incorruptible[/i], currently in orbit above Norion.[/b][/font]

"The local source tells us that the signal disappeared when the unknown vessel entered the atmosphere," explained Joe Beans, pilot of the AAC-130 Heroic spacecraft. '[i]Damned atmospheric interference[/i]' thought Commander Simmers Loch. He glanced over at Agent One's visor. He didn't trust him, her, whatever it was; anyone that never took their armor off and wore normal clothing could be a space pirate, or worse. "Drawn from this information," Continued Joe, "Agent One here estimates the ship to be somewhere within the vicinity of New Alexandra."

Simmers Loch, Joe Beans, Agent One, and two unarmored Zero marines stood around the holographic table inside of the Incorruptible's mess room. The hologram showed the planet spinning on its axis, a massive red circle in the estimated area of Samus's estimated landing site. Simmers leaned towards the planet's image, '[i]Assuming the source is right, and that we are indeed following the right ship, we still don't know if she even landed in this area; she could of flown anywhere. Let's hope her ship really is damaged, then we we for sure find her in that area.[/i]

Simmers nods, "Does it have a space port?"

Joe clicks some buttons at the base of the table, and the view switches from planetary view to a view of the city. "Yes, there is one. A Federation port, to be precise. Egon's got some contracts there, so we should be covered with their license here."

Simmer nods again, "Good. As soon as we undock head for the space port. We'll be right behind you." Joe and the marines salute and leave for their posts, Commander Lock following Joe back to the Heroic. On the way back, Simmers noticed some unusual colors on the information board, and saw that it was one of the marine's birthday tomorrow. [i]Hmm. Maybe we'll postpone the search for a day. We'll watch the city for her, since she'll probably need parts for repairs, but we're no space pirates. The Heroic needs a tune up anyway.[/i]

[font="Century Gothic"][b]Several hours later, the ships [i]Heroic[/i] and [i]Incorruptible[/i] docked at the New Alexandra space port.[/b][/font]

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"Lieutenant Mari Zu Vulfenstein," Mari replied to Liara, her voice cold and stiff. She lowered her rifle cautiously, still ready to return it to firing position at the slightest second. "I was sent here to search for evidence of Samus Aran, and have searched the remains of her ship. Neither Aran herself nor anyone else is on the ship, though there are data logs."
She did not know Liara's rank, and thus did not salute or make any sign of respect--though she rarely did even with her own superiors.

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As Samus began to approach the domed exterior of New Alexandra staring down from the ridges above the city. As she approached however, her arm began to vibrate as one of her alert systems began to blink. Pressing the button a screen popped up from her suit showing the two Federation soldiers who were waltzing around her ship, she had a sound system build in that she could listen in on their conversation and it was just as she expected, the Federation had already sent multiple agents ahead to take her down before she could get too far. The plus side to this however was that the two operatives seemed to lack any and all organization qualities and so she doubted they would be much of a threat later on in our journey. If need be, she could launch the ship, even damaged to a more secure location it was just a matter of ruining the Federation's fun while they explored her ship.

"Adam, just keep an eye on them okay? If something happens that is a bit more drastic than what we're used to, you know what to do."

"Of course Samus, I'll keep you notified."

"Awesome." She said and headed towards the entrance corridor of New Alexandria.

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Though the native inhabitants of the planet the Federation called 324M7 (or Purgatory by the less kind, due to the unusual predominance of predators and other dangerous species) were unknown to the galaxy at large...the reverse could not be further from the truth. While most of the natives stayed close to home, the occasional wanderer, referred to as an Explorer, roamed the outside universe, searching out the unknown, the irresistible urge to [i]know[/i] hardwired into the species. The exploits of Samus Aran, on behalf of the Federation, were legendary, thus guaranteeing they would not go unnoticed by the Explorers.

The individual whose name would roughly translate into Leon in the human language had always, above all other tales, had a certain fascination for her adventures. But like the rest of his kind, all he knew were second-hand stories, hearsay and gossip from those she had saved, and at times, those whose plans she had thwarted. It was often suspected that her adventures were, at least in part, fiction, or embellished to make her seem larger than life. It was the truth of these matters Leon had determined to establish once and for all. As well as, knowing all this, why she would willingly turn her back on her people.

But first, he had a ship to repair. The last adventure in space had seen a freak accident with an asteroid that disabled his cloak, and then a close encounter with a pirate of unknown origin. He'd been lucky enough to destroy them before his weapons failed, then fled, engines and life support being the only systems, aside from the rudimentary AI, to remain functioning. And Life Support itself had given out just as he landed. He was fortunate, indeed, to have remained undetected, considering the baffling increase in human presence on the planet.

Re-engaging his personal suit, he slipped through the jungle, away from the clearing. More than once he detected the signs of other creatures passing--the hulking mammoths that pushed aside anything in their path, the chattering of simians in the trees, the footprint of many a sleek predator. He made sure to give a wide berth to a certain plant, which he knew to be carnivorous. His suit was supposed to protect him from it, but he did not want to take any chances—the struggle to free himself, which in and of itself he had no doubt would be successful, would attract unwanted attention from any number of unsavory species best avoided...

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OOC: In the description thread, I removed the references to Agent One being a male ;) /OOC

While the Zero pirates drank and partied in one of New Alexandra's better bars, Agent One kept on the lookout for Samus Aran; even last night, when everyone else went to sleep, the agent watched the gates. None of the locals or even the Federation guards questioned the agent; its armor had a kind of eerie appearance, an inhuman one. The Agent's armor is slender and thin, resembling the Federation armor but with more grace to its design. Its armor is so thin that it could be mistaken for a jump suit, but a backpack with jump jets and a power cell were clearly visible on its back. Most of the armor was made of dark hues of red and blue, the T-shaped visor pure black. Indeed, it was not any kind of normal armor, and this wasn't any normal agent.

Agent One was patrolling one of the gates when it jumped at its suits "anomaly detected" alarm, with the anomaly detected at the next gate the Agent was going to. Figuring it was Samus's unique armor, the Agent made haste to make it to the next gate in time.

[font="Century Gothic"][b]Several minutes later...[/b][/font]

The agent stopped near one of the buildings on the edge of the dome, close to the gate Samus was coming though. Its sensors detected she was going to come through the gate in moments. The agent activated its cloak and hid in the shadows, waiting for Samus to pass by. Interestingly, Agent One did not have any weapons with it.

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"Ok, uh, computer? Where is the nearest city on Norion?"
"There are many small areas in which signs of life are being sent to my system, but the largest movement and thermal vision is....New Alexyadra..wait...New Alexandera...New Alexandra. Yes, New Alexandra."
"Perfect. Is Samus there?"
"I do not know, as all life is shown as a large blob."
"How long will it take to get to New whatsitcalled?"
"New Whatsitcalled is approxmiately 4,000,000,000,000 light years away."
"What? Oh, I mena new Alexandra, is it called?" I asked, annoyed.
"Ha ha ha. Yes, it is around 4 hours away."
"Are we in orbit of Norion yet?"
"Ok, take me there."
"Aye aye, captian fluffy."
I turned around to clean my rifle, annoyed by the computer. Who ever decided to make computers have personalitys is a wackjob.
"Although New Alexandra is the largest city, there are signs of a crash or a vehicle losing peices over a desert. Shall we check it out?"
"Take me there, now."
Samus Aran, watch out. I will find you one day and get you.

[code]Summary of Day: (1) To: High Command. I have found a city on the planet of Norion in which shows extreme amounts of life. We were heading there till computer 445 found what seemed like parts of a ship of some sort. They are most likely scrap metal, but we are checking it out.[/code]

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"Greetings Lieutenant it is a pleasure to make your company" replied Liara as she strolled on past Mari looking at Samus's ship and the damaged it had sustained. Even as Mari spoke of datalogs Liara was more bothered and worried by the state of Samus' ship. "I hope you are okay Samus" whispered Liara quietly so that Lieutenant Mari wouldn't be able to hear her before she turned back around to face the other woman.

"Datalogs you say? So you have been inside her ship. You are quite lucky them Lieutenant as I doubt Samus or Adam would have appreciated you walking around inside. Now tell me how exactly did you get inside anyway for if you know Samus you would know she always does her overly exaggerated flip from the roof of her vessel" said Liara shaking her head causually with a smile.

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"Hmm I guessed as much you wouldn't still be standing here if Samus had still been inside however, I am going to go take a look inside myself. I would guess that Samus probally headed to somewhere nearby more than likely to the capital to find someone to repair this ship" replied Liara without any real care as she climbed onto the vessel and made her way up to the top of it using the power of her suit to stop herself from sliding off the sleek hull of Samus' ship.

"I leave it up to you to do whatever you want next. You could stay here or go look for her as for me I am going to take a look inside" she said before dropping down inside using the lift. Once inside Liara had a quick look around before walking to the front of the ship where the controls were situated. Gripping the back of the chair Liara had a long look around before settling down into Samus' seat and removing her helmet which she placed next to her feet.

Liara ran a hand through her hair before letting it fall down past her shoulders to rest against her back before letting out the breath she had been holding. Looking around at the screens before her she didn't dare touch them incase she angered the onboard computer Adam.

"Adam I know you can see and hear me I want you to put me in contact with Samus please. I would like to talk to her if that is all right" asked Liara as she sat waiting for a reply.

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Day 2927

Success. The pig specimens infected with the Leviathan Sickness exhibited super abnormal vitality, along with a 78% increase in general muscle mass on an averaged scale. The results mirror those of my former assistants, with due misfortune. With this success, though, came great cost. One of the seven specimens managed to break free from their secure cages. This led to an unforeseen side-effect and ability of the Leviathan Sickness: it is able to be transmuted through air simply by perspiration. During the heat flash, bright red pulses emerged from many of the pigs' pores and immediately infected other nearby non-infected specimen pigs and mice. This also triggered both a radioactivity and bacterial contamination alarm, prompting the rear asset of the ship to be broken off and detonated. This has left me without any additional supplies so now all I can do is comment on past experiments.

Another note: the Leviathan Sickness also has the capability of infection via biting and fluids.

END LOG[/quote]

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OOC: Kevin and Kaede: remember you can use more than a few sentences. The characters, if you imagined them in real life, would seem like to people blurting out whatever they are thinking at that second in time. Things that you guys put into one or two sentences could make five, six, perhaps more sentences; if described right. Its just easier to read when its described with bigger words ^_^. What they say doesn't need to be increased in size; just whatever is describing them. Relax! This isn't a speed typing test :)

EDIT: Blag shoulda just PM'ed. D: Sorry.

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Leon found himself, on one occasion, having to hide from a group of passing humans. Not that it wasdifficult. If they couldn;t see it, and their scanners couldn'tsee it, then to them it did not exist.

Humans were curious that way. They often as not [i]claimed[/i] belief in something that could not be seen,touched, or quantified definitely in any way, and yet when it came down to it, they were a species that depended too much on their own sight. It was a wonder they had not been wiped off the face of the planet with the bungling ways that resulted from this almost blind dependence.

And yet, for some unknown reason, they persisted, even when their fellows were continuously devoured by predators, succumbed to the poisons, fell afoul of the leviathans of the planet, they carried on. So in addition to being creatures of blind dependence, they seemed to be a stubborn, persistent race, even when they did manage to learn from their own mistakes.

Even as he watched, a pack of creatures the humans compared to something called a wolf descended on the group. Even when one of the creatures was killed by the human's weapons, it did not deter the predators--prey in this area was growing scarce due to the privations of the interloping race.

The end result was, of course, inevitible--these predators were swift and agile, difficult to track with any handheld weapon. Though the pack was reduced in number by the end of the encounter, each and every single one of the humans lay dead to be feasted upon...which the predators did with due haste. There were things out there more deadly even than them that would steal their meal if they were not quick about it.

Forcing himself to be dispationate, Leon moved on. He might have been able to help them, but to do so would have been to risk exposure of his people, and despite the grudging tolerance the elders held for [i]explorers[/i], he doubted they would take anything but a dim view of any action that could lead to the exposure of their existence to outsiders.

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