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Meeting with United Isocoles

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The Isara Alliance and United Isocoles had, in the past, never been on good terms. On several occasions, hostilities had nearly broken out, and tensions on the borders were common.
This, of course, was not in the favour of either nation, and the Isara Alliance, seeking to solve the problem before it arose in even greater magnitude, had sent a message offering to meet with UI representatives, and the UI accepted it invitation to the Isara Alliance to discuss relations.
Another message was sent, a follow up to the one sent previously.
To: Poya Raiz
From: Gregor Eivanov
As discussed, we invite you, or a representative, to meet personally with me to discuss the relations between our nations. The points discussed in our previous messages, as well as others such as trade and economy, will hopefully be discussed there. The meeting will be held in Elgensreid, and you may land in the Elgensreid International Airport. An envoy will be awaiting your delegation.
[i]Gregor Eivanov, premier of the Drei Macht[/i]

When Poya Raiz, or his representative, arrived in Elgensreid International, they would find an envoy of two vehicles with soldiers, as well as a smaller, black car, awaiting him. Outside the car, in his usual military attire, General Gregor Eivanov awaited Raiz or his representatives arrival.

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