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Immortals Offer Surrender Terms

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[center][size="6"]Immortals Announcement[/size][/center]


On May 11th we Immortals embarked on a Holy Crusade against The Mafia. As the Divine Light led us into battle we met our opponents and had a fierce battle...this battle lasted all of maybe 3 days...and that's kinda pushing it. Now as the Light continues to lead us against each opponent, we have had members sell off infra to hit new targets and are now being met with a fierce attack of cruise missiles and the occassional nuclear strike. We Immortals grow curious at their new tactic of feigning death, occassionally spewing forth a CM or two if we are lucky from bloated corpses. Since when could nations go away on small vacations during a war and come back...with nearly the same nation he left, virtually unharmed? These are strange tactics indeed, we shall summerize our findings:

1) Don't use 2 cruise missiles every day, only 1 will suffice...if that.
2) What is this..navy you speak of?
3) Do NOT buy an airforce to help defend your nation, let alone use it for an offensive attack.
4) When facing a 4 man alliance, don't bother with ground attacks.
5) Forget who's nukes would do the most damage, first come first serve.
6) If you let the enemy destroy enough of your infra, their bombers will seemingly find nothing else to hit.
7) Spend most of your time concentrating on the smallest of these 4, you'll be well prepared for the bigger ones after that.

With these new discoveries now public we will offer our terms to The Mafia, they are quite simple. All we ask is for a thread posted, here on the CN forums, of your surrender. That is it, the Light shall leave you alone after this. Of course, if you choose to be stubborn, you non government members can still seek refuge. You can become a Immortal POW and save your nation.

Oh and for whoever cares, their chart!


I leave you guys with cake. Enjoy!


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[quote name='Haflinger' date='30 May 2010 - 08:41 PM' timestamp='1275266492' post='2317242']
Yeah I've been following this from afar with great confusion.

I've only spotted one offensive war launched by Mafia. Don't they have allies?
CRAP is one of them.

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I commend you on your successes on the battlefield thus far. I am very eagerly waiting to see The Mafia's response. Either option will have you Immortals being showered in glorious victory.

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its nice to see one side of the story here folks, what sarm has forgoten to mention is that we lost a total of 1 member due to their unjust attack on us...one of whom had a NS of 48,000. The rest were inactive deletes. second of all the attacking members of immortals were all higher in strength than our strongest members so once we were declared on we had not one nation in range to launch offensive wars. so its not for a lack of us knowing how to fight its just a numbers game once they have been chisled down their will be more offensive attacks against them.

also its hard to hit nations when they are war slot filling with old friends, if you look into knight999s wars you will see a slim Cad who is a former mafia member and a good friend of his has declared on him for a tech deal gone bad..hmmmmmmmm I wonder why we cant hit the only one in range???????????

and to top this all off immortals had weeks maybe even months into planning an attack on us while we were concentrating on growing our alliance and minding our own business they were saving war chests for this attack. as for the reason for the attack....they have none they left our alliance took all but 12 of our members and left us for dead and when we survied and turned things around it angerned them as they failed at their alliance.

and we do have friends who will be coming to our aid, atm they are doing damage to us yes but we have been arojnd since 2007 and we will continue to be around long after sarmation and his gang of thugs decided to quit the game.

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