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Official Announcement from the Sovereign

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[size=6]Announcement from the Sovereign[/size]
[size=4]Official Grand Global Alliance Announcement[/size]

As of yesterday evening, Jonathan Brookbank has resigned as Sovereign of the Grand Global Alliance. In his departure, he has appointed me as his successor.

I have accepted.

As my first required act as Sovereign, I have confirmed the new government for the Grand Global Alliance.

Serving as my Chancellor will be The Right Honourable the Lord Shane Price.
Serving as my Regent will be Byron Orpheus, dedicated exiting Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Kenfolk_GTS will continue his term as Prime Minister of the Grand Global Alliance.

The Chamber of Ministers is confirmed as follows:

Minister of Culture - OCinneide
Minister of Domestic Affairs - Kenfolk_GTS
Minister of Defense and Intelligence - TimeMaster
Minister of Finance - CodyHaner
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Roy_Mustang

Additionally, I have found the ancient underground of the Grand Global Alliance castle and, in a cache of old texts from the early era, have found within a letter written by Prodigal Chieftain: a list of international names who were, in 2006, given the title of "Honorary GGA Member." I would like to announce my similar recognition of the following names as Honorary GGA Members, at least those who still remain with us in today's new world:

Pope Hope,
Pius XIII,
Erik Asgeir,
Jimmy Page,
Zizi Booba[/quote]
On that note, the position of Honorary GGA Member is officially reinstated and will be added-to sparingly at my discretion.

Next, I would like to affirm my commitment to Jonathan Brookbank's Emerald Doctrine. The Grand Global Alliance will not be seeking reentry into the United Jungle Accords, however we will be continuing our policy of green peace.

Finally, I would like to announce the disb- No I'm kidding. Haters; c'est la vie.

That will be all.

[size=6]Fortuna Fortes Juvat[/size]

Dementual, Sovereign of the Grand Global Alliance
Chief Protector of the Realm


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Go me. Promotion (sorta).

Also you all can stop speculating now.

Also if people need unbanning on IRC, query me (Roy_Mustang[GGA]) and I'll see what I can do. Spam will lead to perma-banning, though.

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Well, this is certainly better than that other announcement (what were you thinking exactly Penkala?)

Can't say I like the choice of Chancellor, but given your alliance's history, I don't think there's anyone left out there who can claim you haven't suffered enough. So best of luck.

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[quote name='Dementual' date='30 May 2010 - 08:06 PM' timestamp='1275264342' post='2317185']
Serving as my Regent will be Byron Orpheus, dedicated exiting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meet the new GGA, same as the old GGA.

[quote][2010-04-21 23:50:22] <Byron_Orpheus[GGA]> i'm perfectly fine with not pursuing any treaties that don't lead to VE dying
[2010-04-21 23:58:53] <Byron_Orpheus[GGA]> lol
[2010-04-21 23:58:57] <Byron_Orpheus[GGA]> No, that is my new goal now too
[2010-04-21 23:59:12] <Byron_Orpheus[GGA]> If it takes me three years and if I am in another alliance when it happens, my only goal in this game is to kill VE[/quote]

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