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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

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[b][size=5][color="#FF0000"]Appointment of Bilrow and Jasmine to the Positions of Imperial Officers[/color][/size][/b][/center]

I do hereby appoint Bilrow to the position of Imperial Officer for Internal Affairs. Bilrow has long been a servant of Pacifica, specializing in both military matters and matters of internal affairs. As the former Director of Military Intelligence, as well as a long-time elected Councilor from the Body Republic, Bilrow's dedicated to his duties and his ability to have his finger on the pulse of the Body Republic exemplifies both our meritocratic structure and the responsibility our officials have to the Body Republic. He takes on this mantle of responsibility freely, but not lightly.

I do hereby appoint Jasmine to the position of Imperial Officer for Economic Affairs. It was certainly a first for a former General of the New Pacific Order to become Chairwoman of the Bank, and Jasmine brought the same tenacity and diplomacy she was known for in High Command to the Pacific Bank, helping to shepherd the New Pacific Order through the long months of reparations. Perhaps more challenging than the economics itself was dealing with our counterparts among the Group of Fifteen then Fourteen Alliances Who Once Called Themselves Karma But Now No Longer Do So, a task she handled with poise and tact. Se takes on this mantle of responsibility freely, but not lightly.

Hail Imperial Officer Bilrow!

Hail Imperial Officer Jasmine!

Hail the Body Republic and the New Pacific Order!

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[quote name='Bilrow' date='30 May 2010 - 01:47 PM' timestamp='1275241631' post='2316812']
I will do my best to serve the Body Republic and the Emperor as Imperial Officer.

Congrats Jasmine, now do something about your poodle.
What's wrong with Gandroff? :)

Congrats to the new appointees.

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