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Need Advice - Resources

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Im looking for opinions from multiple pro's on what to do.

i rolled gold/silver as my resources. and from what ive read silvers a bad version of gems, golds fairly useless, and together there even worse. I have no idea what i should do.

From what i figured out this is the best set i can get, ive been stalking other new players with bad combination of resources(lead,gems), or combinations that are forced to accept me cause people dont trade with me(useful stuff anyways ie water/lumber). Atm just need lumber/iron/harbor. not sure if i should re-roll reset my trade combo or what. I really wish i re-rolled earlier, but silver and gold looked like hot stuff especially when i was being spammed with trade request (all crappy deals now that i look at it)


Bonus Resources: Fine Jewelry,beer,steal,scholars.

Total bonuses:

Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by: +50
Population: +20.7%
Income per Citizen: +9.50$
Happiness: +12
Environment: +1
Technology Purchase Cost: -5%
Purchased Land Cost: -5%
Increased Purchased Land Area: +15%
Infrastructure Purchase Cost: -21.9%
Infrastructure Upkeep: -17.2%
Soldier Efficiency: +49%
Navy Purchase Cost: -15%
Navy Upkeep Cost: -20%
Cruise/Nuclear Missile Purchase Cost: -20%
Cruise/Nuclear Missile Upkeep Cost: -20%
Aircraft Purchase Cost: -8%
Aircraft Upkeep Cost: -25%
Tank Purchase Cost: -8%
Tank Upkeep Cost: -12.6%
Soldier Purchase Cost: -3.00$
Soldier Upkeep Cost: -1.00$
Reduces Environmental penalties of Nukes: -50% (i plan on using nukes)

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Before I start, I'm no expert, but I think I might be able to help a little.

I think that while they're not the best resources, they go easily into affluent population and there's a 4BR with those resources that is quite the money-maker. Not sure exactly what BRs that has, I think it might be construction+affluent pop+fast food+jewlery+steel. Something like that anyway.

I wouldn't bother rerolling because they're not altogether bad. Just needs a bit of tweaking and if someone needs the resources then you're sweet.

Good luck finding something.

EDIT: I just realised you're going for scholars but I'd avoid actively seeking out lead if you don't need it. It's a pretty bad resource and scholars isn't worth it. Uranium might be a pretty good replacement. It helps in the long run and it gives a handy $7.50 boost at its max.

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Reroll, doesn't matter if they can fit into something. If you intend on sticking around then you want something that fits into the Fast Food, Beer, Construction, Fish/Uranium circles. There are few exceptions to that some people can get, and it's usually stemming if you land Uranium and something else.

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A couple of people have been saying reroll but I'd think twice before doing that. You're almost a year old, tomorrow it seems?

That's awhile in the game. Even if you don't have the NS to back it, it's still something. I think the benefit of having the classic 3BR set up that everyone is after, while offering many rewards, depends entirely on how you want to play the game. I would only reroll if you are absolutely certain that you want the 3BR ring.

There are options and they're not bad options.

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