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Eastern Coast Alliance Affiliation


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[b]About us:[/b]

Having lived a short life in the year 2008, the Eastern Coast Alliance Affiliation [b](ECAA)[/b] announced its new Declaration of Existence on May 7, 2010. As a new alliance, the ECAA has received steady growth and the community has flourished. The forum and members are a great group of people, and everyone is gladly welcomed.


The reformed charter of the ECAA has a democratic theme to it. With this, members can express their opinion on government policies through voting, thus ridding of bad regimes, corrupt legislation, and ideologies not approved by public opinion.


The culture of the ECAA is a growing one. As the NPO has Pacifica and NpO has Polaris the ECAA has their own denonym; Coastia.

[b]Opportunities and Programs:[/b]

The ECAA has three secretarial spots vacant, War, Finance, and the Interior. Other programs are being developed to help newly accepted nations and members to pursue a department of their choice and get involved.

[b]Other Information:[/b]

The Eastern Coast Alliance Affiliation currently has a protectorate with the Phoenix Federation. We have tons of buyers for tech deals and it's impossible to not find one right now.

[url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/ECAA"]Wiki Page[/url]
[url="http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance_stats_custom.asp?Alliance=ECAA"]Stats Page[/url]
[url="http://s1.zetaboards.com/ECAA/index/"]ECAA Forum[/url]
IRC: #ecaa on Coldfront
Team Color: Purple[/b]


Office of the President
Eastern Coast Alliance Affiliation

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