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Uprising in Martenshaven

Kaiser Martens

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Long ago, through war, Kaiser Martens' Germany had achieved an amount of territory in Northern Italy. Over time, as relations with Italy improved, most of all of that territory was given back. All of it but one city. Martenshaven. Located roughly between Venice and the Eastern Italian Border, it was created from scratch as a coastal and fortified city and became one of the most important centers of German Culture overnight. As it had been a pre-planned city, it was much better organized than most European cities, and was the one place where German and then Nordlandic culture did not succumb to the natural Italian influence.

Throughout the years, the city too saw war and repairs well, and it was the place where General Mannelig, second only to Martens himself in term of recent history heroes for Silver Germany, had married to Empress Gebiv. Much later, when he succumbed to Cancer after his brief reign, which resulted in a phyrric victory for Visari when he invaded Mannelig's Italy, he was buried in an elaborate monument in that city as well.

The monument was that of a tank of the time. Only that the top of the tank was made out of glass and showed the General, in his uniform, dead inside and illuminated. As the Panzerlied said, this Tank was his honorable grave. He remains there to this day, the place having become borderline of religious relevance. He had stood up against overwhelming force to defend Italy valiantly as if it were Germany proper - from Germany itself. For his allegiance was not Patriotic, but Nationalistic, and he even earlier than Martens the Elder knew that Visarism was incompatible with the German Nation.

If only the Kaiser had listened to his General. But he didn't. For a long time now, Martenshaven had remained part of the protectorate that was Italy altogether. The population had become simply depressed and decadent due to the German defeats, and had remained apathetic. As of lately however, the North German advancements seemed to inspire them. They saw in this New Martens maybe a light of hope. They saw in him someone like Mannelig, who would rather fight an impossible fight than to surrender in shame. Seeing Northern Germany recovering and developing, they soon wanted to be a part of that.

They meet at Mannelig's grave periodically, in assemblies. They soon reach a resolution, that they want to become again part of Germany, specifically, of Northern Germany. They get their old uniforms...they fix their own flags...they get ready, and they begin to parade through the city, gathering overwhelming support in their favor. But then, the authorities, were Italian, not German. Their petition to join Northern Germany was denied by the local Governor who then used his police...

Riot police stood face to face before the Martencist Crowd, which in turn looked like an army. But they had not come to fight. They were not ready. When the police moves forwards, they make short work of them, and arrest nearly fifty people, the rest forced to run away.

The situation is tense. Limited rioting will happen on the next day. The people start to arm themselves. Would the city need to fight for its independence?

The Chancellor had been attending to Karl Martin's funeral when he was notified of the news. As soon as it was over, he got ready to board a plane and contacted the Sicilians, who ultimately were in charge, to see what could be done. Martenshaven had not been his problem, but now, its citizens, had changed that.

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Colonel Giacomo Mazzini was on edge. The rioting in this quiet corner of Italy had been sudden, and had caught local officials by surprise. Local police had retaliated harshly against the protesters and a number of them had been taken into custody. The Veneto District Governor feared that the city could be overrun and ordered Col. Mazzini's 11th PSPF Brigade to secure the city. He had 2,000 former infantrymen had his disposal to keep order in the city, and he had no doubt he could put down whatever uprising may come about, but he hoped he would not have to. These people were not Italian and obviously had no desire to remain united with Italians. Frankly, The Colonel didnt want to fight a battle that would only create simmering resentment. Even if he did put down these uprisisngs, he had a feeling they would flare up again and again, he hoped the government could come up with a solution.

For now, he had his men securing the center of the city, checkpoints were erected on major roads, the city was being divided, each piece would be cut off from the other by checkpoints, roadblocks, and other barriers.
[i]Secure Government Facility, Ajaccio, Corsica[/i]

Steward d'Aosta and his top officials were in the middle of tense discussions on how best to address the Martenshaven protests when a call came through from the German Chancellor. It came not a moment too soon, talks were becoming heated with some urging the Steward to flood the city with troops and crush the protests. The Steward wanted to avoid the killing of German civilians, they obviously were not his people. He waited to hear what the Chancellor had to say.

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I have noticed quickly the situation over in Martenshaven. Most unexpected. A small delegation of their people have sent us a request to annex the city. Now, this poses a problem for us. For us, it would be desireable to have that city again, while it would not be desireable to damage relations with Italy. The people there are loyal to us it seems...but, well, we have no spirit to try and force Italy, nor to war over that territory. What I am thinking is, maybe it'd be best to take that hot potato off of your hands. But we do not want this to be a reason for bad relations in the future, either...

I had been then thinking of things we could do in return for Italy, but I cannot seem to come up with anything meaningful. Maybe there is something that you may want that you may be able to tell us, as a sign of good gesture. After all, the Martens family has some Italian blood in it, as well."


Over in the city, things weren't any better. The arrests and swift police actions had triggered the rest of the then politically-inactive population, making them spring into action. The Mannelig Movement continued its meetings, although when the city was sealed and controlled, this was more difficult. They were then using the sewers to organize and communicate to buildings, and had gathered a reasonable amount of weapons, enough for a militia. At first, on the surface, riots had been seen but the police forcibly had put them to an end. However, it seemed highly unlikely that the violence would stop there and there. What happened was, that they knew that "their" Chancellor was speaking to Italy, and thought that there may be a chance to end up peacefully. So it was not the end of this "war", but instead a very uneasy truce. The streets seemed to be almost completely empty at most times, and the populace waited to see what would happen.

Still, in spite of their discliplin, the occational act of violence would erupt here and there, probably causing a few more casualties in both sides, making it to the news.

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"Sir, wasn't our Peace Mode Generator made in Martenshaven?"

"I think so, why?"

"Well, where are we going to get spare parts for it if the situation deteriorates over there?"

"Hm... I suppose we should make sure the situation [i]doesn't[/i] deteriorate there."

"How should we do that?"

"Offer our services as a neutral third party to bribe the opposition, maybe?"

"I'll look into that, sir..."

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Chancellor, it is apparent to me that the people of Martenshaven do not wish to be lumped together with the people of Italy. If they wish to leave I have no problem with allowing them to do so, just as the Germans in Northern Italy are now reunited with the GDR I have no qualms allowing the Germans of Martenshaven to reunite with your own banner sir. In return for Martenshaven not being turned into a German Naval Base I am more than happy to return the city to you and provide you with sufficient maritime claims to give you unimpeded access to Mediterranean shipping lanes. This could even be the start of a very good commercial relationship between our peoples chancellor.

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"That is excellent. Well, either way splitting up our Naval Forces to be partially based in the South would be a bad idea. We can only see eye to eye with your proposed policies. And yes, it would be an ideal trading port as well. From the far North to the Mediterranean...this is a good surprise for myself and for the Martenshaven citizens as well. If you agree, I will make it official. As soon as possible, I hope, there's already been a few deaths - better to make sure that the numbers do not rise."

"We appreciate this deeply. This city is of great importance, and not ONLY of symbollic relevance. Now we feel complete."

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"It does interest us indeed, and I will have you know that your products will not be taxed in the same fashion as those of other nations, in order to show our gratitude, the rates will be less, so that your economy may further benefit from this choice. It's just the least we can possibly do after this favor, really."


Minutes later, the news was announced in Germany as well as in Martenshaven and the rest of Europe. People laid down their arms. Martenshaven was once more a German-controlled city, and families would soon too reunite. Another piece of peaceful expansion.

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My Foreign Affairs Director is currently on business in the NPR, when he is available would you be open to meeting him in Germany to negotiate a more formal agreement?


As the people rejoiced Colonel Mazzini watched the last of his units file out of the city. [i]At least bloodshed had been avoided[/i], he thought, a piece of Italy was gone though, and he did not take a liking to that.

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