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A Flagship from High Charity

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So we Prophets of High Charity have decided on a few changes to our Covenant.

[i]The dragon Prophet of Truth moves his anti gravity chair forward a bit and taps a device near his hand. Small runes hovering above his right hand begin scrolling as he clears his throat.[/i]

First we must announce the change to our government. NilsDerHenker of Das Deutches Reich had unfortunately decided to step down as our Prophet of Regret. Fortunately we have found someone to step up and take his place, and we are happy to welcome Rudolph of Vvardenfall to the fold of the Prophets.

We would also like to welcome Wolfbite of Wolfsrain to our Honoured Warriors, the Army Commander (Minister of Defense to all who are curious).

So our current government looks like this:

[i]The Prophet taps on the device again and large runes appear, hovering high over the Prophet's chair.[/i]

The Prophet of Truth, DracoDark of Drakenguard

The Prophet of Mercy, DirkNL of Hippiestan
The Prophet of Regret, Rudolph of Vvardenfall

Army Commander, Wolfbite of Wolfsrain


[i]After a few minutes, the Prophet taps the device again and the big runes fade. He looks at the small runes scrolling down again before continuing on.[/i]

We also would like to announce that are public communications ship(irc channel) has changed.

It is no longer #thecovenant and is now #AoR.


[i]The Prophet clears his throat again as he reads a little bit more from the scrolling runes.[/i]

And one final announcement. High Charity and all of our ships are moving over from the Aqua Sphere to the Blue Sphere.

We of Age of Reclamation look forward to getting along with those already on the Blue Sphere.

[i]The Prophet taps the device one last time and the runes fade away.[/i]

I thank you for your patience, that is all we of Age of Reclamation have to announce.

[i]The Prophet of Truth slowly moves off of the stage and out of sight.[/i][/center]

Edited by DracoDark
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