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The end.

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Well its been a long run but I am back to where I was at the start of the karma war.

But the last goal has been reached and I have outlived my last enemy so there is nothing left for me to accomplish in CN.

Ever since the karma war I have lost interest in the game and have only been playing to rebuild to my old level.
I used to be an active CNRPer but the propaganda of the karma war infected that as well and I was forced to leave due to trolling or the ignoring of my threads, but I have reestablished my RP elsewhere and gotten more into that storyline than I ever was with the CNRP storyline. The RP in CN was the reason I played and without that this game has very little to offer me.

I would like send out the traditional shout outs to some people & alliances, some of them may be long gone but I will mention them any how.


Kirstin Maree: My first alliance leader, she helped me learn the game.
El Bruc: For being the funniest guy I ever met here
Death: For being a great artist.
The Original CNRPers: For introducing me to the joys of nation RPing and though I RP my nation elsewhere now I still remember them.
The GPA: For being my first and favorite alliance.
The NPO: For being an efficient alliance that can actually get stuff done.
The NpO: For being the absolute best at the economics of CN.

When I post this I will be going straight to the delete screen an ending the CN tale of Novus Niciae, I will still be around for those who know where to look, but even though I am deleting I will not break the rules of the forum and say where.

So Goodbye, Farewell and amen. I am taking my leave now.

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Good Prime Minister Johns

I shall always think of you in Hippie Green it is sad to see another who believed in the value of playing your role to the hilt leave the field. I wish you well in new realms and hope you shall return now and again to see how we all do. So fare thee well.

Dame Hime Themis

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