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When The Nation of Selenarctos stepped in to secure Singapore, the now-defunct Singacorp had bankrupted the country and the island was on the verge of anarchy. In the five years since, as a protectorate of Selenarctos, Singapore has enjoyed unprecedented peace, stability and prosperity. Noting that it has been five years, however, it seemed prudent to ask the Singaporean people if this was the direction they wished to continue in.

In an election that took place earlier today, open to all citizens of Singapore age 16 years or older, the people of Singapore voted whether to remain a protectorate of Selenarctos, separate and become their own nation, or rejoin with the mainland under the protectorship of New South Wales. The results of the vote have just been announced, and we are pleased to report the following outcome:

Remain a Protectorate of Selenarctos: 34%
Form a Sovereign Nation: 13%
Join the New South Wales Protectorate: 51%
Undecided: 2%

Given the clear majority of support to rejoin with the mainland, actions are already underway to complete the unification. The government of Selenarctos wishes well to the people of Singapore, and has extended a temporary offer of full-citizenship immediately following a background check to any Singaporeans who wish to emigrate to Selenarctos. Selenarctan troops in Singapore are preparing to withdraw as soon as counterparts from New South Wales arrive to take their place.

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The 3rd Army of New South Wales was already [i]en rout[/i]e to Malaysia following the speech made by Keshav, however, when the latest SitRep was received by the Commanding Officer, he re-routed a division of troops towards Singapore, with orders to go into the city unarmed to start with, and rendezvous with the Selenarctan commander as soon as possible. Already, the goal in his mind was an unarmed soldier on every street corner. Hopefully, the lack of weapons would prevent the soldiers from seeming overly threatening. Any current government structures in both Malaysia and Singapore would remain in place for the time being, since they seemed to be functioning efficiently enough. They were even willing to keep on some of the Selenarctan troops as advisers. The first goal, however, was to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone. Other questions could be dealt with later.

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Any Selenarctan personnel the NSW forces wished to remain would for the time being, but with the transition completed peacefully the remaining Ground Force infantry loaded vehicles, equipment and finally themselves onto planes and ships for the return trip to Selenarctos.

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