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Yeah this announcement pretty much sucks

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This is an announcement I never actually thought I'd be making. Considering how things have been going during the last couple of years or so, I guess I [i]knew[/i] this was going to happen, but really wasn't willing to admit it. Now I have to, as it's official. Finnish Cooperation Organization is no more.

The reasons for this are quite simple. Lack of manpower to keep the system alive. The core members who had been keeping the thing alive - Decker, KanaX, me, Gaslo, Aurora - had gone inactive, left the alliance or even quit the game a while ago and when we saw the dawn of the new decade, the alliance no longer essentially functioned. There were attempts at revival but finally everyone realized, that three years was enough for this old man. It was time to pull the plug.

Honestly, FCO was the best alliance I've ever been in, and I'm sure most of my fellow Finntards share this feeling. Sure, it was nasty sometimes, we got into some infantile drama and in addition to friendship, also deep bitterness was born. Regardless of all this, I kept coming back from my wild adventures in other alliances, because the laid-back atmosphere just felt like home, and the community is really one of the most, if not [i]the[/i] most tightly-knit one I've ever stumbled upon. And still continues to be, even though FCO ends its existence on this plane of reality. And it never really was a good alliance, it never really worked as an alliance should work. The three years of FCO were pretty much just non-stop chaos with few random individuals doing whatever random crap they wanted to do with the alliance and it never really was able to focus on anything. If I'd think rationally about this, I'd say FCO deserved to go, but I just can't. This just sucks, but we all have to accept it. And truly, it was one hell of a ride.

This announcement is pretty late and [i]de facto[/i] FCO was already disbanded couple of weeks ago, and the AA has only around 20 members left. So, among those who used to be in contact with FCO know about this already really well, but some misunderstandings have arisen, unfortunately. Unlike some folks out there seem to believe, FCO is in fact disbanding, not merging into iFOK or any other alliance. Most of the active membership seems to have gone there, but no official recommendations have been issued, and some of our active members have chosen the path of a Nordreicher, as well, for example.

The AA "Finnish Cooperation Organization" will be under protection of the Stickmen bloc for a fortnight. Thus, even thinking about raiding those still remaining is pretty much a bad idea.

Good night, sweet prince.

Love, Iosif. <3

(ooc: also reroll woop woop takka takka)

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FCO meant lot to me. I'm sure that I'm not the only one saying this, but while this game is quite boring itself, community makes it interesting. And what a community FCO was. I've met many, many interesting people, in IRC and in real life (:shock:). I was a member of FCO from the beginning, if you don't count my short trip to iFOK (HERETIC!). The disbandment of FCO is truly a sad think, but I'm lucky to know that our community isn't going anywhere. Forums will stay and there's always bunch of great people in our unofficial IRC-channel. FCO and #ppcn, I love you <3

Special thanks to Moldov, Aurora, Decker, KanaX and Gaslo. They saved FCO many times, without them we would have seen this announcement over a year ago.

Thank you FCO and everyone who was involved. FCO will be missed.

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Worst alliance i have ever been in. So this is a great day indeed. :smug:

Alliance where i met Moldov, Decker, Enrico, Perkele, and of course my lover Lord Gobb, and all those other weird people, people who taught me to play this game, i hate them all.

Alliance where i got my first taste of war, my first victory, and my first defeat, alliance where i got my first gov duties... I hope that in time all those memories will fade, because those were the worst days of my life!

(But lets start a new finnish alliance soon, pleasepleaseplease? If any of you need anything, just ask, i :wub: you all)

And remember: SENAATTI ON MAFIA!

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It has been an amazing journey. I'm glad I had a chance to walk it with you guys. For over 2 years I've been a member of this great community and I wouldn't change a sec. I really have no words how to describe FCO, it was something unbelieveble.

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever been a member of this great alliance, everyone I have worked with during my time in FCO and of course all of our allies - especially the Stickmen, luv ya.


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Nordreich has recently welcomed a number of Finnish refugees, so this announcement comes as no surprise.

Despite our more recent differences, I have nothing but the greatest respect for FCO and its members. Personally, I had always hoped that one day we would be friends again.

o/ FCO

Good luck to all of you in finding new homes.

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When I was president of FOK two years ago, I got to know your alliance during the war with NoV as a group of very loyal and strong players. We in FOK immediately liked you and we kept in contact after the war. When we started iFOK in early 2009, a couple of ex-FCO-members joined us and we became closer. After two months, we decided to make our relationship official and a treaty followed. Soon, you joined Stickmen.

In the last few monts, your alliance had to cope with severe inactivity and that's basically the death of every alliance. It's sad to see it happen, but sometimes it can't be helped. All this time, you've been great friends and it was an honour to fight beside you.

Therefore, a well-deserved:

o/ FCO

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I've had some nice moments in FCO and it has been naturally sad to see FCO fade away like this. I was never a really active member in FCO, in CN-related stuff, but community is what made this alliance so special. I hope all FCOers can find a new home somewhere in the dark and lonely world of Cybernations.

However community remains and maybe someday we'll see another finnish gang!

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Even though I knew this was coming, I still find myself stricken with sadness. FCO has been a part of our world here for a very long time.

I have tried, in my tenure as a ruler, to follow above all one simple rule - do no evil. I have failed to follow this rule once. When I ordered my troops to attack the FCO, as part of the Q extermination of the Norden Verein... the one moment that if I could take back, I would. But I cannot. Time flows inexorably, and it flows only in one direction. Try as we may, none of us may swim against the stream, what is done remains always done.

The FCO survived that assault, as it had survived so much over the years, with the quiet, stoïc dignity I have learned to associate with Finns. But now, at last, the horrors of inactivity have put an end to it. Yes, Finnreich (and iFok, bless them) grow stronger, and that is a very good thing, but still I cannot help but mourn what was. Today, across Confederatio Aesir, our flag flies at half mast and our hearts are heavy.

Heja Finland! And fare thee well, nations of the FCO. Those that survive, and those that live on only in our memory alike, fare thee well.

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