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At the Edge of Winter


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Long ago, seven tribes lived in the far southern tip of South America. These tribes lived by the traditions of their ancestors who lived long before them, but were oppressed by the government ruling over them. Eldaria Dovesong, chieftain of the Tribe of the Dove, one day decided that she had had enough of it, and elected to take her tribe far away. The chieftains of the other six tribes decided to join her and they all soon began building a fleet of ships and barges in order to leave their former homes. After a few months, the wooden ships were finished and were tethered to each other and several trees along the coast.

After several days of packing up all of their belongings and praying to their ancestors for forgiveness for leaving their ancient homes, they took sail. They kept the ships tethered to each other as they began to drift, unsure where they were heading and deciding to let the currents take them wherever they decided too. After several days and weeks of sailing, they finally reached land: the cold ice of Antarctica. As they had sailed, they had seen lands controlled by their former oppressers. They decided to travel east, far away from the lands of those they wanted to leave behind, and finally came upon lands free of any and all control. They continued to move east until they came upon another country's lands, deciding that they were done traveling.

Soon they had houses sitting in the snow, theses houses would later become a part of The Frozen Sepulchre, the grand capital of Winter's Edge, their new nation. As the years went by, they built up their capital, building a tower and keep in the center of their homes. After their new home was done, several of the members of the tribes left to find new home villages for their respective tribes, slowly building up the several towns, villages, and cities scattered across their nation.

When they had finished their homes, the chieftains gathered together at their capital and began to discuss how their nation would run. The chieftains all decided they needed to elect a ruler from among the seven of them to act as their leader, dealing with all affairs outside of Winter's Edge while the other six dealt with all internal affairs. The tribes decided, based on a six to one vote, that their first ruler would be Eldaria Dovesong, the very chieftain who had brought them so far. Now their nation sits peacefully on their frozen soil, holding onto their traditions and living free from opression.




Edge of the Ice - This is a fort placed well on the far corner of Winter's Edge. It is positioned high up on the cliff looking over the ocean and is used to keep an eye out for any ships coming from their former home.

Fort Blizzard - This fort was placed high on the cliff near Glacier Falls to keep an eye on any ships coming into the small bay.

Glacier Falls - Home of the Tribe of the Dolphin, it is a fishing and trading center for Winter's Edge. Most, if not all, food passes through this large, well defended town at one point in time before being consumed by the citizens of Winter's Edge.

Frosthaven - Home of the Tribe of the Dove, this cozy little town sits in the center of a basin surrounded by high reaching ice dunes. There is only one entrance into this secluded town, an ice tunnel that reaches far under the dunes surrounding them.

Blizzard Winds - Home of the Tribe of the Cheetah, this wide open city is constantly under the cold winds of Antarctica, but the homes of those living there are the warmest of all im Winter's Edge.

The Sands of Ice - Home of the Tribe of the Snake, this city is hidden largely in secret tunnels and caves under the ice. The residents have covered the walls and floors of the main caverns with fur to help keep some warmth around their homes.

Crystalheart - Home of the Tribe of the Bear, this city is in the center of Winter's Edge. Many of those traveling around the country pass through this crossroad city on their way to their destinations.

Fort of the Arctic - The fort that guards the area north of the nation's capital. This is one of the four checkpoints anyone wishing to enter the capital must go through.

Snowtop Guard - A fort settled in a swath of open snow plains, this fort is used to keep a watch out for anyone approaching through that route, but sits mostly empty.

Village on the Snowplains - Home of the Tribe of the Dog, this village is known for breeding, training, and handling horses, as well as raising and training watch dogs and messenger birds.

Fort Frostbite - This fort is settled to the east of the capital. Anyone trying to enter the capital from the east must pass through this checkpoint. This fort is also the biggest of the four checkpoints. It houses the main army that is supposed to guard the capital since it is the closest fort to the capital.

Snowdune Watchtower - This fort is sitting on top of an ice dune, keeping watch over the west side of the capital. Anyone wishing to enter the capital from that direction must pass through this fort.

The Crystal Keep - This fort is sitting in the ice plains to the south of the capital and houses a large library that contains the history of the tribes and of Winter's Edge.

Snowpines - Home of the Tribe of the Wolf, this village hunts for furs. The hunters of this village only tranquilize and shave off a little bit of fur from the animals they hunt, leaving plenty of fur left for the animals to survive in the cold climate.

The Frozen Sepulchre - The Biggest city of Winter's Edge, it is also the capital. Large stone walls surround this city with four checkpoints placed in each direction. The army stationed to guard this treasured city sits garrisoned in the east fort, ready to march to the capital at a moment's notice and with utmost haste.

Tribe of the Dove - This tribe is mostly made up of medics and medicine men, midwifes, and doctors. This is the only tribe that does not have to send a battalion or squad for the military. They are the only ones required to give the military on field medics and full fledged doctors. This tribe mostly resides in Frosthaven. Eldaria Dovesong is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Dolphin - This tribe is a big fishing tribe. They are also the most successfuly merchants of the country. They are very skilled scouts as well. This tribe mostly resides in Glacier Falls. Reid Sharkskin is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Dog - This tribe is excellent at taming animals and training them. They are excellent dog sledders and cavalrymen. This tribe mostly resides in Village on the Snowplains. Arand Dogtail is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Wolf - This tribe is great at working in a team. They are also excellent huntsman and trackers, but have been unable to hone their skills since leaving their former homes. This tribe mostly resides in Snowpines. Lindiel Lupine is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Snake - This tribe has excellent infiltrators and spies and works best alone. This tribe mostly lives in The Sands of Ice. Drakor Cobrafang is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Bear - This tribe has the strongest warriors. This tribe lives mostly in Crystalheart. Seleria Bearkin is the chieftain of this tribe.

Tribe of the Cheetah - This tribe has the fastest runners in the country. This tribe mostly lives in Blizzard Winds. Zayn Catpaws is the chieftain of this tribe.

Winter's Edge fishes and trades with other nations for fruits and vegetables for their food. Winter's Edge also mostly lives on candles and fires for heat and light, but the large public buildings in each village, each fort, and their entire capital all have geothermal electricity with tvs, lights, and heaters, as well as phones and radios. Their military uses battalions and squadrons from each Tribe that are sent from the chieftains. The chieftain of each tribe is the oldest child of the previous chieftain and takes their place after the previous chieftain's death and each chieftain has absolute power in their tribe. The chieftain at the head of Winter's Edge is chosen from among the chieftains by a vote once the previous head chieftain has died.

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Private to Winters Edge

The Imperium of Canada welcomes Winters Edge to the world stage and sends its warmest congratulations.

Just a side note in regards to the Imperiums Territory in Antarctica, it holds three large compounds and one City on the coast.
It began a mere research center, and then it grew in size and staffing, and now holds approxamitly 1.5 million people including the Army and Air garrison.

Do not be worried by our presence, for it is minimal, and the carbon footprint is near to nothing due to the city being powered by wind turbines, solar energy and geothermal, the latter still in prototype stages.

I would like to offer Winters Edge an ECONAP agreement, which is an economic pact and a pact of non agression.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte I

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Private to The Imperium of Canada

We thank you for your assurances about your presence in Antarctica.

We will gladly accept an ECONAP agreement with The Imperium of Canada.

My Best Regards,
First Head Chieftain, Eldaria Dovesong

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Two aides were discussing this betwen themselves as they waitedforwhat the Queen and Grand Duke wished. "Looks like the Antarctic isn't so lifeless after all."

"Let's hope these guys aren't as nuts as the Dranaggians."

"Is that even possible?"

The other laughed quietly. "I suppose not."


"The Queendom formally welcomes and recognizes Winter's Edge."

***Private to Winter's Edge***

"We apologize in advance if any criminals escape our penal colony into your nation."

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