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Paper at it's best.

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[center]Many many years ago man discovered paper. This paper had many uses, from writing on, to making the all fun spitwads and paper airplanes. Some how some way Planet Bob got some of this paper from Earth. And as paper has many uses, lo and behold. A TREATY!!!


I. Preamble
This treaty shall serve to promote the common interests and friendship between its signatories, Sanitarium and Octava Orden.

II. Soveriegnty
The signatories shall remain soveriegn entities and in no way does this treaty impede such sovereignty, nor shall either signatory attempt to use this treaty to limit the sovereignty of the other.

III. Non-Aggression
The signatories pledge to peaceful relations with one another. Neither signatory shall commit acts of hostility, including but not limited to espionage, military aggression, or verbal abuse against the other signatory.

IV. Intelligence
Should either signatory receive intelligence that is relevant to the security of the other, they shall share such information without hesitation unless other treaties implications stand in the way.

V. Defense
Should either signatory fall under attack, the other signatory is highly encouraged but in no way required to come to their assistance militarily, financially, or diplomatically.

VI. Aggression
Should either signatory wish to engage in an aggressive military operation, they may request the assistance of the other signatory, however the other signatory is in no way required to provide assistance.

VII. Termination
Should either signatory decide that this agreement no longer represents the best interests of their respective alliance, they may cancel this pact. In such event, notice must be provided to the other signatory in private, after which a seventy-two hour period will pass during which all articles of this agreement shall remain in effect.

Alternatively, should either signatory violate any article of this agreement, it will be immediately terminated and considered null and void.

Signed for Sanitarium,

memoryproblems, Premier

Razorade, Minister of Economics
ryankliber, Minister of Internal Affairs
Medix, Minister of War

Signed for Octava Orden,

Ezequiel, Emperador
Liltrekkie, Imperial Regente

Stefano Palmieri, Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores
Riser, Ministro de Asuntos Internos
Alexei Borodin, Ministro de Recluta [/center][/quote]

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When I think about this treaty, I think of when you hear girls say 'Ah man, I was so drunk last night, I shouldn't have done that.'

Nah, not really, I'm definately glad to see this come to fruition, and I'm pleased to be allied to Octava Orden. Haters will hate, but I don't regret this one in the slightest.

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[quote name='Bernkastel' date='26 May 2010 - 10:11 PM' timestamp='1274937096' post='2313185']
It saddens me to see Medix' signature on this abomination and crime. :v:

I could say the same about your face and this thread. :v

Congrats to OO and Sanitarium.

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[quote name='kulomascovia' date='27 May 2010 - 04:14 PM' timestamp='1274937264' post='2313189']
I could say the same about your face and this thread. :v

Congrats to OO and Sanitarium.
Just because he isn't the most attractive cow in the paddock doesn't mean he's not right :P

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[quote name='Ezequiel' date='28 May 2010 - 01:15 AM' timestamp='1275027298' post='2314369']
Spell check is optional :lol1: .


It sure is. :P

Also, I see no spelling errors, Please enlighten me on what I made an error on.

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