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Mid-West states see major Tornado Out-break

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Oklahoma City, OK (AP) - The National Weather service has indicated that over 50 distinct tornadoes have been confirmed by spotters over the last 24 hours, making today one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recorded history. The strongest, two F5 scale storms were reported rolling through the Witchita,TX area and the Texas Panhandle in the late evening hours yesterday. One tracked for a reported 75 miles doing immense damage.

So far there have been 17 confirmed deaths with the outbreak and 76 injuries. Millions of property damage have been done. This stands to be one of the tougher challenges for the fledgling U.S. Government. One of the first acts by President William Caudill was to re-establish FEMA on both state and national levels and through a unanimous vote of Congress emergency funding was diverted to the new agency from some current military programs which were put on a temporary hold.

President Caudill went on record as saying, "The daily lives of our people are of the greatest precedence to any investment in military technology. People are hurting now.. people have lost everything. We have to do what we can to help them recover."

American Insurance Group (AIG) is reported to be at risk to much of the damage claims. When asked for information about the coverage of the households which have been hit their spokes person stated, "This has already been planned for and funding is ready for those impacted by the disaster."

President Caudill has ordered flags to half-staff in a national day of mourning for those killed in the tragedies.

On a positive note, the National Weather Service has reported that its Vortex2 teams caught a number of the Tornadoes on their most updated radar equipment making prediction and warning of the threat a much more viable and hopefully faster process in similar future tornado formations.

The Governor of Texas has been contacted for a statement, but has not as of yet responded at this time.

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