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A Message to France

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[i]To Therese Zelle, Empress of France
From Gregor Eivanov, Premier of the Isara Alliance and the Drei Macht

I am interested in the possibility of meeting with you or a representative of France to discuss relations and other matters. Thus, I invite you or your representative to Reisengrad, capital of the Isara Alliance, for a meeting with myself.

Gregor Eivanov[/i]

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[i][b]To: Gregor Eivanov, Premier of the Isara Alliance and the Drei Macht
From: Therese Zelle, Empress of France

This letter comes at a bit of a shock to myself as I had believe the Isara Alliance was primarily against French ambitions in the world as you have flooded the diplomatic channels normally with sayings of how horrible a country France is to the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, I see this as a possible chance to mend the rift between our peoples and perhaps gain a valuable ally from it as well. Perhaps France will be able to change Isara's mind that its imperial ideals are not as bad as the world makes them out to be. Unfortunately, I have pressing matters within the country to attend too, however, my Foreign Minister, Charles Talles would be delighted to represent France at this meeting and will be flying out to your capital tonight. Please treat him with the respect you would treat me with.


Therese Zelle[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

That night Talles departed Paris for Reisengrad for the meeting with the Premier.

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At Reisengrad International Airport, a convoy consisting of two military vehicles and a small, luxurious black car awaited the arrival of the Foreign Minister. Out of the car stepped Gregor Eivanov, as always dressed in military attire--he stood outside the car and waited for Talles's plane to land in the airport.

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