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TCU Cancellation

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[center][size="5"]The Conservative Underground Withdrawal from the Valor Accords[/size][/center]

72 hours ago TCU gave UINE, and ARES notice of our intention to leave Valor, an MDoAP bloc founded by the three alliances. We are sad to say that we feel our ideals no longer fit those of UINE and ARES, though we wish them all the best, we will be moving our separate ways.

[i]Commander Cato, Governor
PanzerVII, Lieutenant Governor
Portiabeth, Director of Finance
Barix9, Director of Foreign Affairs
9dj12, Director of Internal Affairs
Polish Germany, Director of Military Affairs

ChickenPox, Chief Advisor
Anjou, Advisor
Disco Commandant, Advisor[/i]

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Absolutely not, while we were dissapointed that they were not joining Sirius, the decision to leave Valor was already being talked over between our government before we knew about UINES decision to back out of Sirius, and ARES choice not to join.

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[quote name='James Maximus' date='25 May 2010 - 12:46 AM' timestamp='1274766395' post='2311055']
Congrats TCU. At least we know you guys aren't pulled by strings. :rolleyes:

*sings* I'm free, I'm free. Not just a puppet on a string, no ties to anything!

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