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So. Who's the best alliance, and why?

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Title says it all folks. Who's the best alliance? Why are they the best - simple 'most powerful' answer?

If there's a sticky I haven't read, link it - I'll read it. If there's a topic you think I should read, link it - I'll read it too. In fact, any topic or site or whatever you think is applicable, link it and I'll read it. :) Thanks for the help, hello, have a good day, and I appreciate it!

Oh, and some objective advice on what alliance I should choose (bad resources, as far as i can tell, and I don't play super actively) would be great :)

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Alliances depend on your taste actually.I personally tried to wing it but after i got my $@! kicked i joined flying hellfish United.I hope you've read the nation building guide.I suggest you wiki on the alliances front.Don't go by power as a good alliance even if its not in top ten has treaties with many others.And choose alliances wisely ,thinking long term.if you desert them for no reason you'll be attacked.
The resources aren't very bad Try to find good trade circles.

Pm me if you have any more doubts.

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Hi Czar Kiev, as Veecos said, what alliance is best for you depends on your taste and ultimately how much you're willing to put into it. Anyone can view their alliance as the best, depending on what their targets are, what their goals for their alliance are, etc. it's whether their views are in line with your own as to whether you'll see it that way.

My suggestion to you would be don't look for an alliance based on power, on numbers, but rather look for a community where you'll fit in. Most alliances other than the tiny guys who don't know what they're doing offer the same stuff anyway.

Yeah, your resources aren't the best but providing someone will put the effort in, you can fit into a reasonable trade circle.

This topic will probably get filled with recruitment attempts, so I might as well start the process off. :lol1:

Liberation Army is a new alliance, founded by experienced members, we expect a high level of activity and discipline from our members and most importantly we expect our members to contribute to our community. While in our academy, you'll have all the material neccessary for you to learn how to grow your nation in the fastest way possible, you'll take a series of tests and take part in a short interview, during which time we'll assess your activity to check you're suitable for our alliance. We'll organise tech deals for you and upon completing the academy, we'll fix you up with a trade ring and put forward a number of possible jobs you could do within the alliance should you choose to get more involved. From there on in, you'll have a growth schedule written up for you to follow and be funded 30m to help the growth of your nation. The growth schedule is designed so that you grow in what we consider the correct manner and are always prepared.

Basically, if you're willing to learn and contribute to our alliance, then we're willing to teach you and invest our time and money in you.

E: We don't have a recruitment thread but feel free to message me on here or in game with any questions.

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