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The Viridian Wormhole Accords

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1. Sovereignty
Kronos and the Viridian Entente are sovereign alliances. Both signatories recognize such and agree not to infringe upon the other’s sovereignty.

2. Mutual Defense
If one signatory is attacked, the other will defend them as if it were an attack on them. This clause is optional if those attacks are a result of chaining treaties.

3. Optional Aggression
If one signatory wishes to launch an attack or any sort of aggressive action against another alliance, then the other is encouraged but not required to join them.

4. Intelligence
If either signatory becomes aware of information that could be of benefit to the well being of the other signatory, they are obliged to divulge it.

5. We’re Friends. No Really.
Though verbal and written insults may be encouraged and occasionally relished, the signatories agree not to partake in aggressive actions towards each other. This does not include consensual sparring. <3

6. Cancellation
If we decide we hate each other while this treaty is still active, then the canceling signatory is required to provide 48 hours of prior notice before the treaty is considered null and void. This will be followed by a period of petty insults aimed at the degradation of each other’s dignity, followed by “remedial relations.”

For the Viridian Entente:


[i]Impero[/i], Lord of the Entente
[i]Solaris[/i], Duke of the Entente
[i]TypoNinja[/i], Secretary of State
[i]Goldielax25[/i], Secretary of Defense
[i]Audran[/i], Secretary of the Interior
[i]Kayvaan Shrike[/i], Secretary of Economics

For Kronos:
[i]Noj[/i], Patriarch
[i]Vesalius[/i], Harbinger of Light
[i]Lazarus Long[/i], Harbinger of War
[i]De Caelo[/i], Harbinger of Prosperity

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[quote name='Andre27' date='23 May 2010 - 11:04 PM' timestamp='1274655859' post='2309559']
Congrats to both.

Usually i can see how the name of the treaty was born, but i don't see the connection between a wormhole, VE and Kronos yet.
Kronos, time. Wormhole, time-travel.

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[quote name='Lord Curzon' date='23 May 2010 - 06:32 PM' timestamp='1274657510' post='2309593']
Hopefully [i]time [/i]will cement your relationship even further. (You see what I did there Vesa?!).
Congrats guys, and good luck to you both. Kronos are a great bunch.
I do see. I DO.

Thank you all for the well wishes. VE is a great group, it's about time we finally rolled this out. :wub:

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