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Negotiations with France


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Prime Minister Wei had called the French Ambassador back to his office after speaking with his deputy prime ministers. He had recieved permission to offer the French a political solution which he hoped would be too their liking.

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"Wei?" Decoux growled as he closed the book he had been reading for the past half hour before the intern had disturbed him about the Chinese desire for an audience. "What so I can go through another hour of that man exclaiming nothing but China's power over French affairs in Asia, they were quite negative last time. I doubt that mood will improve much more."

"They seemed a bit more calm on the telephone Monsieur Decoux." The intern said with a slight smile on his face.

"They were calm when they brought in the old Dictator of Palintine too, just to mock me further." He bookmarked the page he was on and sighed as he set the book on his desk. "Well perhaps they've learned a bit of respect since we last met anyways." Decoux shook his head and smiled. "Not that they will see anything less from myself."

"Well you always were cheerful under pressure Ambassador."

"Indeed Monsieur, indeed."

From the French Embassy in the Chinese capital, Decoux arrived at the tower were the Prime Minister had his office and walked in much as he head only a few weeks before. A smile and relaxed look on his face as he bowed to Wei. "My embassy relayed that you wanted an audience Excellency, a proposal of sorts? I assume to the Hong Kong situation that we have been discussing recently."

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"Indeed. We would like to propose an alternate nearby location for the French to operate out of. Macau." the Prime Minister said.

"Under this new arrangement, Macau would be leased to the French with the following treaty:

[quote]Sino-French Treaty of Understanding

[b]Article I. Non-Aggression[/b]

Both parties agree to non-aggression against one another. Both parties shall refrain from any hostile action of any sort against the other party. If rogue elements of either government act improperly they will be reported through the proper authorities.

[b]Article II.[/b] Economic Rights

The French shall be given Macau as a port to use for their economic operations in Asia. It shall be leased by the French from the United States of China on the following conditions: I. The French agree to station no more forces than 500 men at arms there. II. Macau may only have the armed forces of France and the South China Sea pact in it. III. The Chinese Navy shall provide maritime security for the French there. IV. French citizens shall be subject to French law in Macau, Chinese citizens shall be subject to Chinese law. V. France's claim in Hong Kong Island and the Port of Hong Kong shall be forfeit. VI. France shall agree not to take any action which interferes with the actions of the United States of China in Asia. VII. Macau shall not be used to gather intelligence on the United States of China or her allies. VIII. This treaty carries over to any successor governments of the United States of China in all terms.

[b]Article III. [/b] Forfeiture of Claims

Should either party break the terms of this treaty the whole treaty shall become void.[/quote]

We believe this would be a fairer arrangement. You get your port as you did little wrong, but it allows us to have more flexibility with dealing with those who did do something wrong. This also of course means that you will have access to the United States of China and Vietnam. Both countries being the two closest large economies in Asia. As far as economics go, this seems to be in both our mutual interests.

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Decoux widened his eyes at the proposal in front of him. "I have to say Monsieur Wei, this is quite the turn around from the Chinese attitude prior and I can say that the betterment of relations between the United States of China and the Empire, honestly sir, has been the goal since the beginning. I think we just hit a rock and a hard place. Now naturally before this is signed, I will have to discuss this with the Chinese Premier and her government as we will be negotiating the end of the Treaty of Hong Kong and returning full ownership to the People's Republic. If you don't mind Monsieur, I will the treaty with me and send it to the Empress for her review and meet with the Chinese Premier and get back to you. Then we can get down to the mechanics of movement."

"So we have an accord Monsieur Wei?" Decoux extended his hand.

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"The People's Republic?" Decoux nodded. "I believe you're right, the Aracuno Islands or something rather. Though I am not quite sure how that effects the treaty that we held as the country did go through a civil war and I am unsure how their government is acting towards us or what they assume is currently happening. I would ask you to be patient Monsieur Wei, there is no rush and the matter will be solved without causing any further incident."

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"You can contact them before this is resolved, however, my people have been ripped asunder for far too long. I cannot wait forever. The PRC government, simply has outright refused to negotiate. It is not my desire to see France swallowed up in this."

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