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Madurastan Infrastructure Improvements


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[u][b]Project One: Improvement of the Madurastan Rail Network Infrastructure[/b][/u]

[b]Aim:[/b] Improvement of current Rail Network in Madurastan and adding to recently introduced rail stock. High speed rail network to the Kingdom of Cochin.

[u][b]Rolling Stock Introduced:[/b][/u]


Class 165 Diesel Multiple Unit


Class 166 Diesel Multiple Unit


Class 43 High Speed Train


Class 390 Electric Multiple Unit


Class 395 Electric Multiple Unit


Class 465 Electric Multiple Unit


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[u][b]Republic of Madurastan - Kingdom of Cochin High Speed Rail Network[/b][/u]

The current plans are for it to run from Ashland to Hami using a fast rail corridor that would start at Altai and head via Jimsar to Hami.

[u][b]Line Speeds:[/b][/u]

[b]Ashland International - Altai:[/b] National Network Top Speed of 125 MPH

[u][b]Altai - Hami:[/b][/u] Rail Corridor Top Speed of 200 MPH

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The newly built Ashland International Station situated in the western area of the city and will handle services between Ashland and Hami.


[u][b]Stations service will stop at:[/b][/u]

[b]Ashland International [/b]



Notes: Passengers will change here for services to Cochin City and other cities



[u][b]Planned Service Frequency and Customer Services[/b][/u]

Services would run every twenty minutes in both directions and offer the customer a variety of service:

[b]First Class:[/b]

At Seat Dining

First Class Lounge at Ashland International, Altai and Hami

[b]Standard Class[/b]

Trolley Service

An On Board Buffet Car would supplement the Trolley Service with cut price meals.


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