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New Palma Republic Achievement


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[left][b]Jacques Desal[/b]
[i]"Today, marks a historic day for the New Palma Republic. Over the past few months, members of the Society for Genetic Advancement have been working on achieving a number of directives to improve the quality of life & service and I can say that it has finally culminated in the creation of the first successful creation of human-clones...Now, when the New Palma Republic was first created, one of the first orders by President Moshum was the creation of a National DNA database of every man, women, and child within the New Palma Republic. This was created initially, as a means of keeping track of criminals and assisting law-enforcement in the tracking and detaining of NPR's degenerates. However, it gradually evolved from that; spurred on by the brilliant minds of The Society and financed by eager investors hoping to make great strives in this emerging market of genetic advancement. Hence, the Society of Genetic Advancement was formally created and with it work began on a series of directives. The first of which, was the creation of the first animal embryo's, which was successful 6 months ago, from there the society worked upon creating new genetically enhanced organism by selection various genetic traits seen as favorable and placing them within an organism, this was ultimately successful 4 months ago. There latest breakthrough and directive has been the creation of successful cloning methods for human embryo's, following the same method as was taken with the animal trials, I am proud to state to the inhabitants of the world that our Scientists have proven successful in this venture...Although, it took long-painstaking research and trials, we have finally achieved this goal for the Society. However, I should report that a great many of the early trial subjects were horribly deformed, and disfigured, abominations if you will. These specimens were ultimately disposed of in a relatively humane means by lethal injection of a highly toxic neurochemical substance which resulted in a painless, instantaneous death...these are pictures of some of our failed trials."[/i]

[center]*[i]Holds up pictures of gruesome failed specimens*[/i]

[i]"As evident by these pictures, the early trials were very disturbing for members of the Society; many often times felt a sense of pity for these lost beings. But all remained intent and driven to successfully move the Genetics field further into the realms of reality as opposed to the accustomed science-fiction that most presume cloning to be destined for in history. Initially, the problems that were being ran into stemmed from the unsuccessful splicing and replication of genetic code, essentially it didn't copy correctly which resulted in the obvious deformations, and abominations being created and quickly being disposed of as to not live in agony...Eventually, it was found out that careful measures would be needed in the overseeing process of genetic duplication to preserve the process and ultimately result in a successful product. As evident by this announcement these hurdles were indeed surpassed and our scientists work has culminated in this first batch of genetic human clones."

*Holds up picture of successful human specimens*

[/i][left][i]"Evidently, this group of human clones will forever have the designation of being known as the 'Primo' or "First Borns". While this batch is genetically no different from you, me, or there original derived genetic code. It does mark a significant development to NPR Genetic advancement, and no doubt will mark a vast step in the development of genetic advancement world-wide. Furthermore, the Society has no intentions on stopping on this achievement; already plans are being derived to create another class of clones from the Presidents specifications along with other selected individuals to create a series of 'Perfect' men to serve the New Palma Republic...Of course, this is all in secret and the eventual completion, and methods of creation, as well as the genetic seed of these 'supermen' will be held in the utmost secure, secret, and advanced locations within the NPR for safe-keeping. That being said, the NPR is aware that some within the world will be shocked by this development if not for religious and moral beliefs, political ones. All the NPR can say in response is simple...Your religious and moral beliefs, guidelines, and creeds have no place within the NPR, your concern should be reserved domestically and not within anything the NPR creates within the safety of her borders. And with that, I will conclude this momentous achievement in the history of the New Palma Republic, no doubt the first of many more in years to come!"[/i]


(OOC - The timeline article is actually real, but I'm too lazy to doctor out the 'California Burning' segment, just consider it talking about the War in Tahoe or something along those lines. In addition, the 2nd picture with the deformed beings are not actual people, but props from the movie aliens, I apologize if it appears a bit gruesome to some, and lastly the final picture is just some baby pictures mashed together.)

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